Season 4 Episode 20

Caillou Can Do It!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 23, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"A Sweet and Sour Day"

Caillou is on his way to his Grandma's house and he's very eager to get there. Mommy drops him off, saying she'll be back in a little while to pick him up. Grandma's busy with some gardening and Caillou volunteers to help her water her flowers. As he does so, he plays with his toy car as well. He imagines that he's driving a large water truck. He goes around the neighborhood, watering large plants. As he does, they sprout like magic and apples blossom before his very eyes. He even gives some kids a shower on a hot day. Back in real life, a cardinal bird appears at the birdbath. Caillou likes the bird, but is disappointed when it leaves almost right away. He asks Grandma why it left and she checks and sees that it's because the birdbath is empty. He offers to fill it up, but first he needs more water. He goes over to the hose, but the knob for the water falls off. He's worried that he broke it, but Grandma explains that it was already messed up and she's been meaning to fix it. Caillou fills the watering can, but finds that it's very heavy. He lugs it over to the birdbath anyway, but spills almost all of the water. So he uses one of his sandals to scoop it up and fills the birdbath. Grandma decides that it's snacktime. They go inside and Caillou finds that Grandma is out of juice. Grandma suggests that they can make their own. They gather up three different fruits --- two each of grapefruits, lemons and oranges. Caillou finds that both the grapefruits and the lemons are very sour. Grandma explains that the juice will taste better once they add a "secret ingredient," which turns out to be sugar. As they finish making the juice, Mommy arrives. Caillou offers her some and she quite likes it.

"Caillou's Puppet Show"

Caillou is at playschool. He and his friends are doing crafts. He's decided to make a finger puppet, but he's not the only one with that idea. Jason and Jeffrey have also made finger puppets. They pretend that they're on a farm. Caillou is the farmer, while Jason and Jeffrey are a cow and a chicken. Miss Martin says that they should put on a puppet show. They can even use the s very own puppet theatre. Not right now, though --- it's time to go home. They can do it tomorrow. When Caillou gets home, Caillou races to show Rosie his puppet. Daddy tries to stop him, but he gets to Rosie's room first. There, he finds that Rosie's not feeling well. She's coughing and has a fever. Mommy says that she has the flu. She tells Caillou that he'd best stay out of Rosie's room, or he might get the flu also. Caillou heads off to his room to play quietly on his own. He wants to help Rosie feel better, but he doesn't want to get the flu himself. The next morning, though, he wakes up and finds that he's coughing and his muscles are aching. He's caught the flu, but he still wants to go playschool, as he doesn't want to miss the puppet play. He goes downstairs to the kitchen and acts as if everything's fine. Mommy quickly catches him coughing and sends him up to bed. Caillou protests, but Mommy tells him that if he goes to school, his friends could get sick too. So he heads back upstairs and tries to rest. Later on, Rosie comes into the room. It seems she's feeling a bit better. He puts on a puppet show for her and iamgines being an actual farmer. He finds a cow in his bathtub, a chicken in the kitchen and even a horse sitting at the dining room table reading a newspaper. Mommy comes into his room and tells him to take a look out the window. He sees his entire playschool out there. Through the window, he, Jason and Jeffrey put on their puppet play.

"Caillou's Collection"

Caillou is having fun splashing in a stream. As he plays, he finds some neat rocks. He wants to take them home, but finds that his pockets aren't big enough. In an inspired room, he grabs a picnic basket to gather up his rocks. At home, he lays out the rocks on the table. Daddy comments that Caillou has quite a collection and mentions that he has a stamp collection of his own. He tells Caillou that he should find a better place for the rocks. That night, Mommy tucks Caillou into bed, only to find something hard underneath the covers. Once again, Caillou has chosen a spot for his rock collection that doesn't really work. He gets a box to put them in instead. The next day, Caillou is busy sorting his rocks when Grandpa arrives. Grandpa also collects rocks --- really big rocks. He takes Caillou to a quarry with all kinds of gigantic rocks. Caillou figures they must be the biggest rocks in the world and he watches as a worker chisels them into smaller rocks. He imagines doing that himself and making his very own sculptures. Grandpa suggests that Caillou pick out one of the chiseled rocks to add his collection. He picks out one that looks like it has a smiley face. Grandpa compliments his taste in choosing rocks and Caillou decides to give it to him as a gift. Grandpa says that he'll add it to his rock garden. Caillou doesn't believe there's such a thing, but Grandpa shows him otherwise. Caillou makes his very own rock garden out of his collection, with a path made of rocks leading up to it. Caillou's entire family admires the garden and Rosie takes a watering can and "waters" it.