Season 3 Episode 14

Outdoor Adventures

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Sep 22, 2003 on PBS
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In the puppet segment, the puppets have painted their birdhouse and now are looking for the perfect spot to hang it back up. Gilbert thinks maybe they should hang it on a low branch, so that they can see the birds up close, but Teddy feels it's best to hang it higher up and that way more birds will come. Teddy wins and gets to hang the birdhouse. Once it's hung up, Rexy decides to stay put and watch and see if any birds come. When none show up a first, he begins getting bored. He goes inside and comes back out dressed like carnival hawker and starts calling out for all the birds to come. Teddy comes and tells him that he has to be quiet and wait patiently if he wants the birds to come. Rexy says that he wishes the birds would hurry. Just then, Gilbert goes chasing after a butterfly. Teddy goes to stop him and while he's doing that and Rexy waits, a butterfly lands on his back and a caterpillar starts crawling up it. This is neat, but it's even more neat when a bird finally comes to the birdhouse. Everyone is happy about it. Caillou is doing things outdoors too, such as cavorting with cows and going canoeing. "The Duck Family" Caillou and his family are outside at a nature park having a picnic. Caillou is playing ball with Daddy, but the ball ends up going into a shallow pond. They go to try and get it when they see some ducks. The ducks end up swimming around the ball. Caillou wonders just what the ducks are doing and Daddy explains that they're looking for food underwater. Caillou wonders just how it is that ducks get food underwater. Caillou wonders how they do that. They end up getting scared away. Daddy then gets an idea. He and Caillou hide behind some brush and watch the ducks from a distance. Daddy teaches Caillou how to quack, which he thinks is funny at first, but he soon picks up and uses to call the ducks towards them. The ducks come very close and Caillou is very happy to be so close to one of the ducklings. Eventually, they go back in the water and Daddy explains that the Mother just doesn't want the ducklings to get lost. Then, Mommy calls. Caillou and Daddy had forgotten all about the ball, but it's floated so close to the shore that Daddy can simply walk right into the water and retrieve. They finally go home and that evening it's bathtime for Caillou, but he doesn't want to take bath, until he sees the rubber ducky in the water. "Caillou's Canoe Trip" Caillou is out in the wilderness with Grandpa and Daddy. They're going to be sleeping in a log cabin, but first they have to get there. Caillou enjoys the sounds and sights of nature, spotting a snail and a butterfly. Eventually, they all reach their canoe and Caillou is starting to get a bit upset. He wishes that Mommy were with them. Grandpa helps out by giving him his own lifejacket. Daddy also has a special surprise: Rexy! Finally, Grandpa gives Caillou a camera to take photographs of anything special that he sees and now Caillou is feeling better. They take off canoeing and Caillou has Rexy help him to be a lookout to spot interesting things to photograph. He spots a blue heron and Daddy snaps a picture of it. Caillou then gets touch a bullrush plant. He spots a beaver, but then accidentally drops Rexy in the water. Fortunately, Grandpa is able to retrieve him before he can get lost. Afterwards, Grandpa shows Caillou a piece of wood which has been chewed up by a beaver. Then they spot a beaver lodge and Caillou gets to see one of the beavers entering the lodge. They finally hit land and that evening, they roast marshmallows, but Caillou is starting to get sleepy. He insists that he isn't sleepy and wants to roast lots of marshmallows, but he dozes off and starts dreaming. When he finally arrives back at home, he shows Mommy all of the neat pictures they took in a photo album. "Disappearing Carrots" Caillou and Rosie are inside, waiting for Mommy to finish some special treat which she's making.. Caillou says that Teddy is hungry and Rosie says that her toy Elle is hungry too. Mommy tells them that she's not finished with what she's making yet. She asks them to go outside and gather carrots, which she'll use to make bunny carrots for them. So they go outside and start gathering the carrots and meanwhile, Mom decides to set up lunch outside. Rosie tries to eat one of the carrots, but Caillou tells her that Mommy has to wash it off first. Mommy tells them that they have to wash their hands before they can eat and so they set down the carrots on the picnic blanket and head inside. While they're gone, Gilbert comes by and accidentally knocks over the container that was holding the carrots. When Caillou and Rosie come back outside, the carrots are gone. Mommy calls it the Mystery of the Disappearing Carrots. Caillou spots a little white rabbit in the garden. He goes inside to tell Mommy about it, but when they come back out, they only find Gilbert in the garden. Caillou then spots a furry tail that he thinks could be the rabbit, but it turns out it's just Rosie's bunny Elle. Caillou's upset, but then turns around and notices that the rabbit is eating the carrot which he's been holding. Mommy warns him to be careful with it since he doesn't know it, but then Mr. Hinkle and a lady show up. It turns out that the rabbit is Snowball, the pet of the lady, Nancy, who is Mr. Hinkle's sister. "Who's Mooing?" Caillou's going on a picnic with his family. Caillou is starting to get bored just waiting in the car. Rosie is asleep, so she can't play. He spots some cows and wants to stop and check them out. Mommy and Daddy decide that they'll just stop and have their picnic near the cows. Caillou goes over to check out the cows and Rosie has woken up too. She can't see the cows very well because of the tall fence, so she gets a lift to see them better and Caillou does too. They look at them for a little bit, but then Rosie says that she's getting hungry. They go off and have their picnic. Caillou eats very quickly, wanting to go back and watch the cows some more. Daddy brings along a toy plane of Caillou's. He asks Caillou if he can try it out and Caillou agrees. Daddy does well flying it and then Caillou tries it, but it ends up going into the cow pen. Daddy steps in with the cows and is able to retrieve the plane. Later, everyone has chocolate milk. Caillou and Rosie both moo to express their approval.moreless

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Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

Jonathan Koensgen

Jonathan Koensgen

Leo (English Language version)

Tim Gosley

Tim Gosley

Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

Bob Stutt

Bob Stutt

Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

Nathalie Coupal

Nathalie Coupal

Maman de Caillou (@ Doris) (French language version)

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