Cagney & Lacey

Season 6 Episode 19

Special Treatment

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 1987 on CBS

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  • Lacey gets arrested on a protesting march against nuclear weapons and must deal (again) with Detective Dupnick from Queens. Meanwhile on the B story, Cagney must attend an important meeting with Knelman instead of Lt Samuels.

    This episode is interesting only because of the confrontation between Mary beth and detective Dupnick (who we met on episode 95 early in this season). Those two just can't stand each other, each confrontation scene is exhilarating due to great dialogue lines and great interpretation of Dan Lauria and Tyne Daly. As Mary Beth insists on getting no special treatment because she's a cop, she gets incarcerated and things are getting worse when administrative problems force her to spent the night in jail...Of course Dupnick is really enjoying the situation as mary Beth does everything humanly possible to get on his nerves. Also funny, Harvey getting eager to spend the night with an "ex-con". Joan of Ark you said ? :)