Season 4 Episode 18

Caillou's Christmas

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 09, 2006 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Clementine and her family celebrate Kwanzaa. However, in "Caillou's Holiday Movie," she celebrated Christmas, just like Caillou. Leo, however, celebrates Chanukah, just like in the movie.

    • Caillou talks about both Rosie and himself at the end of the episode.

    • Caillou hosts a game at the end of this episode in which the viewer helps him to search scenes for Christmas objects.

    • Caillou sings a song titled "Make Each Day Special" in-between the second and third stories. The overall theme of the song bears similarities to Marilou's "Everyday" from Caillou's Holiday Movie.

    • Caillou and his family also celebrated Christmas and explored other holiday traditions in "Caillou's Holiday Movie," which, as of the original broadcast of this episode, has never aired on television in the United States.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: Caillou had an idea. If he stayed up all night and pretended to be asleep, then he would be able to see Santa.
      Caillou: Nothing in my stocking. That means Santa hasn't come yet. I'm gonna stay awake and watch for him. And you can stay awake with me, Gilbert.

    • Daddy: (chuckles) Funny how these ornaments keep falling off the tree. I wonder why that is.
      Gilbert: (meows)

    • Caillou: Do you know who puts all these presents under the tree?
      Rosie: Rosie family.
      Caillou: Right. And who else brings us presents at Christmas time.
      Rosie: Santa!

    • Caillou: (indicating a menorah) Leo's got one of those at his house.
      Mommy: That's right. Jewish people put those up to celebrate Chanukah. Do you remember what it's called?
      Caillou: Hmm. Leo told me, but I forget. I'm gonna ask him when I get to school.
      Mommy: Good idea.

    • Narrator: Christmas was only a week away and it was a beautiful snowy day. Caillou loved playing in the snow, especially building snowmen.
      Caillou: Look at my snowman, Daddy.
      Daddy: Good work, Caillou. Why don't you ask Mommy for a carrot for his nose?

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