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Welcome to the Cadfael guide at Brother Cadfael is a twelfth-century Anglo-Welsh monk created by the late Edith Pargeter, writing under the pen name of Ellis Peters. A retired crusader disappointed in love, now a herbalist in charge of the gardens of Shrewsbury Abbey, Cadfael (played by Derek Jacobi) is often called on to solve murders and other crimes in and around Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in the border country where England meets Wales. The producers decided to film the series on location in Hungary, seemingly on the grounds that it looks more medieval than present-day England. This is why quite a number of Hungarian actors appear as guests. The original Cadfael books are: A Morbid Taste for Bones (1977), One Corpse Too Many (1979), Monk's-Hood (1980), Saint Peter's Fair (1981), The Leper of Saint Giles(1981), The Virgin in the Ice (1982), The Sanctuary Sparrow (1983), The Devil's Novice (1983), Dead Man's Ransom (1984), The Pilgrim of Hate (1984), An Excellent Mystery (1985), The Raven in the Foregate (1986), The Rose Rent (1986), The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1987), The Confession of Brother Haluin (1988), The Heretic's Apprentice (1989), The Potter's Field (1989), The Summer of the Danes (1991), The Holy Thief (1992) and Brother Cadfael's Penance (1994).moreless


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  • Great series

    It's a great series and everything fits in its time. The translation to the movies is nicely done, it's close to the is only one thing that I still find strange. Cadfael is Welsh, according to the books, don't get me wrong, sir Derek Jacobi is a great actor, and though he played it very well, a Wesh actor would be a better choice, in my opinion.
  • A good mystery that holds up over time.

    Cadfael is an amazing show that I remember well from when I was a kid. This is the only Mystery program that my parents would let me stay up for when I was younger. Recently I decided to look them up again, and started with the books, then moved onto the show.

    The transitions are almost flawless. Of course there are things that you miss, and subtle nuances that can't be translated. Still, the writers do an admirable job of condensing the 200 or so pages in each book into a coherent, thorough story.

    Derek Jacobi is, of course, amazing. I cannot imagine anyone else playing Brother Cadfael. Sean Pertwee was my favorite Beringar, or at least the one that captured the Hugh from the books the best. I also though the relationship Pertwee and Jacobi's characters was the closest to portraying the deep, brotherly love and trust between Cadfael and Beringar.

    At the center of every Cadfael is a damned fine mystery. I can't say that the twists and turns are Holmesian, but the end is surprising enough that you don't get bored. Wrapped up in the plot is usually an endearing love story. Not saccharine or distracting, but sweet enough to keep you involved, and a good way to show that even in murder mysteries featuring monks, there is still a place for romance.moreless
  • this is a great, great show. that manages to mix mystery with an authentic period feel.

    i have always been interested in the middle ages. i loved this show the first time i saw an episode on PBS. great mysteries, interesting characters and a good feel for period- althought the people are a bit clean most of the time. really love the interplay between cadfael, standing for logic, rationality, and the power of the human brain to percieve the world and the characters of brother prior/brother jerome standing for dogma, doctrine and rigid interpretations of the world based on religious hocus pocus.

    loved sean pertwee in the character of beringer - the other actors to play this part couldn't fill up his codpiece on their best day.moreless
  • A very enjoyable searies.

    I enjoyed Cadfael immensely, though I think the first two seasons with Sean Pertwee as Hugh Berenger were by far the best.

    Being very fond of historical movies/books, it was wonderful to see a tv series that handled the setting so well.

    Derek Jacobi shines as brother Cadfael, bringing his wonderful talent to the role and delivering a sterling performance each time. It is so easy to love Cadfael, with his strong sense of justice and dry wit. not to mention his rebellious streak :-)

    I'd reccommend this to anyone who fancies something different or who, like me, is fond of historical fiction.

    A rare treat!moreless
  • I had a good laugh out of watching Cadfael. In fact, not that the show was particularly humorous but there was something special, something unique that brought a smile to my face when I watched this.moreless

    I had a good laugh out of watching Cadfael. In fact, not that the show was particularly humorous but there was something special, something unique that brought a smile to my face when I watched this. Definitely one of the highlights of my television experience this month.I love love love this very much!!!

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