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Diane Turner just about burst Chris's eardrum...

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    I was re-watching the episode Affirmative Actionon my DVD last night and I kind of laugh because in the scene where Chris Cagney is trying to interview a witness to the kidnapping and Chris (oh, she is so wonderful and intelligent) is gently drawing the frightened witness out andarrogant Diane, instead of listening quietly and learning from Christine as she was supposed to be doing, bursts out with talk about the kidnapped baby and in the process, I think she essentially ruptured Chris's eardrum in addition to nearly driving that pooralready scaredwitness into madness; Diane practically shouts right into Christine's ear as she's threatening the witness. Poor Chris. I suspect Chris had a headache by the time they got out to the carasChris chewed Diane out for her stupidity. Chris is also very funny; I just love her temper and wit and sharp mouth.
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