Season 3 Episode 9

New Places and New Things!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Sep 15, 2003 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Caillou is shown as having lots of different shirts in this episode, yet normally he is almost always shown wearing a yellow shirt with a red collar, or, in the original five-minute episodes a non-descript dull grey shirt with the same red collar.

    • In the "Caillou Becomes a Waiter" segment, Caillou tells Julie he can't pay her because he doesn't have any money, but he was just given five cents.

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  • Notes

    • Caillete Musical Number: "New Things to See and Do"

    • At the end of the episode, Teddy plays a matching game with six cards, which he flips and then the viewers have to try and remember where each pair of matching cards was.

    • Real Kids Segment: As an instrumental version of the "Cailette" musical number plays in the background, kids are shown exploring an animal farm and seeing animals such as pigs, chickens and turkeys, to name a few.

    • Now That I'm 4: Caillou makes a house for Gilbert out of a cardboard box and also plays a board game with Mommy.

    • The title card for this episode does not contain an exclamation mark.

    • First episode to never air with a segment at the end in which one of the characters talks about another character, at least not on PBS. This segment had already been removed from repeats of those episodes, but was shown on all of those episodes at least once. This was likely done to make extra time for a promo at the beginning and end of each episode for new Caillou sponsor Target.

    • Caillou and Rosie are shown taking a bath together in "The Big Boat" segment, but normally they take baths separately.

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