Season 4 Episode 10

Caillou the Scientist

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jun 14, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Magnet Madness"

Caillou is in the kitchen, where he's just finished drawing a picture. It features himself and Clementine on the swings. Mommy compliments the pictures and says that he should hang it on the refrigerator. Caillou heads to the refrigerator and puts a magnet on it. He's delighted at the almost magical way that the magenet flies out of his hand. Mommy tells him that magnets stick to lots of things. He grabs up a few magnets so that he can test out some things to stick them too. He finds that they stick to some of toys, but won't stick to Gilbert or Rosie. Nevertheless, he gives the "R" magnet to Rosie to play with, since it's the first letter of her name. He also tries to play with Gilbert, but Gilbert's not interested. He finds his Daddy hard at work on on a birdhouse. One of the magnets sticks to his workbench and he explains that it's because it's made of metal. He tells Caillou that magnets only stick to things made of metal. Caillou decides to get a whole bunch more magnets in the hopes of finding things to stick them too. He removes the entire alphabet of magnets from the refrigerator and sticks them on things all around the house. He notes that they can stick upside-down and imagines that he's a superhero named "Magnet Man." Mommy finds him and tells him that it's time to put the magnets back. He searches all over the house to find all the different places he puts the magnets. He comes upon Daddy again and asks if he can help with building the birdhouse. Daddy agress, but just then, he drops a hook needed to hang the birdhouse. Caillou tries using one of the magnets to retrieve it, but it just won't reach. Daddy suggests tying a string around it to extend the reach, and this works. Caillou is pleased that he was able to help Daddy. That night at bedtime, Mommy finds the last missing magnet, the letter "Z," stuck to Caillou's lamp. It's time for bed, but first Caillou runs out and grabs onto Daddy's leg. He says that he's "Magnet Man."

"Caillou the Dinosaur Hunter"

It's morning, but Caillou doesn't want to wake up. Rosie's efforts to get him out of bed seem to be in vain until she pulls out Rexy. This reminds him that they're visiting a museum filled with dinosaur fossils that day. Just before they drive off, Caillou remembers Rexy and decides that if he's going to a dinosaur musem, he shouldn't leave without Rexy. At the museum, Mommy suggests that Caillou leave Rexy in the car, or else he might lose him. Caillou promises to take care of him. In the museum, Caillou asks why there's only bones. Mommy explains that's all there's left of the dinosaurs. Caillou sees the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex --- the same type of dinosaur that Rexy is. He's also impressed by the bones of a flying dinosaur, a pterodactyl. He imagines flying on the back of a pterodactyl. Then, he suddenly finds himself alone. He knows what to do, though --- he stays put. Just then, a museum guard shows up. Caillou knows that normally you shouldn't talk to strangers, but he knows it's okay to talk to a museum employee. He explains that the got separated from his parents. The museum guard praises him for staying put and soon Mommy shows up. They continue on their way, but this time, Caillou leaves Rexy behind. Caillou and Rosie enjoy seeing the rest of the dinosaur fossils, and also a fossil of something that wasn't a dinosaur --- a woolly mammoth. It comes time to leave and Caillou realizes that he's missing Rexy. He and Daddy first check the lost-and-found, but Rexy isn't there. They search all over the museum, but come up empty. Finally, they come across the guard once again. It turns out that she found Rexy --- he stayed put just Caillou did.

"Caillou the Astronaut"

It's outside playtime at Caillou's playschool and Caillou and Clementine are pretending to be Mama Bear and Papa Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Just then, Xavier shows up with a new toy rocket. It has two astronauts inside and can light up. Both Caillou and Clementine are impressed with the new toy, but want to continue their game. Caillou agrees to play with Xavier later, but asks if he'd like to join their game as Baby Bear. He doesn't and heads on his way. Back inside, Caillou sits next to both Clementine and Xavier at snacktime. Then, it comes time for a story and Xavier asks if Ms. Martin has any books about outer space. She does and she tells them all about the sun, the planets and astronauts. Caillou imagines that he's an astronaut, traveling on a spaceship to all the different planets. It's time to go outside again and Xavier offers to let Clementine join in the outer space game, but she still wants to play bears with Caillou. Ms. Martin suggests that maybe there's some way they could combine the two games. This gives Caillou an idea and he asks Ms. Martin if there are any bears on other planets. Ms. Martin admits that it's a possibility. So Caillou comes up with a game where Clementine is a bear on "Bear Planet."