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BBC (ended 2006)


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  • I used to love it...maybe it's because i'm too old for it but when I happened to watch a recent episode I had to switch over because it was absolutely awful!

    I really did used to love the show. I'd be there every Tuesday and Thursday ready to watch it...but that was back in the day lol.
    I remember the old characters like Ben, Ollie, Harry, Cher, Karen, Flora, Sita and Brigid. The show was great then..but now it's just stupid, sorry and all. I just really think it is. I don't see the point of some of the characters and the acting is truly awful. I think it's good that it deals with teenage issues - but that Stumpy guy is a total idiot...and his friend...dunno his name but he's an idiot too lol. I think the acting quality has decreased recently and the characters are all a bit far-fetched which makes the stories un-convincing.
    I just don't see the point of the characters...or their names. We used to have characters with proper names and more believable it's just a joke - Gadget, Spud? What?
    I think it lost it's appeal around the time when Ben left, maybe a little bit before. I enjoyed S9 - 13/14 and only really watched it after that because Ben was in it...then he left and the show went downhill fast.
    Sorry...can't stand the show anymore. I wont hesitate to switch it over if I catch my younger brother and sister watching it. I gave it a rating of 7 because it used to be a really decent show...if I was to rate it now it'd probably get a 1.