Season 4 Episode 5

Caillou to the Rescue

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Apr 07, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou Helps Out"

It's dinner-time and Caillou is enjoying a meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Rosie, however, doesn't seem to be very hungry. She's also rather fussy, knocking her stuffed rabbit to the kitchen floor. That night, it's storytime, and Caillou is reading a story to his Daddy, about a baby bird. They hear a cry from Rosie's room --- it seems Rosie is having trouble getting to sleep. Daddy explains that Rosie is teething and it's rather painful. Daddy and Mommy can't seem to get her to sleep, but Caillou thinks maybe he could. First, he tries singing her a song. She seems to like the song, but it doesn't get her to sleep. Next, he lets Rosie borrow his toy firetruck, but she's not interested. Gilbert shows up and Caillou gets him to lie down with her, but she's still fussy. She says that she wants her bunny. Caillou can't find it at first, but then remembers that it's in the kitchen. He goes to get it and Rosie's calmed down a bit, but still isn't going to sleep. He tells her a story in which they attend a fair. He imagines that they're both riding around a kangaroo, another one of Rosie's stuffed toys. When he gets to the end, Rosie's asleep

"Caillou the Firefighter"

Caillou and his friends are at playschool where Leo is directing a "stop/go" game. After the game is over, Leo asks Caillou if he can wear his firefighter's hat. Caillou refuses because he really wanted to wear the hat for today's upcoming special presentation. Ms. Martin says it's time to clean up to get ready for that special presentation. As he cleans up, Caillou notices the twins Jason and Jeffrey arguing over a toy rocket. Caillou rethinks his decision and suggests to Leo that they take turns wearing the hat. Leo likes this idea. Ms. Martin explains the purpose of a smoke detector. She then introduces the special guest --- the town firechief. He tests out the fire alarm and has them do a firedrill. He then introduces them to his dalmatian, Sparky. He asks Leo, who is taking turn with the hat, if he'd like to try out the siren on the firetruck. Leo asks if Caillou can try it as well and the firefighter agrees. Caillou imagines that he's driving the firetruck through town. In his fantasy, he rescues a kitten. Caillou says that when he grows up, he'd like to be a firefighter. The firechief says they'd be happy to have him on the team.

"Caillou to the Rescue"

Caillou is in his room searching for a toy car that his Daddy gave him. Rosie shows up and wants Caillou to play hide-and-seek, but Caillou brushes her off because Leo is coming over. He's going to play cars with him. Rosie asks to play with the cars, but Caillou tells her she's not big enough. Leo arrives and while Caillou goes to greet him, Rosie hides the cars. At first, Caillou's a bit upset, but quickly gets into the game. He finds the cards and he and Leo play. They imagine that they're tow truck operators. Later, Mommy makes them a snack and Rosie shows up again, wanting to play. Caillou gives in and lets her be part of the "rescue team."

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