Season 4 Episode 3

Caillou the Sports Star

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Apr 05, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Everyone's Best"

Caillou, Leo and Rosie are all outside playing when Clementine shows up wearing a red ribbon. She explains that it was for swimming and Leo shows off oa blue one that he won for being the best runner at his Dad's office picnic. Caillou comments to himself that he wishes he could win a ribbon like Clementine's. Grandma notices this and so she goes inside to find some ribbons. She announces that she's hosting games. Rosie asks to join in too and everyone agrees. Grandma's first game is to walk heel-to-toe. Clementine wins this one. then, Grandma holds a contest for the biggest smile. This time, Leo is the winner. Caillou starts to become a bit upset, because he really wants to win a ribbon. Mommy reminds him that games are supposed to be fun. Caillou thinks about this for a bit and agrees, deciding to take part in the next game. This time, Grandma asks everyone to do a silly walk. This time Rosie wins --- in fact, Caillou declares her to be the winner, since her walk is obviously the silliest. Next, they have an obstacle course. Caillou imagines that he's in a real race with an announcer and a crowd. He doesn't win this one either, but he's really having fun. Grandma has one last game. This one is a no smiling contest. The objective is to not smile or laugh or at all, no matter what sort of funny things Grandma does. Rosie is out almost immediately, but Grandma has her join in trying to amuse the others. Caillou lasts the longest and finally wins a ribbon.

"Stronger Every Day"

Caillou and his family are having a picnic at the park and Leo has joined them also. Caillou offers to bring a picnic basket over to the blanket, but it's a bit too big for him. He's a bit upset about this, but he and Leo decide to go play on the monkey bars before lunch. they have fun swinging on the monkey bars, but then they notice a man installing an entirely new set of monkey bars. This improved set has eight bars instead of four. Caillou and Leo try them out, but Caillou can only climb four bars, while Leo can only climb five. Caillou imagines he's swinging on vines in the jungle, but he isn't too happy that he can only climb four bars. Daddy notes that on the old set, that would have been the entire thing. Caillou wonders how he can get stronger and Daddy tells him the secret is to have lunch and eat healthy foods. It's also to play and get plenty of rest. Caillou fantasizes that he's grown strong enough to lift a large set of barbells. Later, Caillou and Leo see Clementine riding her bike with Billy. Clementine's chain gets loose and Billy has to do some lifting of the bike to fix it. Caillou notes that Billy is strong, but he finds that he's able to lift the bike some too. Billy notes that Caillou couldn't do that last year. It seems that Caillou is getting stronger after all.

"No More Training Wheels"

Caillou is out on a bike path with Sarah and his Daddy. He's having a lot of trouble keeping up and is upset that his training wheels are slowing him down. He asks if it would be possible to have them taken off and Daddy agrees, once they're done with the bike ride. Caillou imagines that he's biking in a race. They get home and the training wheels come off. Caillou tries and tries to ride without the training wheels on, but he just can't seem to get the hang of it. He heads inside and Mommy asks him to help Rosie put her shoes on. He tries, but Rosie insists on putting them on herself. Unfortunately, they end up on the wrong feet. Caillou decides that just like Rosie isn't ready to put her shoes on by herself yet, he's not ready to ride his bike without training wheels yet. Daddy agrees, saying that there's a proper time for everything.