Cagney & Lacey

Season 2 Episode 7

Mr. Lonelyhearts

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 1982 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mary Beth is getting very worried about Christine's love life after Cagney turns down an offer to meet La Guardia's rich brother. Cagney claims that she's just putting her social life on hold for a while. Edward Waits, a man from Vermont, walks into the precinct and informs the detectives that his wife Julie is missing. She spends several weeks a month in a New York hospital to treat her blood disorder, and as she hasn't returned yet from a recent visit. Waits contacted the hospital to find that they haven't heard from her. Cagney and Lacey visit the hospital and discover that Doctor Altman, is an ophthalmologist rather than a blood disorder specialist. The hospital has never heard of Julie.

During a lunch break Cagney and Lacey meet Cagney's priest, Father John, and a friend. Afterwards, the friend, Frank, calls up Cagney asking for a date. Meanwhile, Petrie recognizes Julie Waits from her wedding picture: she's Donna Moline, a prostitute.

When Edward Waits mentions that "Julie" was very interested in his will, Cagney and Lacey realize that the woman might be pulling a scam. Lt. Samuels does not find the story important enough and tells them to drop the investigation. The detectives talk to crime reporter Gwen Turvey, who forces Samuels to keep the story alive.

Cagney and Lacey discover that Julie/Donna uses a post office box to get her New York mail. They interview the woman's mother and find that there are other several wedding photographs, with different men. The priest is always the same, though.

Cagney's first date with Frank ends with Cagney not letting Frank come into her apartment. Meanwhile, Lacey travels to Connecticutt to meet Julie's other husband. He tells her that he met the girl through a personal ad in a magazine.

Confronted with his wife's history, Edward Waits informs the detectives that the priest was a man called Burnell. Afterwards he goes to meet Burnell and gets beaten up.

Cagney and Lacey ensure a search warrant to check Julie's post office box and find a number of letters containing money. Some of them have wedding pictures with other brides. It becomes clear to them that it is a larger scam involving several women.

Cagney receives more messages from Frank, but she seems to keep a distance. Petrie introduces Cagney and Lacey to another hooker who was once offered a role in the scam by Burnell. Then a clerk from the post office alerts Cagney and Lacey to the fact that a message arrived for Julie from Ed. At Ed's Hotel they hear that Waits asked for directions to the bus station. They arrive just in time to see Ed pull a gun on Burnell and Julie.

Now the case has been solved, Cagney can concentrate on her love life. She finds Frank waiting outside the precinct.