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ABC (ended 1994)

Link to lost Episode clip.

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    2:54 min clip of Da Plays Da Ting apparently episode 13. Enjoy!

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    I know why this is. Jackie Guthrie (relative of Arlo)has the entire show,but refuses to give it out (she's afraid YouTube might order her to take it down).

    However,unless the episode contains pre-recorded music that's still commercially available,that's nonsense....because,otherwise,the WHOLEEPISODE is 'Fair Use".

    The show has been off the air for more than 15 years. With no plans to reissue it on DVD,Steven Boccho/ABC would not be losing any royaltieswhatsoever from it being put up for public view. Also,Jennifer Love Hewitt collectors have been searching for this for years.

    Doesn't make sense that this episode cannot be put up. Other TV show episodes have been.

    "Da Play's Da Ting" was the ONLY "Byrds..." episode not shown on nationwide TV (it aired ONLY in Hawaii,where it was shot.)

    It contains "Pidgin English" (FAKE Hawaiian words)...chopped-up and inverted silly talk (NOT forbidden swear-words). Just to set THAT record straight!

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