Season 4 Episode 15

Caillou Outdoors

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jul 19, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Shoo, Shoo Bird, Fly Away!"

Caillou is outside playing in the dirt. He's having a lot of fun finding things. He finds a worm and asks Mommy if he can keep it. She has him put it back, though, and instead gives him some tomato seeds to plant. He happily plants the seeds and then notices Mommy shooing away a bird. She explains that the birds are trying to eat the seeds and if they do that, they won't grow to become big plants. Caillou hopes that his tomato seeds will grow to be really big. The two go inside so that Caillou can make a sign for his tomato plants. They find that Rosie and Daddy are busy baking. Rosie seems to be doing more playing than baking and has gotten flour all over herself. Nevertheless, Daddy explains tha they're baking a delicious apple pie. Caillou makes a nice sign, but when he goes back outside, the birds are eating the seeds again. Rosie bangs a couple of pots and scares them away. Mommy suggests that they build a scarecrow to keep the birds at bay. Caillou wonders what a scarecrow is and Mommy explains that they build a stick-figure that looks like a person and dress it up in funny clothes to scare off the birds. Caillou imagines that he himself is a scarecrow and scares away three progressively larger birds. They finish the scarecrow and put it up outside. Mommy notices that the birds are scared away by Rosie's banging pots and so Rosie agrees to let them become a part of the scarecrow. They then settle down to enjoy the apple pie. At first, the birds show up and don't seem at all bothered by the scarecrow. Then, the wind blows, causing Rosie's pots to bang and the birds are scared away. With the birds gone, Caillou and his family have fun talking about some of the things they can do with the huge vegetables that they're going to grow.

One morning, Daddy and Mommy take Caillou and Rosie on a road trip. To Caillou's surprise, though, they don't say where they're going --- so it may be nowhere in particular. Caillou finds it a bit odd at first, but is soon having fun with Rosie, playing games. Mommy has them play an "I Spy" game, looking for cows and various colored cars. Eventually, they reach a gas station, where they stop to fuel up and get something to eat at the station's restaurant. Caillou notices a truck and Daddy takes him over to look at it. Caillou imagines being a truck driver. He finds himself having to keep stopping for animal crossings --- first a deer crossing, then a duck crossing and then a hippo crossing! He's annoyed when instead of crossing, the hippo plops down in the middle of the road for a nap. He asks it to move, and it does. At the restaurant, Rosie sits in a high chair, but Caillou enjoys sitting in the booth and ordering from the menu, which has pictures. He orders a cheese sandwich and milk. The trip continues, and it turns out that they did have a destination --- a lake with several ferryboats. Caillou is delighted by the boats' load horn, but it doesn't wake up Rosie, who got tired and fell asleep. Caillou gets to board the boat with Daddy and meet the captain. He learns about the boat's controls and even gets to blow the horn. Rosie, however, sleeps through the entire thing. Caillou decides that he likes road trips, especially when he doesn't know where they're going.

"Caillou and the Dragon"

One day, a boy named Alan shows up at Caillou's playschool. Miss Martin explains that he's just there for the day, but if he and his Mom decide that they like it, he may be attending on a regular basis. Caillou and Clementine quickly invite him to play with them over on the mechanical horsies. Caillou asks him his age and Alan tells him that he's five. Caillou tells him that he's four, but he's growing every day. After they get down with the horseys, they go to play on the swings. Alan seems to be having some trouble with the swings and Caillou wonders why --- after all, Alan is older with him. Back in the classroom, he asks Miss Martin about it and Miss Martin just explains that Alan needs help with some things. Caillou figures though that there must be some things that he's good at. The class enjoys brownies brought by Alan and his Mom and then Caillou and Clementine decide to put on a play. Alan's invited to join and Leo is a part of the play too. The plot is that Clementine is a photographer in a wild jungle. Leo's her driver and Caillou is a jungle animal. Just then, Alan shows up --- he's dressed up as a dragon. Clementine protests that there are no dragons in the jungle, but Caillou figures he must just be visiting for the first time. Clementine says she'll snap a picture and then Caillou announces that he's going to tame the dragon. Caillou makes some soft noises that tame the dragon. He and Alan imagine flying together on a dragon's back. Caillou tells Miss Martin that he found out what Alan was good at --- acting!