Season 3 Episode 12

All Wet!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Sep 18, 2003 on PBS
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In the puppet segment, Gilbert and Teddy are fanning each other because it's very hot. Rexy comes outside, saying that Caillou's Daddy just gave the "green light" to fill up the pool. Gilbert says that he would help out, but he can't move, the heat is simply unbearable. Rexy begins filling the pool - with toys. He thinks he has it all ready, but then Teddy tells him that he's forgetting something. Rexy says that Teddy is right, he's forgotten the most important thing. He goes inside and comes back out wearing a mask and snorkel. So Gilbert tells him that the missing ingredient is water. Rexy heads back inside, leading Gilbert and Teddy to wonder what he's doing. He comes back out with a small bucket of water that isn't nearly enough to fill the pool. Gilbert suggests that he use a hose. Teddy helps Rexy with this, but at first can't get it to work. Gilbert tells him that he needs to turn it on. So he does, but ends up spraying Gilbert with water. Gilbert says that this time, though, he actually find the water refreshing. They all head for the pool together. Caillou is having water fun to, although not all of it necessarily involves getting wet. "Caillou's Water Park" Caillou is on the porch playing with a toy truck. The mailman comes. Caillou takes the mail and brings it to Daddy, saying that he's now the mailman. Daddy looks at the mail. It's a brochure for a waterpark. Caillou and Rosie ask if they can go. Daddy says that it's too far away. He has Caillou show the brochure to Mommy, though. Mommy is outside hanging some laundry. Caillou shows her the brochure and says that maybe they could go, but they would have to make it a special trip with it being so far away. For the meantime, she suggests that they could make their own waterpark. She points out a picture of a rainbow on the brochure and uses water from tho hose to make a rainbow. Caillou thinks this is great, but Mommy says that it wasn't that hard to do. Together, she and Caillou put together their own miniature water park and then invite Daddy and Rosie. Caillou tells them they have to pay first, so Daddy hands Caillou some sort of coin. Mommy then says that as their first customers, they each get presents. Daddy and Rosie wonder what those could be and soon find out: they get sprayed with water! "Gone Fishing" It's morning and Caillou is just waking up. Today, he, Daddy and Grandpa are going on a fishing trip. Caillou thinks he's going to catch lots of fish, but Daddy says that oftentimes even the best fisherman only catch one. Caillou hopes in that case that it's a really big one. He goes downstairs and sees Mommy packing lunch. He tells her they don't need lunch, since they're going to have fish to eat, but she's tells him that it's peanut butter and jelly and he changes his mind. Grandpa shows up wearing his "lucky hat," which he says helps him to catch fish. Mom reminds him that the last time he went fishing, he didn't catch any. They go out to the fishing lake and Caillou is given his own lucky hat. Grandpa shows him what lures and flies are and Daddy shows him the bait - worms. He says that to fish, they're like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So they go fishing. Caillou tries to catch some using a net, but Daddy and Grandpa tells him that they have to use their fishing rods to catch fish. They sit down to fish and Caillou listens to some of the different sounds. He can hear a seagull and also the sound of dragonfly whirring by. He sees somebody nearby catching a fish, but is surprised when they let it go. Daddy explains that sometimes fishermen let the small ones grow. That way, they'll grow to become a bigger fish to catch later. Caillou begins to grow bored. It seems like nobody has got any fish. Daddy tells him that fishing takes patience and he uses Grandpa as an example: Grandpa has dozed off. Caillou wakes him up and they decide to have lunch and go for a walk. As they're walking, they see a couple of guys bringing in the "catch of the day." Daddy explains that they're going to take the fish to be sold at the store. They drop a couple on the dock and Caillou watches a seagull flies down and snatches it. They go back to fishing and Grandpa says that he's about ready to call it a day. Caillou, however, wants to keep fishing a bit longer. He eventually gets a nibble and tries with Daddy's help to reel it in, but it gets away. It's not a big deal, though, as it was a very small fish. They finally decide to head home, but on the way, they stop at a store and buy a fish to bring home. They show it to Mommy who exclaims that it's a big fish. Caillou tells her that they caught it at the store and Daddy tells him not to be giving away all their secrets. Caillou says that he forgot. "The Water Goes 'Round" Caillou is over at Grandma's, playing with his toy cars. He asks Grandma to play with him. She says that she has to do some laundry first and suggests that they play the "laundry game." Caillou responds that's not a game and Grandma says that she can make it into a game. She first has Caillou take a bag of laundry downstairs. Once there, she then has him sort out the colored clothes. Caillou says that he likes the game. Grandma has him put some laundry detergent into the washer (a top loader) and then start it up. There's nothing left to do for right now, so they go upstairs and play a board game. Eventually, they head back downstairs and Grandma has Caillou help her to put the clothes into the dryer (a front loader) and once again push the button. She says that when it's done, there'll be a buzzer and asks Caillou to listen for it. They go upstairs and play some more and then the buzzer goes off. Grandma has Caillou fold clothes and bundle socks. Mommy arrives to pick Caillou up and Caillou says that he'd like to do laundry with her sometime. "A Very Good Swimmer!" Caillou is outside playing in a small kiddie pool. He's pretending to be a fish. Rosie sees him and she wants to get in too. Caillou complains that there isn't really any room for him to swim in. So Mommy decides to take everyone to the public pool. At the pool, Caillou drops his towel. A nearby girl in a wheelchair stops and picks it up and hands it to him. The narrator explains that Caillou had never seen anyone in wheelchair before. He asks Mommy if it's a wagon and Mommy explains that the girl has to use it because she can't walk. Caillou goes swimming and sees the girl swimming underwater. She introduces herself to him as Tammy. She helps him to learn how to swim underwater. He has was having problems because the water kept getting in his nose. She has him stick his face under the water and blow bubbles. She says that he's a very good swimmer. Caillou practices swimming underwater. It's difficult, but he gets the hang of it and swims over to Mommy. It finally comes time to leave, but Caillou says that he wants to come again and play with Tammy tomorrow. They agree to this and Caillou says he's going to practice to be as good at swimming as Tammy is.moreless

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Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

Jonathan Koensgen

Jonathan Koensgen

Leo (English Language version)

Tim Gosley

Tim Gosley

Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

Bob Stutt

Bob Stutt

Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

Nathalie Coupal

Nathalie Coupal

Maman de Caillou (@ Doris) (French language version)

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