Cagney & Lacey

Season 4 Episode 1

Child Witness

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 1984 on CBS



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    • Samuels: How do I look?
      Lacey: With due respect, sir, we got this jerk we can't touch and your concern about how you're going to look on a date, is irrelevant to me.

    • Samuels: If I let every case that backed me into a corner eat at me, then I'd been eaten long ago.

    • Claudia: If you ever have to make a judgement call like that, a man wth a gun, I don't care what color he is. I hope you do exactly the same thing.
      Petrie: I can't believe ... I can't believe you're saying that. I should go out and roust people?
      Claudia: I'm not saying 'roust people'. But if you do make an error, I hope it is on the side of caution. I'd rather see you face a brutality charge than me being the grieving widow at some inspector's funeral.

    • Samuels: You know, Petrie, my grandfather tells a story about the old country. He and my grandmother were on a train somewhere from Minsk to ...
      Petrie: Is this the one about the Cossack?
      Samuels: Oh, I told you that one already? With the helmlet filled with sour cream?
      Petrie: Yes, sir, a very nice story.
      Samuels: So you'll give it some thought.

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