Season 4 Episode 18

Caillou's Christmas

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 09, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou Goes Caroling"

It's a snowy day and Caillou is having fun making a snowman. It's pretty much done and he shows it to Daddy. He suggests that Caillou go inside and ask Mommy for a carrot to use for the nose. Caillou gets his carrot for the snowman. However, he's also told he has to stop playing and get ready, because that evening, Grandma and Grandpa are going to go caroling with them. Caillou isn't all that happy about this --- he'd rather keep playing. Meanwhile, Rosie is feeling rather cranky because she missed her nap. Grandma and Grandpa arrive. At first, Caillou is discouraged because all of the songs they mention are ones that Caillou doesn't know the lyrics to, such as "Good King Wenceslas." They ultimately decide, however, to go with "Jingle Bells," since everyone knows it. Caillou even gets some bells to ring. As they head out to go caroling, Rosie indicates that she wants the bells. Mommy tells her that their Caillou's, but seeing how upset Rosie is, Caillou agrees to let her have them. Grandpa says that it was a very "Christmasy" thing to do. Caillou begins to find that he enjoys caroling. He gets to stay up past his bedtime and sometimes they even get treats, such as when they stop by Miss Martin's and she gives them cookies. Their final stop is the senior center, which Caillou has been to with Grandma many times. As they perform, Caillou imagines riding in a one-horse open sleigh with Rosie and a Christmas tree appearing like magic.

"A Playschool Party"

It's the last day before Caillou's school is out for the holidays and they're having a party to celebrate. All of the kids are bringing things that represent the traditions that they celebrate. As Caillou and Mommy are getting ready to leave, Caillou's checking with her for the fourth time to make sure she hasn't forgotten his present for Miss Martin. He's also brought dessert for the class. Leo shows everyone a Chanukah dreidel and Caillou's happy that he knows how to spin it, having played with it before at Leo's house. Clementine shows everyone the Mkeka mat her family uses as part of their Kwanzaa celebration. Xavier brought chopsticks, which everyone has fun using, even if they're not able to use them well. Later on, they go out to play. Caillou imagines sliding down a slide made purely of snow and meeting a penguin.

"Caillou's Christmas Eve"

Caillou's enjoying some Christmas cookies that Mommy made, but he's also leaving some for Daddy and Santa. He heads over towards the Christmas tree, where Rosie is examining the presents. He asks Daddy if it would be possible to open just one that night, but he says that he has to wait until tomorrow. That night, cookies and milk are left out for Santa and Caillou also leaves out a carrot for the reindeer. That night, Caillou decides that he wants to stay up to meet Santa. He does his best to keep awake, but finds that it's harder than he thought. It seems to be taking so long. He remembers that Santa has deliver presents to everyone in the world and figures that must be why it's taking so long. He imagines being Santa's helper, speeding up the process by directing Santa to the houses in his neighborhood. As he continues to wait for Santa, he finds that it's very warm and cozy under the covers. He decides it couldn't hurt to close his eyes for just a few minutes, but pretty soon he's drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Caillou checks the plate with the cookies. They're gone, indicating that Santa came.

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