Season 4 Episode 17

Caillou the Helper

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 02, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou the Patient"

It's a beautiful day outside and Caillou is going to the park with Mommy and Rosie. He's very eager to get going and races outside before Mommy and Rosie are quite ready. He decides to bring his toy airplane with him to the park. On the way there, Caillou plays with his toy plane. He imagines being a pilot flying the fastest that anyone's ever flown. As he races around, Mommy warns him to be careful because he's not wearing his running shoes. He trips over a rock, falls, and scrapes his knees. The toy plane also goes flying and the propeller gets bent up. Mommy takes Caillou home to treat the injury. She pretends to be a doctor, first examining the injury, cleaning it up and then placing bandages on both of his knees. Rosie helps out. She then gets him a juice and takes him over to the couch to rest. They pretend that the couch is an airplane and that Mommy is a flight atttendant. Caillou even gets a cookie. He spots Leo and Clementine playing outside. He decides to test if his knees are feeling better. They are, so it's back to the park. Caillou shows Leo and Clementine his banadges and they get down to playing. Leo takes a bit of a fall. He's fine, but Caillou pretends to be a doctor and examines him.

"Caillou the Police Officer"

Caillou and Mommy are on their way to playschool. Caillou's reading off the road signs. When they get a traffic light, Caillou finds he can't read it because it isn't on. There's some construction going on and there's a police officer directing traffic. At recess that day, Caillou watches the police officer while the other kids are playing. He had thought police officers only "caught bad guys," but he finds out that there's actually a lot of other things they do. He imagines being one himself. First, he helps out a little girl who lost her parents and then straightens out a traffic jam. He decides he wants to actually direct traffic and so he constructs a whistle. He tries to use it to get his classmates to stop, but they're not impressed --- they're busy playing a game of their own. Caillou joins in the game --- he pretends to be a police officer and puts Leo, who's a bankrobber, in jail. He tells him that he has to stay in there for hundred years --- or least until he promises never to do it again. Later that day, Caillou cleans up after snacktime and then everyone goes outside again for a story. Caillou notices that the construction has ended and he spots the police officer nearby, looking rather tired and thirsty. He asks Miss Martin if he can offer him a juice and she gives the okay. The police officer is happy to accept the juice. He just got done ticketing a car --- it was parked in front of a fire hydrant. He thanks Caillou for the juice and Caillou asks where his car is. He shows Caillou that he actually rides a bike and Caillou is pleased --- he rides one too. He's happy to have helped out the police officer and to have made a new friend.

"Grandpa's Friend"

Caillou and Grandpa are going to the park. They take the bus and Caillou notes that Grandpa, like him, didn't have to pay anything. He shows Caillou that he has a pass. When they arrive, Caillou realizes that they're not at the park he normally visits. He wonders just what they're going to do --- this park doesn't have any slides, swings, or other playground equipment. Just then, somebody comes up saying "Hey, kid." Caillou thinks he's talking to him, but he's not. Grandpa introduces his friend, George --- they've known each other a long time and George is older, so he calls Grandpa "kid." They first met back when Grandpa was even smaller than Rosie. They're going to be playing croquet. Caillou doens't know this game and is a bit nervous at first. However, he finds that George enjoys telling riddles. He shows George his dinosaur, Rexy and soon he's not so uncomfortable around him. They get down to the game. Caillou imagines swinging the croquet ball all the way into the atmosphere and yet still getting into the hole. He's actually having a bit of trouble with the game, though, but soon starts to get the hang of it. He even plays a trick on George, by replacing his ball with an apple. Then, George hits his ball into the pond. Caillou is worried that the game is over, but it's not a very deep pond, so he and Grandpa head over to find it. As they search for it, Grandpa relates a tale of how he once did the same thing when he was young. He ended up falling into the water and getting all wet. They finally find the ball and the game resumes. George wins, but not by much. Caillou decides that croquet is quite fun.

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