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The episode where Clementine comes over for a playdate

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    I can't stand this episode; personally, I think that it's almost worse than the circus episode.

    The entire time, the little baldo bossed poor Clementine around, basically telling her that they were ONLY going to play what HE wanted to play, and THEY were GOING to play DINOSAURS.

    So, when Clementine picked up Caillou's teddy bear and stuffed bunny, he went berserk. When she prepared a tea party for them, he went apecrap. And when Clementine asked him what the matter was, the skinhead punk screamed in her face before letting out a roar that could blow the skin off anyone's face if it were any harder.

    THEN Mommy made them BOTH apologize to each other, even though Clementine didn't deserve to apologize because SHE NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG!!! Caillou is the worst "friend ever." If you have to see this for yourself, this link is for you:

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