Season 4 Episode 6

Caillou the Detective

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Apr 12, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Where's Gilbert?"

Caillou is outside playing with Gilbert and Grandpa is there, supervising. Caillou tries to get Grandpa involved in the game, which involves Gilbert batting a piece of string, but Gilbert ignores it and walks away. Grandpa comments that Gilbert must have decided that the game is over. At first, Caillou is a bit upset by this, but then he gets a new idea --- he'll pretend to be Gilbert. Just then, Gilbert shows up again, but now Caillou's annoyed because he's interrupting his pretend game. Caillou and Grandpa decide to go inside for lemonade. Caillou notices that Gilbert's water and food dish is running a bit low, so he fills it back up. Once they go back out, Grandpa takes a nap. That night, Caillou notices that Gilbert hasn't touched his food. He calls for Gilbert, but Gilbert doesn't show up. Daddy goes outside to check for him, but he's nowhere to be found. The next morning, he still isn't back. Everyone searches outside for him and Caillou hears a meowing sound, but it turns out that it's actually Sarah's cat, Ollie. Daddy and Caillou head over to the animal shelter, thinking he might be there. He meets a parrot named Bernie who can imitate the sound of a bell and just about anything he hears. Seeing the parrot, he imagines having a different animal as a pet. After thinking about what it would be like to have an elephant, a skunk, or a kangaroo for a pet, he decides that he's quite happy with Gilbert. He and Daddy show the lady at the counter a picture of Gilbert. She notes his collar, which will make him easy to identify. She says that she doesn't have any cats like Gilbert on file, though, but they're welcome to go and check. They do, but he's not there. The lady at the counter says that she'll keep an eye out. Disappointed, they return home and find Gilbert! Caillou tells him he shouldn't stay out past his bedtime.

"Where I Saw it Last"

Caillou is in the kitchen, playing witha new toy car of his underneath the table. It's a sort of hideaway spot for him. Mommy calls for him, but he doesn't come out until she reminds him that he's going to the park with Jason and Jeffrey. They meet up with Jason and Jeffrey, who it turns out both have new toy cars also. They head to the sandbox at the park, where they have a race with them. Caillou imagines that he's an actual racecar driver. Mommy then suggests that they all go for ice cream. At the ice cream, Caillou takes out his toy car and starts to play, but Mommy reminds him that he shouldn't be playing with it at the table. Everyone enjoys delicious shakes and Caillou acquires a couple of a mini-umbrellas. They all leave, but Caillou has left his toy car behind. Caillou, Jason and Jeffrey have a bit of fun at Jason and Jeffreys' house playing with their mini-umbrellas. Then, Caillou and Mommy head home. Caillou gives Daddy one of the mini-umbrellas as a present. Rosie wants one too, but Mommy says it's a bit too sharp for her to play with. Just then, Caillou realizes that he doesn't have his toy car. Mommy asks if he remembers where he had it last. Caillou recalls the things that he did and realizes that he still had the toy car with him at the ice cream place. Therefore, he must have left it there. Caillou's entire family heads to the ice cream shop --- both to find the toy car, and to get Rosie some ice cream (she heard Caillou had some and wants soome too.) At the shop, Caillou finds that the toy car isn't on the bench where he left it. However, it turns out the waitress has it. She found it after he left and was hoping he'd come back. Caillou gets his toy car back and Rosie gets an ice cream cone.

"Lost in the Jungle"

It's early morning and Caillou is looking for Gilbert in his room. It seems Gilbert is hiding from him, but Mommy cuts the game short, saying that it's time for him to go to playschool. Caillou, however, keeps looking for Gilbert --- it seems he's worried about him. Mommy lets him search around for Gilbert for a bit, looking for any clues that might help him. Gilbert's nowhere to be found, howver, so they head off to playschool. At the school, Ms. Martin reads from a new book she got about the jungle. The kids all have fun making animal sounds and acting like various animals. Caillou imagines that he's playing hide-and-seek in the jungle. In the real-word, the class goes outside for recess. Caillou is playing hide-and-seek with Leo. He remembers Mommy's idea of finding clues and uses footprints to track Leo. Back at home, he finds Gilbert when he tracks muddy footprints from a rainstorm all throughout the house.