Season 4 Episode 13

Captain Caillou

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Jul 05, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Captain Caillou"

Caillou his eagerly waiting for his Grandpa --- today they're both going for a visit to the park. When Grandpa arrives, he's carrying a package and asks Caillou if he's ready for a special day at the park. Caillou wonders what's so special about it and figures it has something to do with the contents of the package. He's very curious as to what's in it, but it's a surprise --- not to be revealed until they get to the park. They take a bus to the park and Caillou tries to guess just what could be in the box. Grandpa gives him a hint --- it's something that they can play with at the park. Caillou imagines all sorts of possibilities. He asks if maybe it's a teddy bear, or even a real bear. He also imagines an airplane. Actually, it turns out to be a toy sailboat. Caillou likes the sailboat and imagines that he's a real boat captain. Just then, Caillou's friend from playschool, Emma, shows up. She and her Dad brought a toy sailboat too. They decide to have a race with another little boy who's at the park. Grandpa reminds Caillou that even if he doesn't win, the most important thing is to have fun. The race begins. At first things are pretty even, but Caillou feels like maybe he has a slight edge. He makes the boat go faster, but then it tips over. Even more upsetting --- Emma's boat tips over as well. The little boy wins the race. Caillou apologizes to Emma for what happened, but she's not too upset. It turns out that she's been going to the park and racing her boat for a long time and it always seems to tip over. They both congratulate the little boy for winning. Caillou decidees he likes being Captain Caillou and wants to come back and race again.

"The Loudest Noise"

Caillou is inside, playing with his toy firetruck. He's having a lot of fun with it, racing it and making revving and siren noises. There's a problem, though --- seems Rosie's napping and he's being too loud. Mommy asks him if he could go outside and play. He agrees because he knows that if he goes outside to play, he can be as loud as he wants. So he does, only to come up against something even noisier --- Daddy mowing the lawn. After Daddy is done mowing the lawn, they both go inside for apple juice. Caillou wonders if there's a louder sound than the lawnmower. Back outside, the recycle truck shows up. It's very loud, but Daddy says he knows an even louder sound. He takes Caillou on a car trip. On the way to their destination, they pass by a construction site. It's pretty loud, but it's not where Daddy's taking him. They pass an ice cream truck. It's a "yummy" sound and certainly kind of loud, but nowhere near the loudest. It turns out that Daddy's taken him to an airport. The sound of the planes taking off and landing is quite loud. Caillou absolutely loves the planes and imagines being a real pilot. Back at home, Caillou goes to bed to the sound of Gilbert's soft purring. It's nothing like the planes, but he loves it anyway.

"Caillou's First Wedding"

Mommy and Daddys' friend Jonah is getting married and Caillou and Rosie have some important duties. Caillou is the ring-bearer, while Rosie is the flower-girl. Everyone's all dressed up and Caillou remembers to bring a carrot for Jonah's horse, Lucky. When they get, there Caillou is eager to see Lucky again. He's so eager that for a minute, he forgets his manners and Mommy and Daddy have to remind him to say "excuse me." They first have to conduct a practice of the wedding. Grandma stands in for the bride, Kristen, and the practice goes well. Afterwards, Caillou gets to see Lucky again. It turns out that Lucky is pulling a wagon for the ceremony. The time comes for the wedding. Caillou and Rosie both do their jobs, but then Rosie ends up tripping and spilling the flowers. This causes Caillou to trip and he drops the rings, but he manages to find them. Caillou is at first upset at what happened, but Mommy and Daddy are proud of them. Things may not have gone entirely smoothly, but they managed to recover nicely. At the end, Caillou catches the bouquet. He gives it to Rosie.