Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

CBS (ended 1994)


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  • This series was extremely well written--especially compared to the mishmash of semi-literate detritus it was set amidst on Saturday morning. It would have been better programming to put it on the sci-fi channel.

    I found this series to be innovative and entertaining. It was thoroughly unappreciated by the programmers at the stations that bought it from the syndicators! It ran so early in the Syracuse market that I only caught it because I had Flu and had to get up to take meds one Saturday morning! (For some reason, unbeknownst to me, most of these programmers range in outlook towards sci-fi from ignorant to OPENLY HOSTILE. This has been the case since the inception of broadcast tv to present day--it is amazing that in such a barren atmosphere that sci-fi has done as well as it has!) It is my earnest hope that some savvy production company will revive it as either anime' or live action--perhaps even as an internet series! I hope someone will post the info for rental or purchase of DVD's of this series if available!