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  • and don't me say why he's so popular in the kiddies!

    Well, Caillou is a 4-old boy created by a psycholog in 1992 for a series of books for kids. The character designs is not great but acceptable for the childs, but transform this charm boy in a TV host show and air on Teletoon since 1997, that's the hell! Same i was 21 now, i never liked Caillou because he's a annoying voice, he's spoiled, brat and rude, but that's not all! Sometimes, he's a bad example for childrens (like the times that he's not take his bath or crying that his parents approved not his choices). Maybe is a educative message (or else) for childrens, that's ashamedly my mind. Mention also that this series are produced in a Montreal Childrens Television so we're no metionned this for pickle his anonyme.
  • This show is the worst thing it should be illegal to show it on television.

    This is the worst show on the face of the earth and anyone that watches this junk should not be able to have a TV. The graphics are the worst thing I have seen since the days of black and white and actually black and white tv is better then this load of lameness. This show puts even the PBS show to shame. This show is just boring and stupid, why make a show about things that happen everyday. I don\'t know why they don\'t just save some time and cancel the lame show.
    This show is the worst thing on TV run from it!
  • Describe Caillou: Spoiled, brat, not anywhere near self confident, whiney, those characteristics fit him perfectly!

    Okay, let's see. Caillou is a 4 year-old kid that is very bald and very annoying. Sometimes I do turn it to PBS to see if it's on because this show is so hilarious! The kid whines about everything! "No Rosie!" "I can't do it!" "I want to do it too!" "No!" "I don't want to!" That kid is the biggest brat I have ever seen and yet his parents spoil him to death! Though I'm not a parent, but a 14 year-old, I don't reccomend this show for little kids because chances are that they will be influenced by this annoying, whiny child!
  • This show sucks!

    What is this piece of junk? I\'ll tell you what it is it\'s a piece of junk. The show is about a whiney, stupid, annoying little brat that always wants things his way. In every episode he cries about something new. Ranging from not being able to do magic tricks right to how he got all dressed (horrably may I add) but can\'t go to the circus. I\'m sorry but this show is not good, it is so bad it makes Barney, Teletubbies, and even Boobah seem like cool shows. However it is quite enjoyable to watch when the stupid bald headed toddler whines.
  • Please take this whiny cueball off the air!

    Yes, people, this is another one of THOSE shows. Where over the seasons, the art design doesn't improve. It just gets WORSE! When I see the newer episodes, the art design looks unfinished and bland! Their faces sometimes look like they've been deformed like if you were putting the parts in the wrong spots with a Mr. Potato Head! The oldest episodes were usually Caillou breaking things, throwing his toys, hurting his younger sister, Rosie, without being punished, spanked, sent to the corner, etc. His parents let him go off scot-free with almost everything to the point just spoils him! In one episode, he invites two friends over just to complain about how they're making their pizza the way they want to. Once again, the mom/dad don't scold at him! Oh, not to mention the narrator, or "The Grandma", only says how that little bald nugget feels. It's like the show is rubbing it in your face that he's being bad!

    CREATORS: "Discipline? What's that?"

    I also saw an episode where Caillou's dad neglects Rosie on the kitchen table, where Caillou pinches her on the cheek, causing Rosie to squeal. The father, once again, doesn't do crap to discourage Caillou's behavior. All he does is ask Caillou why he doesn't like Rosie. Are you serious? Another episode (the most infamous one out of all of them) is where Caillou breaks his toy car and screaming on the top of his lungs because the circus wasn't until the next day. Once again, no punishment given. Parents around the world, please do yourselves a favor and NEVER EVER expose this to your children!
  • This show is horrible

    An abomination. Meet the whiniest kid ever known to mankind, caillou. A 4-year old sore ass with o life. This show is a disgrace, glad it's over. Thanks for cancelling this, Sprout. My pleasure :D
  • Caillou the epic fail

    Caillou centers around a 4 (3 in some episodes) year old who is pretty much a whiny bratt.

    The show airs on PBS. In French Caillou means "Rockhead".

    Caillou constantly acts like a goody two shoes and that's pretty annoying.

    He's like "I'm just going to say positive things all the time".

    There's no good material in this show, unless you want your kid as a screwed up jack-head.

    He pinches his sister's arm, and makes her cry, Throws a huge temper tantrum, which he never get's in trouble for. Overall, Caillou is the worst show on PBS (excluding Barney). PBS, find something else that will help kids grow up straight
  • This is a scary little boy

    Does Caillou have cancer? Everyone seems to think he does because he is a little boy who is bald
  • Wow and I thought barney was bad

    Basically this show teaches kids how to whine and get what they want. No wonder kiddy shows aren't so good. That is reason why I don't like them. It's a man children's thing. There's no such thing as a bad or good fan of baby show because its for babies.
  • Spoiled brat that needs spanking and new strict parents that will adopt him.


    Plot: Caillou. A spoiled brat, because of his parents that often pampers him all the way even if he did something wrong.

    Characters: Caillou and his parents, and everyone! If that kid was my brother, then I'm the one who's going to discipline this kid. I am very strict when it comes to my brothers, we'll practice about fairness. Why is that Caillou bald? He's the one of the worst main characters ever! He should be caged in with "Johnny Test", who is spoiled as him!

    Ed.Value: Spoiled attitude is a value! we must cry and whine more to our parents! and our parents should be pampering us all the time! *sarcasm*

    Art: Good art, except for that bald kid. Why is he bald again? I bet it's because of radiation. Animation is okay.

    Overall: -3.1. Spoiled brat.
  • Caillou is no longer a good kid show. Wont be watching anymore.

    My child used to love to watch Caillou. Not very many episodes but they were so good that watching the same ones over and over was OK. The shows were fun, innocent, adventurous, and offered a good influence showing the kids to be polite and courteous of others. Now the new episodes are dull, uninspiring, unadventurous, and depict all the kids as nasty little brats who are rude and unappreciative. Sadly, we won't be watching any more Caillou shows. Looks like the writers changed, and possibly the voices as well. Too bad.
  • New Caillou Espisodes of 2012, more bratty behavior & whining

    This show teaches kids how to behave badly, lash out, be rude and have tantrums every minute. They even show he on the toilet, running around in a towel and even his underwear. I thought these shows would exhibit improved behavior especially since the last ones were talked about so bad. The creators of the show must not read these reviews because this type of behavior should have stopped years ago. This is why little boys don't grow up to be well behaved young men. Caillou is the center of attention every episode I rarely see Clemintine, Leo, Jason, Jeffrey, or sara stealing the show, having the shine or doing anything first in class or anything. They never discipline Caillou or punish he nor do they give him time outs or spankings. To each it's own in the rearing of the child in your own homes but Caillou is never and I do mean never STOPPED in his tracks when he does something wrong or rude. He's just pacified or pampered and that leads children watching to think this behavior is ok. CAILLOU IS RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, AND VERY ILL MANNERED. HIS SHOWS DON'T HAVE ANY SING-a-LONGS nor DO THEY TEACH ANYTHING EDUCATIONAL. HOW LONG IS HE GOING TO BE 4 BUT BEHAVING LIKE HE'S 2. My son & myself are soooooooooo over him. Unfortunately he is in the sprout show line up so we have to watch his BRATTY,WHINNY,OBNOXIOUS ASS
  • Whoever made this show should be executed ASAP!!!

    We can't afford the creator of this show to create anything this idiotic again!

    Caillou is the whiniest child on planet earth. The worst part is instead of the parents telling him to shut the fuck up and suck it up, they indulge in his bullshit behavior.

    If Caillou has cancer, which would explain his bald head, the show would be better. At least then I would know his life expectancy would be cut short and he would never make it to adult life. Could you imagine Caillou as an adult?

    Why did someone feel that teaching children to be this way was ok? What postive impact does Caillou's attitude and lack of "dealing with it" make any logic?

    Let's stop raising kids like little precious glass figurines.

    Beatings are required when necessary.

  • Most dangerous show on kid's TV.

    How any network official can buy this show season after season is beyond me. I suspect someone has a warped sense of humour. This show is supposedly aimed at four year-olds but what the show's producers and writers apparently fail to realise is that four year-old kids see Caillou as a role model and they copy him. This had the effect of turning my daughter from a very well-adjusted 4 year-old into an annoying brat. After I saw my daughter laying on the floor kicking her legs and yelling in a scene from the Caillou intro I knew that this show had to be locked. After I blocked this show she turned back into the little angel we're used to having around the house.

    Caillou is TV's most annoying brat. He is a dangerous influence on kids and I believe he shouldn't even be on the TV. The show's only use would be as a cautionary tale for parents who have an even whinier kid of their own, but personally I don't see how that would be possible. Actually if the show's only flaw was that it's main character was whiny it might serve some positive function, but sadly not only is the show's star whiny, he's not exactly the brightest 4 year-old on the planet either. He has the intellectual capacity of a particularly slow three year-old. His parents aren't all that bright either.

    Altogether I think the best possible thing to do with this show is to cancel it ASAP and try our best to forget it. I prefer Barney to Caillou - at least Barney's annoying sickly sweetness is not something that actually makes our kids worse-behaved. Even Boohbah is better than Caillou - I mean Boohbah is a series that looks like it was made by people high on some sort of heavy duty psychedelic drug, but even so it sends a less disturbing message than Caillou.
  • Looks like Angelica from Rugrats has a rival

    PBS Kids is suffering from stupidity these days. And there were even a few bad shows from the past like Barney and Friends. However,this has got to be one of their worst ones ever made. Caillou is about a 4-year old brat named Caillou who goes on adventures and learns how to grow up. Did I tell you he was brat? Yes,I did. Oh my god,Caillou has got to be one of the worst protagonist ever in a educational show. All he ever does is cry,whine and want everything. He is also impatient,and barely says "Thank you" or "Please". I heard him say those words,but when he gets something,he never says "Thank You". (When he got cotton candy,he said "Gimmie". How rude). In the new seasons now,he just gets disappointed now,and even cries at times. Rosie is no better at all,and worse than Caillou. She always wants to do what Caillou does,and screws things up. I wish I could hit that little brat (No not Caillou). The parents suck at parenting. They never get mad at Caillou,and never remind him to say "Thank you". The friends are Ok,but not good. Clementine is nice at times,but can't save the show. Leo is worse though. Seriously,why is Caillou friends with him even though he teased him the first day he met him? The Jason twins are annoying,and the chinese girl (Forgot her name) looks like she's mad at times. The animation is just bad,in the new seasons. Everyone looks like their moving slowly and why is the sky white? Also,we are never told why Caillou is bald. I know the creators made him bald to be different than everybody else,but seriously,he looks like he has cancer. The education just fails. All it teaches kids is to throw tantrums like Caillou,and that is true. I'm hearing from people that their sisters or brothers are being like Caillou. And it also teaches kids bad things. In one episode,Rosie and Caillou fight over a library book,and rip it. They end up taping it with the girl who checks out the books,and no harm is done. What does that teach kids? That you don't have to pay for the book? Seriously,this show has bad education. Overall,Caillou is a show that teaches kids to be brats. Don't let your young sons or daughters or brothers or sisters see it. If you want to see a brat,watch Angelica on Rugrats.
  • Caillou is not a great representative for 4 year old children. He talks like a whiney 2 year old and controls his parents through demands and badtantrums. My parent followers feel strongly about Caillou.


    Caillou isn't a great representative for 4 year old children. He talks like a whiney 2 year old and controls his parents through demands and tantrums. My parent followers feel strongly about Caillou. Some of their comments are that he is whiney, brat, bossy, uses bad words like hate and stupid, parents do not discipline enough, safety issues, and so much more! Check it out to see some clips and some more reviews.

  • Annoying little whiny brat...

    Whoa. I have to agree, Caillou is the whiniest bald kid on Earth. Even Charlie Brown wasn't this whiny, and he took life like a man. Caillou screams to get what he wants, and makes Charlie Brown look like a saint in comparison. Caillou isn't even cute! His attitude sucks, and he needs life lessons from the Peanuts gang, specifically Charlie Brown. "Growing up is the greatest adventure of all"...

    ...growing up does not consist of shrieking to get what you want; and I'd like to see this kid when he grows up and faces the real world where jobs won't accept him if he screams how life isn't fair, or that he can't get what he wants out of his job. Also, no offense, but-dead, shmed. The actress may have died, but her voice for Caillou was annoying!
  • Bald and whiny...

    Whoa. I have to agree, Caillou is the whiniest bald kid on Earth. Even Charlie Brown wasn't this whiny, and he took life like a man. Caillou screams to get what he wants, and makes Charlie Brown look like a saint in comparison. Caillou isn't even cute! His attitude sucks, and he needs life lessons from the Peanuts gang, specifically Charlie Brown. "Growing up is the greatest adventure of all"...

    ...growing up does not consist of shrieking to get what you want; and I'd like to see this kid when he grows up and faces the real world where jobs won't accept him if he screams how life isn't fair, or that he can't get what he wants out of his job. Also, no offense, but-dead, shmed. The actress may have died, but her voice for Caillou was annoying!
  • I recentley saw an episode of this crap,

    and it... sucked. They act like everychild wants to be some stupid bald kid with beads for eyes. When I was younger I wanted to be someone cool like Bart Simpson or Nester from the Nintendo Power comics. In every episode this kid has... I mean, CAUSES a problem and the parents clean it up and apoligize to him for yelling at him. Even though the two other characters I mentioned are bad models, they AREN'T meant TO be role models, Caillou IS meant TO be a role model. In other words, bad show.
  • I don't see why little kids should watch this when we already have perfectly good shows for our little ones like Arthur,Seasamee Street,Mister Rodgers,The Magic School Bus,Zomboomafo(spelling..?)

    Well,it's supposed to be about some bald kid named Cailou with these puppet segments(I watched it with my little bro one time)I remember seeing two episodes with him,and I could not see what was educational about it.So I kept watching it just to be nice to my little brother.And at the end I was so annoyed.Really all I could see was Cailou throwing himself on the floor and having a tantrum whenever wants something,finally his parents give up and the little brat is happy untill the next episode.Really within all honesty I don't think the show could teach kids much of anything except to be spoiled brats that get on everyones nerves.So overall I'd rather your kids watch one of the shows I listed above,since this so called "Educational Programing for (insert child's name here)" is in the entirely wrong session when it's put in that department
  • Two words: Whiney Baby.

    Is your child too patient? Too loving? Too selfless? Too kind, generous, and appreciative?

    Then fear no longer. Caillou is here. In no time at all your wonderful child will be trained in all the skills of getting whatever he wants by driving you completely insane. Skill #1: Whine. When that fails, try skill #2: Whine some more. If that fails then whip out skill #3: Whine even some more. Of course, Caillou has other wonderful things to teach your wonderful impressionable child, like how to be selfish, rude, spiteful, argumentative, and generally a royal pain in the arse.

    Congratulations. You've succeeded in turning your wonderful child into a first class hellion, and you couldn't have done it without Caillou. With children's shows like this your kids will be thoroughly screwed up for life ... along with everyone else's kids who are raised by parents who don't have a clue what their kids are watching.
  • This almost makes Barney look good.

    A whiny squeaky voiced little brat and his hyperactive little sister who get along way too well for children this age. Yeah, it's good that they're trying to show kids how they should behave but they contradict themselves when they show him whining about everything. I remember one time when the kid's parents couldn't even get him to take a bath unless it was a bubble bath. Is that kid spoiled or what? Caillou also has a bad habit of giving up whenever things don't go his way and people have to persuade him to keep trying. I realize that he's supposed to be four years old and they're trying to make it so that kids can relate him but that doesn't change the fact that he's a brat. This is just one of those shows that is specifically for kids under five, which is fine except that older people have to choose between disappointing their kid by not watching it with them or cringing whenever Caillou opens his mouth.
  • OMG.....what the hell....? I don't get this show.

    When I was a kid, I watched everything from Clifford to Sesame Street to anything else. But this show.... oh my gosh, I wouldn't let my little cousin watch this. The animation is terrible and there's no plot or action. I know, coming from a 13 year old, it's kinda strange but...

    I don't think this show is teaching anything! I mean, I learned nothing! On other kid cartoons, you learn other stuff, except for Dora the Explorer. I hate that show! It's so lame and I don't know why little kids like this show. I don't like things that don't teach kids anything at all.
  • wtf?

    I don't get this show.It's about a spoiled brat always wanting It his way.Theres lots of people trying to ban this show.The colors are horrible.Even no color tv looked better than this.It's from pbs kids so you can't get a good Quality show.If you like pbs kids than watch arthur and not this.This show was ment to brainwash children.Like all bad shows this show goes with trash tv.I hope this show gets cancelelled becuase this show Is don't let your kids watch this the acting is corny and theres nearly no color.chessy show.overall rating 1/10 becuase this is a 1/10!
  • This is a terrible show about a dumb 4 year old who doesn't know anything about anything.

    I hate this show. I don't see why anyone-even a 2 year-old would like this show. Caillou is so dumb, and so are his parents. When I watch this show (which is never) I have to hold back tears of pain and pure agony. Caillou does not know any thing. He then goes and asks "Mommy" and "Daddy" what that something is, and "Mommy" and "Daddy" give a mediocre answer that just makes Caillou stupider that he already is. And if that isn't enough, they cast some annoying people to play all of the parts in the show. Everyone has a whiny voice. There are no words to describe how much I hate this show. My best description is if Caillou had no colour, and it was in black and white, and there was no sound, I would still hate the show. Caillou is 4 years old and he's already bald for crying out loud. The pictures are terrible and everyone and everything is ugly. To cap it all of, No one, I repear, No one in the world should watch a show as crumby as this. The drawings, sound, storylines, and the stupidity make this show #1 on my most hated shows list.
  • I didn't even like this show as a kid.

    This show is for kids, but what exactly does it teach them? Caillou is abot the adventures of a bald kid of the same name. This show mainly shows Caillou being a whiny brat that gets whatever he wants through doing so. I don't want a kid seeing that! It sets a bad example for them. For entertainment, it isn't entertaining. So, what is it? I don't know, but the plot is horrible, not funny, and very little character development. I think it doesn't teach our kids anything. Let your kids watch something actually educational or entertaining, like Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, etc.
    Sorry to the people that like it.
  • I use to watch this when I was younger, but now, looking back at it, he's a whiny brat. His parents need to discipline him

    Seriously, how is this show educational? this show teaches kids that you should whine and complain when your parents don't give you what you want. my little brother started watching this show, and now everytime he sees a video game and wants to play it, but can't because it's too violent for him, he starts throwing a temper tantrum hoping he'll get to play it. we don't let him play it, but this is what Caillou teaches kids, that when your parents don't give you what you want, you throw a tantrum until you get it. which is sad, because they give Caillou anything he wants most of the time, or they do nothing at all. What do they do instead? they fucking pamper this brat. I mean, like for example, what if he had a cousin old enough to watch rated R movies, and he's watching Scarface, and Caillou wants to watch with him, and he's told no, because that is a movie you shouldn't let 4 year old children watch, next thing you know, he's throwing a tantrum. are his parents gonna let him watch Scarface? because if I had a kid and I was watching a movie like that, and I won't let him/her watch with me even though they want to, no matter how much they cry and throw a tantrum, I won't let them watch the movie. His parents need to discipline him, tell him it's not ok to throw tantrums when you can't get what you want. I can't believe I watched this show. His parents are irresponsible, giving him anything he wants just from him acting like a whiny brat. They need to fucking slap the shit out of him when he acts like a brat when he doesn't get what he wants. If you want proof on how horrible his parents are, there is this one episode where Caillou's dad couldn't take him to the circus, he throws a toy car on the ground and bangs on the floor making noise, he wakes his sister up and Caillou's dad does nothing but tells him to cut it out and told him he woke up his sister, and when Caillou went downstairs, he slammed his fist on the table in front of his dad. If that were my kid, I would hit them really hard. His parents need to be like Robert Freeman from The Boondocks. and also, in this one episode, He was outside with his friend playing in the backyard, and then a storm comes and they go inside, when Caillou and his Asian friend (I can't remember her name) go to get candles with Caillou's father, at one point, they both shine their flashlights in his eyes, and his dad is laughing at them telling them to stop. News Flash Caillou, that's dangerous, you can blind someone like that. If I had a kid and he did that to me, I would be pissed off at him. When my brother saw that part, he did that to my sister, she got mad and she said Caillou is bad for kids. I agree. my brother throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, like I said above. Another example is in this one episode, when his sister was wearing his favorite shirt that he outgrew, he was whining and complaining and he started to yell in his Mom's face. what does she do, nothing. instead, his mom just gave him the shirt, but that's understandable, because later he realized the shirt was too small for him, so his mom did that to show him he's too big for that shirt. plus, not to sound like a pedophile, but when he wore the shirt, he looked like a slut. I don't get why he doesn't get punished for yelling in his moms face over a stupid shirt. Also, he was once complaining because he was making pizza with his friends, and he got all pissed because they made their pizzas how they wanted, and not how Caillou expected them to be. he expected them to put mushrooms on their pizza and they didn't. not everyone likes mushrooms Caillou. Also, he got mad because one of them put on very little sauce and a ton of cheese on the pizza, while the other put a ton of sauce, but very little cheese on the pizza. One more example is Caillou went to the park with his mom and his sister to catch the ice cream man, when they miss him, Caillou gets mad and yells at his sister and falsely blaming her for making them miss the ice cream man. Again, his mom does nothing about it. When I was 4, and I yelled at my sister, who is 2 years younger than me, like that, my parents would slap the crap out of me. and in Arthur, he got punished for punching his sister, even Arthur's sister who is the same age as Caillou gets punished from time to time, so why can't Caillou's parents discipline Caillou? I understand whoever created this wanted to create a character little kids can relate to, but most kids this age who act like that get punished. so keep this show away from your kids. If I have kids, I will not let them watch this show. One more complaint I have about this show is that Caillou is the center of attention in every episode. Every episode is about Caillou. Why can't other characters steal the show or get their own episode, why does every episode have to be about Caillou? I understand he's the protagonist, an unlikable one for sure, but there are many shows out there where characters other than the protagonist get their own episode or steal the show. I've seen 2 Arthur episodes where Arthur wasn't in them at all, plus, in Arthur, other characters get their own episode. another example is Hey Arnold. Not every episode focuses on Arnold all the damn time, hell, there was an episode where Arnold was in it, but he didn't speak at all. Last example is Everybody Hates Chris, sure every episode is about Chris since Everybody Hates Chris is about the life of Chris Rock, but other characters steal the show, it's not focused on Chris in every scene. That's all I have to say about this show. I give this show a 1.5 because the puppet segments were the only part of the show I could put up with. At least someone else steals the show with the puppet segments, but they got rid of them after 2006.
  • horrible show!!!m

    How can you rate this show 5.0!?! The kid is a spoiled brat he never says please or thank you and he can teach your kids great things but in the midst of all his "lessons" the kid is a freaking BRAT!!!! We should just play this on fox with the simpsons from the older days and condone throwing a fit to get your way!!!! My kids will never watch this show! I have 4 kids and none of them get to watch a show where a kid never uses his words or ps and qs! Let's teach kids when mom or dad says no to whine and complaine and throw a tempertantrum!!!! Other than that it would be the best show on sprout.
  • If I were a parent and I had a child like Caillou, I would send him to military school ASAP

    If you are looking for an educational show that teaches kids to be spoiled brats, look no further than Caillou. Caillou is about a 4 year old who gets into adventures with his friends and family. He spends a lot of the time whining and complaining about stuff that doesn't go his way. And by a lot, I mean like 90% of the show shows Caillou being a whiny little spoiled brat who cries a lot and throws temper tantrums. He is one spoiled kid who deserves a good spanking from his parents. Speaking of the parents, Caillou's mom and dad are terrible parents. They don't do anything to control Caillou at all. They may lecture him every blue moon, but they pamper Caillou too much. Where is Grandad from The Boondocks when you need him? Caillou is also the weakest and spineless person on a kids' show. He is always afraid, he calls for his parents too much, refuses to do anything that may seem simple, and despite him overcoming a fear, the next episode shows him being weak and spineless again, and never learns anything. I know that when we were all kids, we had different fears as well, and had to learn to overcome our fears, and as we conquered them we became stronger and more confident, but Caillou is still the same old spineless person who never gets more confident or stronger. For crying out loud, Rosie, Caillou's sister, has more backbone and she's two. Then of course there is his inability to learn. Caillou learns about sharing in one episode, and forgets about it the next episode after. Another one is when he has friends over and when they make pizza, the friends make them differently and thinks they should do it his way. Then there is the episode where Caillou's sister is given his favorite shirt as a hand me down and he acts selfish by wanting the shirt back. So Caillou is teaching kids to not share, be judgmental and have friends do what you are doing, and be selfish. Way to teach kids the right things PBS. And why is Caillou bald? No one else is bald but him. Does he have cancer or leukemia? We are never told. The artwork is bland in this show, and the scenes always have a white edge around them. did the artists not have time to complete the picture? The animation is stiff most of the time and feels choppy. To be fair the only good thing in this show was the puppet segments. They were OK, but not great and the only part that Caillou wasn't whining. The only thing this show teaches kids to do is be a whiny spoiled brat like Caillou. If you are a parent and you see your toddler watching this, block this channel and keep them away from this show. I question the meaning of life, but I just question the meaning of this show.
  • very bad for children

    caillou is very bad i mean not bad bad but bad why your thinking because 1-why is he 5years old and bald i mean ive never seen him with hair ever.2-he whines to much which can lead to kids acting like him 3-he never shares and sometimes evens makes his sister cry.And out of all that ive just going say its crapy as heck and i hate it thankyou for readin :-)
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