Caesar's Challenge

NBC (ended 1994)


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Caesar's Challenge

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This would be daytime television's last network game show, until 15 years later when CBS will replace Guiding Light with Let's Make A Deal. Taped @ Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ahmad Rashad hosted this anagram word game where three contestants (sometimes a returning champion) played. The object was to guess scrambled up words. However, you must answer a question before picking a letter. The person who answers correctly picks a letter where it's inserted in the right position. Then the player had 5 seconds to guess the word, otherwise play resumed. The first round had 7 letter words where correct questions paid $100 & solving the word paid $100 per letter. Round 2 had 8 letter words; $200 & Round 3 had 9 letter words; $300. Also, one of the letters was considered the "Lucky Slot"! Place that letter & guess the word, you won a $500 (or better) bonus in addition. The Lucky Slot always started @ $500 @ the start of the game & grew $500 per play when it wasn't solved. One contestant hit every Lucky Slot (driving Rashad crazy in the process with all those sirens) & ending up winning $20,700! If time was short, the car horn off Hollywood Squares (Davidson) was heard. A speed round was played & the Lucky Slot was out of play. The winner got some merchandise prizes & got to face Caesar's Challenge. BONUS ROUND 1: 200 big balls from a Keno cage containing letters were released. Dan Doherty called the letters out & once the producers found a 9-letter certified dictionary word, the gong sounded followed by the announcement of "CAESAR SAYS STOP"! Depending on how many days the champ has won, the champ got to place letter(s) into the right slot. Then had 10 seconds to solve the word. The correct solve earned that player a new car & retire undefeated! If not, the champ came back to defend the championship. Winning words included "CAFETERIA" & "GONDOLIER" (from that same lucky contestant). BONUS ROUND 2: The player had 30 seconds to solve 5 anagram words. The first word had 5 letters, 2nd-6, 3rd-7, 4th-8 & 5th-9. This bonus round failed that only one old man won the car. Contestants stayed up to three days when this bonus round happened. In both cases, if the car was won, Rosner's trademark of dropping balloons (like on Just Men! & Hollywood Squares-Davidson) would happen. Caesar had only a 2 car streak while JM & HS had 4. At the end of the show, Rashad & Doherty would go out into the audience, pick people to play for chocolates & coins, solving simple 5 letter words while the credits rolled.moreless