Season 4 Episode 12

Caillou the Artist

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jun 28, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"A Present for Mommy"

It's a wintry morning following a big snowstorm. Caillou and Mommy are already off to a late start and Mommy can't find her car keys. Caillou manages to find them, though --- they're in a boot! They go outside, on the way to playschool, but can't find the car. It's buried in snow and they have to dig it out. They finally get things all shoveled, but then the car won't start. Mommy's a bit flustered, but decides to have Grandpa drive Caillou to playschool. They make it there safely. They're doing crafts at playschool. Caillou imagines some things he could make to brighten Mommy's day. He imagines making a fan to blow away snow, the warmest coat in the world and a huge sun to melt the snow. He decides to make a clay sun. The sun gets messed up, but he's able to fix it. Ms. Martin bakes the clay sun and it ends up breaking in two, but they're able to fix that too. Next, Caillou colors the clay sun yellow and gives it a smiley face. Then, Clementine accidentally splashes some blue paint on it. At first, Caillou is upset, but then Leo points it that it looks like sunglasses. Caillou agrees and does some more painting to finalize the design. Back at home, Mommy is cheered up by Caillou's sun. She and Grandpa hang it up to use as a hanger for keys.

"Caillou the Chef"

It's morning and Caillou is excited because Jason and Jeffrey are coming over to play. They're also staying for lunch. It turns out that Mommy has set up a special surprise for lunch --- "make your own pizzas." Caillou helps out by washing the mushrooms. Jason and Jeffrey arrive. They have some pretty weird lunch ideas, but Caillou explains that they're making pizzas. He's helped Mommy with this in the kitchen before, so he gives them some tips. Just then, Daddy shows up and mentions that he once worked in a pizzeria. Unfortunately, he isn't much help --- he ends up getting the pizza dough on his head and leaves unceremoniously. The kids continue with making their pizzas and Caillou is somewhat annoyed by the odd ingredients that Jason and Jeffrey are choosing --- such as carrots or broccoli. Nevertheless, they plow on. Caillou imagines being a real chef. He ends up dropping the pizza dough on his head, just like Daddy. Mommy puts the pizzas in the oven and while they bake, the kids play a pretend game of cooking. When the pizzas finally finish, they share and enjoy them all.

"Caillou the Painter"

Caillou is helping Mommy with the laundry. He's matching the socks and it turns out that there's an extra. It's not lost, though --- Mommy manages to find it inside the washer. She also finds that the paint-stain in one of Daddy's shirts didn't come out. She's going to throw it away, but Caillou asks if he can have it. Mommy agrees. Later, Daddy spots him wearing it and comments that it's a good paint shirt. As it turns out, Grandma is coming over, so Caillou decides to paint a picture for her. Meanwhile, Rosie decides to pick a flower. Caillou gets to work, but has trouble deciding what to paint. First, he tries painting a picture of Gilbert. It isn't really what he wants, though. He also tries one of Rosie, but still hasn't got what he wants. Mommy suggests painting a tree, but Caillou wants something with lots of colors. Mommy tells him he can make an abstract painting. She explains that it's a painting with shapes and anything he likes. Caillou imagines painting all sorts of shapes on a huge canvass. His painting goes well and he finds that the shirt is now all messy. It's okay, though --- after all, it's no big deal if a paint shirt gets messy. As everyone heads inside, Gilbert tips over the paintbrushes. Back inside, Rosie ends up dropping her flower on the floor. It seems like it's ruined, but Grandma presses it, saving it. She sticks on the fridge, with Caillou's painting. Just then, Gilbert comes in --- the newest work of art!

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