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CBS (ended 1972)

a forgotten GEM!!

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    off the bat, the thing that gets me more besides the lack of ANY comment on the show, the cast lists everyone except the MAIN star..... the exellent GLENN FORD [sam cade].

    i loved this era of tv as it produced many [although short lived] cult shows like stutz bearcat , the magician, kung fu, etc..... and CADES COUNTY is one of my absolute favs.

    it was shot in arizona [not "somewhere" in the southwest]. glen cruising around the magestic arizona desert in his jeep. it was very cool as it DID get into some very heavy social issues of the times and still kept an old west vibe without being a "western".

    one of those shows that was just to short lived. from what i remember, glenn fords health was failing and he went into semi retirement.

    tv cable has re run many short lived shows and i wish one of them would show cades.

    pic up a dvd on ebay and enjoy. expecially for fans of glenn ford and 70's cult tv.

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