Season 2 Episode 13

Lost And Found (Perdu et retrouvé)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Unknown on PBS
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Agent0042's one-minute summary: Rexy casts a few spells, Caillou loses a sock. The writers lose the will to write new segments and start throwing in segments from previous episodes of the new version of the show. --- Full Summary: In the puppet segments, Rexy finds what he believes to be a magic crystal ball and declares himself a wizard and starts casting spells with it. Meanwhile, Deedee is looking for her precious thing that she lost. Rexy casts a spell for Caillou, wishing that all of his friends will want to play with him. He also casts a spell so that Gilbert won't be bothered when he's taken on a car ride. Then, Deedee asks him to find her precious thing and he goes off to cast a spell. Deedee, however, follows him and praises Rexy find finding her precious thing. It turns out that Rexy's magic crystal ball was actually Deedee's "precious thing." Rexy realizes that he's a fraud, or is he? Gilbert and Teddy show and up and they're both very happy and Gilbert didn't mind his car ride at all. Meanwhile, in the Caillou portion of the show, it's lost and found and hit and miss as Caillou and his friends search for and find things that they've lost. "A Frog in Caillou's Throat" (A42 wip title: "Let's Play Charades") At first, Caillou's throat is sore and he's given some medicine and instructed to go to bed. But then, the next morning, it seems he's lost his voice. So instead of saying what he wants, he uses hand signals and body movement (charades) to communicate. "Finder's Keepers" (A42 wip title: "Da Plane, Where's Da Plane?") Caillou and Leo are playing, but they both want to play with the same truck. Caillou decides to add his toy airplane to their pretend farm, but he can't find it. He searches all around the house with Leo, finding money, a bracelet that Mom lost and other toys that he lost. Along the way, he's constantly stopped by his parents and told to clean things up. Eventually, he finds his airplane after cleaning up his room. Encouraged, he and Leo decide to try and find Caillou's train that he lost. "Caillou's Hiding Place" Caillou gets stuck in a cabinet when trying to find someplace to hide. Grandpa rescues him, then tells him about a special hiding place in the garden. It's in a hole in a tree. Inside the space, Caillou finds one of his Dad's old toys. Dad sees the toy and notes that Caillou must have found his special hiding place, "but it's your special hiding place now." "Caillou's Missing Sock" Caillou's Mom brings up laundry to his room and he needs a pair of socks. He finds one, but not the other. He goes down to the basement to look in the washing machine. He's too short to reach the washing machine, so he goes up to for a chair, but the doorknob breaks off the door. Daddy's around and he opens the door. They go down to look for the sock together, but it's not there. Mom closes the door again and they get stuck downstairs once again. They call Mom and she opens the door. Dad goes to fix the door and Mom shows Caillou the laundry basket. His sock was in there the whole time.moreless

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Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

Jonathan Koensgen

Jonathan Koensgen

Leo (English Language version)

Tim Gosley

Tim Gosley

Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

Bob Stutt

Bob Stutt

Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

Nathalie Coupal

Nathalie Coupal

Maman de Caillou (@ Doris) (French language version)

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