Season 4 Episode 4

Caillou the Musician

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Apr 06, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou Plays the Drums"

Caillou is over at Clementine's house playing dress-up. Suddenly, he hears a loud banging sound. Clementine explains that it's her brother Billy playing the drums. She and Caillou head over to his room to check it out. Billy explains to Caillou that he's learning how to play the drums so he can be in a rock band. Caillou notices pictures of rockers on the wall of Billy's room and comments on their funny clothing. Billy, though, doesn't think the clothes are funny, but Clementine admits to Caillou that she finds them funny too. They ask Billy if it would be possible for them to try out the drums. He says that they can't --- they're too little, and drums are for grown-ups, not little kids. Caillou and Clementine aren't happy with this dismissal. They don't think they're that little and they decide that they need to do something to show Billy that they're old enough to play the drums. They decide to make Billy a snack. They get him a sandwich and milk and Clementine has her Mom cut the crusts off the bread, as she knows Billy doesn't like them. They take the snack to Billy. He thanks them for it, but still won't let them play the drums. Their next idea is to dress up as adults, using clothing from Clementine's dress-up chest. Billy, naturally, doesn't believe that they're actually grown-ups, but, apparently amused, he does give in. Clementine says that Caillou can go first, since dressing up was his idea. Billy shows him three different types of drums ---a bass drum, a snare drum and a cymbal. Caillou really enjoys the sound of the cymbal. He fantasizes that he's playing on-stage as part of a real rock band. Mommy arrives to pick Caillou up. He's still dressed in his "grown-up" clothes and tells her that he's all grown-up. Mommy says that if he is, then he must not want to go play on the swings at the park. Caillou says that he's only pretending --- after all, he wouldn't want to miss out on the swings.

"Caillou's Marching Band"

Caillou is at playschool, playing a game of tag with his friends outside. Just then, he hears a marching band playing. Ms. Martin says that they must be practicing for the upcoming parade. Caillou is fascinated by the marching band and finds that the music makes him want to march too. Emma, however, thinks that the music is too loud. Caillou decides to lead a march back inside the classroom, but finds that his classmates are out of step. Ms. Martin suggests that he slowly do a count --- 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4. As they enter the classroom, they continue the march, saying they're not going to stop. Caillou wishes that they could have a real marching band and so Ms. Martin suggests they look for things in the classroom that they could use to make instruments. So they gather up materials, but Caillou finds that Emma is instead drawing a star. Since she's not really into the loud music, she's decided she'll help by making hats for everyone. Finally, the band is put together, but it doesn't sound very good at first. Caillou once again leads the band with the 1 2 3 4 and pretty soon he has it together. Caillou imagines that he's marching down the city streets in a parade, complete with elephants. Emma is in the parade too, but she's wearing headphones. Back at the playschool, the march heads outside, where the parents are waiting to pick the kids up. They tell them not to stop and so they get to enjoy the march.

"Caillou Sings"

At playschool, Caillou offers to help with the cleanup at snacktime. Ms. Martin announces that at the end of class that day, there's going to be a talent show. Caillou decides that he's going to sing a song, but before he's asks what he wants to do, Clementine says the same thing. Caillou complains that he wanted to sing and Ms. Martin says that they both sing. Next, Caillou wants to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," but once again, Clementine says it before he can. Ms. Martin suggests that Caillou sing "Ring Around the Rosie" and he agrees to this, although he's getting a bit annoyed by Clementine picking his choices before he can say them. They all go outside to play and Leo tells Caillou that he's planning to recite a rhyme. The problem is that he can remember the beginnings to lots of rhymes, but not the endings. Caillou tries to practice his song, but it really isn't working. It's Rosie's favorite song, but he feels like it's a little kid's song and so he doesn't want to sing it. Meanwhile, Clementine is having trouble remembering the words to "Old MacDonald." Caillou, no longer irritated with her, offers to help her out and suggests that they do a duet. They head back inside and have naptime and Caillou imagines himself singing on-stage. Later on, Clementine still can't get the hang of the song, so Caillou gets a new idea --- they'll take turns, and Caillou will sing the parts that she can't remember. It comes time for the talent show and together, Caillou and Clementine do well with the song. As for Leo, he creates a rhyme of his own.