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Cagney & Lacey

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Mary Beth Lacey and Chris Cagney are teamed up as NYPD detectives in this landmark series. Their opposing personalities mesh to make this one of the great crime-fighting duos of all time.

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    Cagney & Lacey: Full Episodes!

    Get reacquainted with the best crime-solving duo the '80s had to offer!

  • Tyne Daly

    Tyne Daly

    Det. Mary Beth Lacey

    Sharon Gless

    Sharon Gless

    Det. Chris Cagney (1982-1988)

    Martin Kove

    Martin Kove

    Det. Victor Isbecki

    Carl Lumbly

    Carl Lumbly

    Det. Mark Petrie (1982-1987)

    John Karlen

    John Karlen

    Harvey Lacey

    Al Waxman

    Al Waxman

    Lt. Bert Samuels

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      I loved Cagney and Lacey with both Meg and Sharon , it premiered on march 25th 1982 for six episode tryout i read Barney Rosenzweig book CBS rush into production and they scripts were great but ratting won't so after 6 episode CBS cancelled Cagney and Lacey they picked up with Sharon as new Cagney and they was the press issued in tv guide Meg was replaced because they deemed her to tough not feminine enough and Tyne was very upset with meg firing and threatened to quit but then her ans Sharon connected and show went on for 7 yearsmoreless
    • Detectives Mary Beth Lacey and Chris Cagney investigate crimes for the NYPD in an outstanding series that reflected the experience of many women breaking through traditional barriers in the 1980s. Honest and intriguing, a brilliant television classic.moreless

      After a shaky initial season, this show evolved into one of the finest television shows of my lifetime. Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless embody their characters with winsome humanity. Moreover, they have an excellent supporting cast that often is unrecognized because of the nuanced, perfectly pitched acting of the leads. As if that weren't enough, the writing got richer with each season.

      I'm struck by how well this show captures the rhythms and tensions of the era in which it was produced. It would make rich original material for a social historian. More than just the changing roles of women, a slew of social issues are uncovered, many deliberately and some unintentionally. (For instance, it's hard not to notice how white the squad room is. And could they have made Carl Lumbly's character more "safe" and non-threatening than he is? He's the most feminine person in the room. I'm a big fan of Carl Lumbly, who played the same nurturing supportive role in Alias a generation later, but then he had an opportunity to be angry and powerful when the story line led him there. The way his character is drawn in Cagney and Lacey suggests the 1980's desire for diversity and simultaneous discomfort with race.)

      The first season, the producers seemed to be aiming for (and missing) a gritty Charlie's Angels, and it's a little shocking to see how exploitative the early episodes could be. But the audience of this show became women who enjoyed watching strong women on television and who identified with their struggles. The producers and writers had the brilliance to shape the show for their discovered audience and created a portrait of women at work together that has power and pathos and more than a little humor. What does it say that Hollywood, which repeats every success a thousand times, has never repeated this formula? Maybe we haven't moved as far as we think.moreless

      Cagney & Lacey is one of the best shows ever on TV; not only was the acting unbelievably outstanding; but the scripts were phenomenal, with the characters being fully developed and blended drama, humor and often pathos into almost every episode. It was truly a ground-breaking show and was not fully appreciated by all - I used to tout its many merits to friends and could not understand those who either wouldn't even give it a chance or who actually said they didn't enjoy it. I always watched it on a regular basis when it was airing and have waited anxiously for all episodes to be released on DVD. I have loved watching all of the "entire" episodes which are on and have even watched a few several times.moreless
    • This show inspired me to get a job in Law Enforcement.

      I was only a kid when this show first aired. But I watched it in repeats on TNN and Lifetime for many years. I was upset when I could no longer find it on anywhere till now I can see it on which it cool.

      Cagney and Lacey inspired me to get a job in law enforcement. I am a security guard. I wanted to be a cop, like them but I guess it just wasn't in the cards for me. My favorite was Chris I loved her tough girl adittude I only wish I could have that kinda personality. Mary-Beth always seemed alittle too whinny for me. For me my favorite episode is well its hard to chose but I would have to say its Turn Turn Turn where Chris hits rock bottom. I also like the one called Partners where she gets shot. What else can I say about this show, except I wish all the seasons would come out on DVD. Its amazing.moreless
    • Best show ever and we need something like it today for our teenagers, girls or boys.

      I wish that we could have more shows put on tv like we had with Cagney and Lacey. I went thru middle school, high school and then was pregnant with my first child and only daughter in the year that the show went off, so from the time that this show first started to the last episode I grew alot and this show did show me that I could have it all. I am now almost 41 years old with a daughter and two boys and they grew up watching Cagney and Lacey in reruns and watched me collect every show that I could on VHS with friends and family, my kids like this show also. I loved this show because as a young woman of the 80's I did not think that my looks, body or cloths had to be a certain way and that is one thing that our girls and even boys need to know right now. Girls and boys need to know that women can be strong and have their career and family.moreless

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