Season 4 Episode 20

Caillou Can Do It!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 23, 2006 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Caillou hosts the matching card game at the end of the episode. It first played with fruits, then farm animals.

    • Caillou, along with an adult chorus, performs the song "Happy Day" in-between the second and third stories.

    • Online summary listings refer to both Caillou and Rosie having the measles in "Caillou's Puppet Show," however, they actually have the flu.

    • Caillou talks about both Rosie and his Mommy at the end of the episode.

    • According to Cookie Jar Entertainment's press release, this is the final episode for the season.

  • Quotes

    • Grandpa: You have a talent for spotting special rocks, Caillou.
      Narrator: Caillou had such a fun time today with Grandpa that he wanted to thank him.
      Caillou: You can have it, Grandpa. It's a present.
      Grandpa: Thank you. I'm gonna add this to my rock garden.
      Caillou: (giggles) Grandpa! Rocks don't grow in gardens.

    • Narrator: Grandpa took Caillou to a quarry, a place where big people go to find big rocks.
      Caillou: Wow. Red rocks. White rocks. (gasps) Invisible rocks. Wow.

    • Narrator: So Caillou and the twins had their puppet show just as they had planned, even though Caillou was sick.

    • Narrator: The next morning, Caillou woke up feeling kind of funny. He felt achy. Caillou felt hot and was coughing. He knew what that meant. He had the flu, just like Rosie. Caillou knew Mommy would make him stay home from playschool if she found out he was sick and today was the puppet show day. He didn't want to miss the puppet show. Caillou had to make sure Mommy didn't know he had the flu.

    • Grandma: Caillou was a big help in the garden. He watered all my flowers and filled the birdbath.
      Mommy: You've certainly been busy. (tastes her juice) Mmm. This tastes great.

    • Caillou: One, two lemons. One, two oranges. And one, two grapefruits.
      Grandma: Thank you, my assistant.
      Caillou: (giggles) It's easy to remember what color oranges are because oranges are orange.

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