Season 4 Episode 9

Caillou the Magnificent

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM May 31, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Show and Tell"

Arts and crafts time is wrapping up at Caillou's playshcool. Cailoou painted a car; Leo painted an igloo; and Clementine painted a field of flowers. Ms. Martin announces that tomorrow they're having show-and-tell. Caillou asks what it is and she explains that they can bring in anything they want --- something special that they like to surrpise the class. Both Leo and Clementine quickly come up with ideas, but don't tell Caillou, saying that they're secret. Caillou, however, is not sure. When he gets home, he considers bringing his toy dinosaur, Rexy. Rosie likes this idea, but he doesn't think that he wants to take him. All his friends generally already know about Rexy. He imagines what it would be like if Rexy were a real dinosaur. It would be a big surprise --- they could slide down his back and he would generally be a lot of fun. Mommy comes in and asks what they're doing. Caillou explains about the show-and-tell and Mommy suggests coming up with a few ideas and presenting them after dinner. So Caillou selects three things --- Rexy, his toy firetruck and a kite, but he's still not sure. Mommy has him sleep on it, but he still doesn't have an idea by morning. As he notices how Rosie keeps yelling "surprise!" though, he gets a great idea. When it comes time for the show-and-tell, Caillou has made his choice --- it's his little sister, Rosie!

"Caillou the Magician"

Grandma is babysitting Caillou and Rosie. They're having a lot of fun --- she shows Caillou how to make a funny sound by letting the air out of a balloon. Next, they come up with the idea to do magic tricks. Caillou wants to put on a magic show with Rosie. With Grandma's help, he searches the house to find a magic wand and a cape. He thinks he's good to go, but there's one more thing --- a magic hat. Grandma lends him the top hat that Daddy wore when he married Mommy. Caillou decides that for his magic act, he wants to make Rosie disappear. He tries the trick and almost pulls it off, but Gilbert gets in the way. When it comes time to actually do the trick, Caillou's worried that he's had far too little practice. He imagines that he's a real magician putting on a big act --- making all sorts of animals appear and disappear. The actual trick goes well, however, but then he realizes that he hasn't practiced making Rosie reappear. He gives it a shot and it's Gilbert that appears instead. Fortunately, Rosie soon follows and Caillou's on to his next trick --- making his snack "disappear."

"Caillou's Castle"

Caillou is trying to play castles and dragons with Teddy and Gilbert, but it isn't going too well. Gilbert doesn't really seem interested in playing and scampers away. Caillou asks Mommy if she's seen him, but he hasn't. He finds Gilbert, but Gilbert's still not interested in playing. He goes to find Rosie instead. At first, Rosie's a bit scared by the idea of dragons, but with some reassurance from Caillou, she's up for the game. Caillou decides to dress up as Prince Caillou and Rosie becomes Princess Rosie. While Caillou searches for some princely clothes, Daddy helps Rosie to get dressed. They begin their game and imagine that they're in an actual castle. The dragon is blocking the exit to the castle, dozing away. Caillou tickles him to wait him up and so he goes to find another napping spot. The dragion is actually Gilbert, back for the game, but way to sleepy to be a suitable dragon. So Mommy and Daddy show up to play dragons instead.