Season 4 Episode 16

Caillou's Surprise

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jul 26, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou's Surprise"

It's a nice, peaceful morning and Caillou and his family are having breakfast. Caillou wants some juice and so Mommy suggests he get a glass out of the drainboard. Caillou decides he wants to drink out of a cup. He picks one up, but it's a bit too heavy for him and he ends up dropping it and breaking it. It turns out that this was a special cup that Grandma made for Mommy. Mommy's disappointed at the loss of her cup, but accidents happen. Still, Caillou's upset about breaking the cup. When Grandma arrives that day, he tells her about it. Grandma has an idea --- she's taking Caillou to the craft center today, and can create a new cup for Mommy there. They arrive at the craft center. Grandma gives Caillou an apron and they get down to work. Grandma's making a pot, while Caillou gets going on his cup. He imagines some other things to make out of clay --- a car, or even a flying car. He ends up getting splattered with the clay, but it's okay since he has the apron on. He rather likes working with the clay --- it's kind of like playing with mud. He finally gets the cup crafted and both he and Grandma put their creations in the kiln. Once they've baked, they paint them. Caillou's not happy with his colors --- they're dull and drab. Grandma tells him that they have to put it back in the oven in order for the colors to brighten. Caillou's rather dubious about this and he's not happy at having to wait for the clay to bake again. They'll have to come back for it tomorrow and Caillou wanted to give Mommy the cup today. Grandma advises him that some things are worth waiting for. The next day, Grandma and Caillou return to the craft center. Caillou is very pleased --- the colors on his cup are now very bright. Back at home, he tries to tempt Mommy with offers of various beverages before finally just showing her the cup. She loves it and Caillou promises not break it.

"A Surprise for Miss Martin"

At playschool, Leo tells Caillou and the rest of the class about a party one of his friends held. It was a birthday party --- for his goldfish! Hearing about the party, Miss Martin casually mentions that her birthday is coming up on Monday. Together, Leo, Caillou and Clementine decide to put together a surprise party for her. Caillou suggests making cupcakes. However, when it comes to a present for her, he's not really sure what to do. He imagines some ideas --- a car, a cape that lets her fly or even an airplane. None of these are really practical, though. The kids get together at Caillou's house to make the cupcakes. Rosie's there too. She wants to help, but ends up breaking an egg. Mommy has her stir the batter instead. As they work on the cupcakes, they discuss present ideas. Caillou comes up with the idea of making her a card and Clementine suggests flowers. While the cupcakes bake, Mommy shows them how to create paper flowers and Rosie helps too. On Miss Martin's birthday, they sneak the party items into class. They then have her cover her eyes and surprise her. The party's a big surprise. She likes the paper flowers and the card and everyone enjoys the cupcakes.

"A Surprise Sleepover"

Caillou and Sarah are outside playing in Caillou's yard. Storm clouds appear just as Daddy is pulling up in the driveway. It starts to rain, so they hurry inside just before it really starts pouring. Just after they get inside, the power goes out. At first, they're a bit scared and Rosie is quite scared. Daddy goes to get a flashlight and they light some candles. Suddenly, things aren't so spooky. Sarah and Caillou grab a couple of flashlights and go to look outside. They see that power is out throughout the neighborhood. Daddy checks a report on the radio. Caillou wonders how the radio can work with the power out and Daddy explains that it's operated on batteries. Mommy calls Sarah's Mom and asks if Sarah can stay for the night. Everything's okay, so it's a sleepover. Sarah and Caillou build a tent afted dinner and invite Rosie in. Rosie gets a bit scared though and leaves. Caillou too is a bit scared when Gilbert's shadow looks like a scary monster. Caillou and Sarah decide to be jungle explorers and follow Gilbert around the house. They find that he likes to chase after the light of the flashlight. They have fun with this, but then the power comes back on. They're disappointed, but Gilbert's tired anyway. They ask Daddy if they can sleep in the tent. He agrees, saying that he'll go get a couple of sleeping backs. They pretend that they're in a forest and Caillou imagines that he's a forest ranger. He helps a bunny and a bear to not be afraid of the dark. In the tent, he makes a shadow-puppet of a bear. He tries to show Sarah, but she's sleeping. He soon falls asleep too, and that's what Daddy finds when he returns to say that he can't find the sleeping bags.