Season 2 Episode 15

Caillou Helps Out (Caillou rend service)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Unknown on PBS
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Caillou Helps Out (Caillou rend service)
In the puppet segments, Teddy is out raking leaves, while Deedee is busy gathering nuts for the winter. Gilbert sees Teddy raking the leaves and says that he'll come and help him later, but for the time being, he's going go have a catnap. Rexy also notices Teddy raking the leaves and asks him why he's doing it. After pestering him with "why" questions for a little while, he asks him if he's seen Deedee. Teddy says that he has, but tries to warn Rexy that Deedee is busy. Rexy doesn't listen and goes and asks Deedee if she wants to play pirates. Deedee is so busy that she doesn't really have time to do much more than say that she can't. Rexy doesn't understand why she'd choose gathering nuts over playing pirates, since playing pirates is much more fun. He decides to try playing pirates himself to show how much fun it is, but just ends up playing by himself. He starts to get sad and then Gilbert comes out, apparently having finished his catnap and asks him what he's doing by himself. Rexy explains how everyone's busy and Gilbert suggests that he ask if he can help out. So both Rexy and Gilbert help with everyone's chores and pretty soon they're all playing pirates together. Caillou is helping out too, whether it be taking care of a friends' pet, or just taking care of some tidying that he probably shouldn't have left waiting. "Surprise Party" After Grandma tells Caillou that Grandpa was too sick to have a party on his birthday, Caillou is in disbelief. He decides to throw a belated birthday party for Grandpa and Rosie helps. "Leo's Hamster" Leo has a hamster named Buddy. Caillou thinks that Leo is lucky to have him. Leo's going to be away from home for a while, so Caillou gets to take care of Buddy while Leo is away. Leo shows Caillou how to hold Buddy and reminds him to be gentle. Leo feeds Buddy a carrot and Caillou is surprised to see Buddy appear to eat the entire thing very quickly, but Leo explains that Buddy is actually hiding the carrot in his cheek pouches. The time finally comes for Caillou to take Buddy home. Leo's Mom gives Caillou a list to give to his Daddy. At home, Daddy makes sure that Gilbert stays out of Caillou's room so he can't get to Buddy. They check his food and water and then Daddy suggests that Buddy be left alone for a while because he's sleeping. So Caillou goes off to play with some blocks, but he gets bored and ends up taking Buddy out of his cage, even though Buddy was still sleeping. Buddy scurries all over Caillou and then runs off and into a small crack between one of Caillou's dressers and the wall. Caillou can't reach him and runs off to get Daddy, but when he gets back, Buddy is gone. Daddy and Caillou go on a hunt for him, but first Daddy locks Gilbert up in his cage so he can't go after Buddy. Eventually they hear Mommhy shouting out from the kitchen. They go in there and find her standing on a chair. It turns out that Buddy is underneath the refrigerator. So Caillou gets a carrot and uses that to lure Buddy out. Buddy is returned to his cage for a chance to really get some rest. When Leo arrives back from his trip, Caillou tells him all about what happened and how he used the carrot to lure Buddy out. "Caillou Mails a Letter" Lifted from the original series. Caillou is having fun and his Mom is in a good mood. Then the mailman comes and ditches them a bunch of bills. This spoils Caillou's Mom's mood and she then wishes aloud that she'll at least get a letter for a change. Caillou's Dad passes by as Caillou's mom leaves the room. He asks Caillou why was Mommy's upset. Caillou then explains that she doesn't like bills and wishes to get a letter instead. Caillou's dad then comes up with a really strange idea: Send out Caillou's drawing as a letter to Caillou's mom. They do a good job keeping it a surpirse from Caillou's mom, though. The next day, they meet up with the mailman and gets him to deliver the letter. When the letter arrives later that day, Caillou's mom decides that she likes the letter and wants to keep it forever. "Caillou Tidies His Toys" Lifted from the original series. Caillou's hiding in a pile of plush toys when his mom comes in and calls him to eat chocolate pudding. Now, if it's one thing Caillou really like, it's chocolate pudding. So he comes out of hiding. On his way downstairs, he's made to tidy up the mess on the stairs. Then, just as he's about to eat the pudding, he's called outside to tidy up the mess he's made on the porch. And then, just as he's back at the table, he's called into the bathroom to tidy up another mess. Finally, he has his chocolate pudding. Caillou's Dad suggests that he do something about all his old toys. He decides to give some to Rosie, and his Dad suggest that they make a toy chest after eating. Scene cuts to when the chest is finished. We see the lid close, and a picture of Caillou's face is on the lid.moreless

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Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

Jonathan Koensgen

Jonathan Koensgen

Leo (English Language version)

Tim Gosley

Tim Gosley

Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

Bob Stutt

Bob Stutt

Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

Nathalie Coupal

Nathalie Coupal

Maman de Caillou (@ Doris) (French language version)

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