Season 3 Episode 11

I Love To Pretend!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Sep 17, 2003 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In the "Caillou's Safari" segment, when Caillou is in his room with Teddy, there's a toy dinosaur sitting right nearby Teddy that inexplicably looks like Leo's dinosaur Dino from the previous episode.

  • Quotes

    • Rosie: Me too! Me play! Daddy!
      Daddy: Sorry, Rosie. This is a job for Caillou and me.

    • Caillou: But Gilbert took...
      Daddy: Don't worry. You can get whatever it is later.
      Narrator: But Mommy had asked Caillou to give the list to his Daddy.

    • Mommy: I wonder what all these buttons do. This one says... "jump." (She presses it and both Caillou and Leo jump.) Imagine that!

  • Notes

    • "I, Robot" is also the title of the groundbreaking book by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov, in which he created the ideas of robots and defines the 3 laws of robotics. Additionally, "I, Robot" is also the title of an 80's arcade game.

    • The PBSKids Caillou official website description for this episode omits a general description of what the episode is about, apparently due to an HTML coding problem that causes that the title of the first segment (or rather the second segment, the guide page always messes this up on the later episodes) to show up in the same red color as the title of the episode. Also, the "Caillou and the Bulldozer" segment listed is actually shown in "Machines! Brrrrrmmm!" (The descriptions are swapped.)

    • Now That I'm 4: Caillou makes hearts out of paper for a Valentine and also makes a clown sundae.

    • At the end of the episode, Rexy plays a game in which he progressively shows parts of a couple different animals and the viewers have to try and guess what they are.

    • Real Kids Segment: Kids at school play a game in which they look at a picture of something and then have to pretend to be it and the other kids have to guess at what it is.

    • Caillete Musical Number: "It's Fun to Play Pretend"

  • Allusions

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