Season 4 Episode 11

Caillou the Bookworm

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jun 21, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou the Librarian"

Caillou, Rosie and Mommy are headed to the library for story time. Caillou is having fun waving around his library card like its a fish and entertaining Rosie. He tells her that maybe one day she'll have her very own library card. They reach the library, but it's still a few minutes before story time. Caillou and Rosie have fun looking at a fish at a tank and then Caillou takes Rosie over to the board books. They get caught up in a picture book filled with animals and Mommy has to tell them to quiet down. Caillou decides to go look for a book about fish, but he can't seem to find a single one. A librarian named Vanessa notices his predicament. It turns out she's one reading for story time and it just so happens that the featured book is about a dolphin named Daphne. As he and Rosie enjoy the story, Caillou imagines what it would be like to be a dolphin. Afterwards, Vanessa asks if Caillou would like to borrow the book. He does, so she gives it to him. Rosie's interested in the book too. She and Caillou end up in a tug-of-war for the book and end up tearing a page. At first, Caillou is worried that he won't be able to borrow anymore books and tries to hide it. He realizes this isn't going to work and so he shows it to Mommy. After talking about it a little, they take it up to Vanessa, who is now working the circulation desk. Together, Vanessa, Caillou and Rosie tape up the book and then Caillou is able to check it out. Rosie also checks out some books and gets her very own library card.

"Caillou the Bookworm"

This time, Caillou, Rosie and Mommy are on the way home from a visit to the library. Caillou has a book about pirates that he just can't wait to read. Meanwhile, Rosie really wants to play "horsey," but Mommy and Daddy are just too busy to play. However, Grandma is coming over and they agree that she can play "horsey" with Rosie. Caillou heads inside to his bed to read the book. However, Gilbert keeps getting in the way, cuddling and blocking him from reading. Caillou decides that maybe the playroom will be a better place to read. He gets there only to find himself distracted by Grandma and Rosie's game of "horsey." He next heads for the living room and gets started, but just then, Mommy starts vacuuming the floor. He heads back to his room, thinking that maybe Gilbert is gone --- but he isn't. He spots the closet and decides that he can get some peace and quiet there. Sure enough, he's able to read his book in peace. He imagines that he's pirate with a parrot on his soldier, searching for treasure. He evwentually finds it --- a treasure chest loaded with cookies! Just then, Mommy, Daddy, Rosie and Grandma arrive in his room. They've been looking at him and at first think he's not there. He then reveals that he's in the closet. Now that he's finished reading his book, he agrees to play with Rosie.

"Caillou the Storyteller"

Caillou is at his playschool, playing with Jason and Jeffrey. They'd like to go outside and play and, in fact, it's about time for recess. Unfortunately, though, a thunderstorm has just started outside. Caillou is disappointed. He knows that rain is nice sometimes, but he'd like to go outside. Ms. Martin uses the storm as an opportunity to explain the water cycle. Caillou imagines that he's a superhero capable of stopping the rain. He flies out to the top of the cloud and stomps all the water out of it. Ms. Martin notes that reading is a good way to pass the time when it's raining and suggests that Caillou find a book for a story to be read aloud. Caillou asks for a book about a superhero, one that stops raining. She says that she doesn't have one like that, but perhaps Caillou could make one. Caillou agrees. He tells Ms. Martin all about his story and she writes it down. He then makes some pictures as illustrations and his story is made into a book. Mommy arrives and he happily shows her the story. He agrees to leave it at school, in case other kids want to read it.