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  • Awesome show!

    It really frustrated me when people trash this show and claim that caillou is a spoiled whiny kid. NEWSFLASH *** HE'S A FOUR YEAR OLD!!! Most average 4 years olds are bound to think of themselves first. That is not abnormal!!! It is also silly to blame carillou for a child turning into a spoiled brat. If this show is having that much of a devastating effect on your child TURN OFF THE TV AND PARENT THEM YOURSELF. Television is for entertainment and although it can offer some good examples we still need to teach our children right from wrong in the real world. My daughter watches caillou and yes she can be spoiled and whiny but she can also be very loving caring and nurturing at other times. It is the nature of living and learning. I don't attribute any of her negative behaviours to a silly tv show. I grew up watching the road runner and have never had the inclination to blow anything up!!! We need to stop blaming television for our children's behaviours. If they are surrounded by support and love and attention they will be influenced by their family rather then a television show! All you people that don't have or have never experienced your child being whiny all I can say is bull***! If you seriously believe that a television show can have that much of an effect on a child how fair is it to make them watch a perfect child with perfect manners and no behavioural issues??? How are they supposed to measure up or better yet relate!!?? And lastly I don't think yelling or beating my kid is the appropriate way to discipline. Kids learn from mistakes and they need "gentle reminders" such as the ones used by caillous parents. So maybe then this show can teach the parents something rather then just the child.
  • Caillou is one best children television show of all times.

    Caillou is one best children television show of all times. I love every bit of it. I used to watch it when I was 4 and I learn so much from it. It made me feel really good and relaxed when I watched it before school in prep and grade 1.
    I very very upset when I thought they didn't show it on television anymore, but was thrilled when it was on again the next day and that was in the year 1999.
    Now I am 16 and I still love to watch it.
    PS: the theme song is very catchy.
  • This show can be really informative for young children.

    I'm 14 and I still watch this show. I don't watch all the time, though, just only in the summer because sometimes I don't have anything to do so I just watch TV. Cailou is great show for young children. It teaches lessons, helps young children grow, learn, and discover. Cailou is an informative show. It shows how a kid like Cailou learn, grow, and deals with his issues. Young children that watches this can learn the moral of the story of Cailou and the mistakes that Cailou makes and use it in the real world. Even though some of you people don't like this show, it's a good show for kids. And, hey, this show is pretty good for me. I give an 8.0 - Great!
  • Good show I say

    Caillou is a 4 year old boy whos exploring every day. He has a pet cat named gillbert. There's a ton of episodes of this show. I have no reason why but whatever their doing I'm liking. I like how detailed the show is for example theirs a subway in his town. Under there there was lots of maps and stuff which I liked just because of the detail. The only thing about the show is that I don't favor the pupet sagments as much as I do the show really. But I do have to say good show and hope for more.
  • kids love it

    My kids like this show its a typical 4 year rather watch this then spongebob
  • I LOVE this Show!

    I am so disappointed in all the HATERS who have posted here. If you don't like it DON'T watch it!

    I have been in the child care business for over 15 years and now I have 10 grandkids and we all LOVED this show! It is very educational and I have been able to use different episodes for different scenarios in our daily life with my grand kids. So Grow up and Shut up and Turn the Channel if you don't like it. It is really a very cute show! I have 48 episodes on the DVR and also have NETFLIX on my phone and sometimes the grand kids use my phone to watch CAILLOU over and over

    Yours truly,

    CAILLOU For Ever
  • Got it over a few channels in the past, and last saw it on Hallmark Asia. Hallmark, if you're reading this...

    I first saw this programme on NTV7 (yes, the channel I'm pocotting - seems that they're dropping the good stuff and screwing up the remaining good stuff they have), and I can like totally relate to Caillou. From his antics as a big brother to his troubles at preschool, I have experienced it. I was amazed by the amount of detail in Caillou's tribulations, and how much I could relate to them. Then NTV7 cancelled it for some show with flying squirrels and moose, and needless to say, I was put off - I can't click with that!

    Hallmark then took over airing it. I was fairly upset because I don't have satellite then - I mean, why must I pay for something that's free elsewhere? And my parents are adding to my burden by not wanting to sign up for satellite. In the end, my Aunt who lives with my grandparents gave in and signed up, and I was happy again.

    Happy, until the July 2003. Hallmark dropped Caillou. And the worst part is, they never aired the second season.

    So, here I am, having not seen Caillou in two years, wanting to see the second episode. NTV7, Hallmark, Bring back Caillou, damnit!
  • and don't me say why he's so popular in the kiddies!

    Well, Caillou is a 4-old boy created by a psycholog in 1992 for a series of books for kids. The character designs is not great but acceptable for the childs, but transform this charm boy in a TV host show and air on Teletoon since 1997, that's the hell! Same i was 21 now, i never liked Caillou because he's a annoying voice, he's spoiled, brat and rude, but that's not all! Sometimes, he's a bad example for childrens (like the times that he's not take his bath or crying that his parents approved not his choices). Maybe is a educative message (or else) for childrens, that's ashamedly my mind. Mention also that this series are produced in a Montreal Childrens Television so we're no metionned this for pickle his anonyme.
  • cool cool ladies suck me

    bakri chode (fuck this show)
  • Caillou is far from a great show but kids seem to like it.

    My kids love it and seem to learn some things from it. I walk out of the room when it's on and take a much needed rest on the couch! That's a good show for me! I need help finding a stuffed animal from when they had the Caillente Kids singing. It's from the "All Wet" episode that aired I believe in 2003. I'm new to this so I don't really know where to look for this. Any help would be great since my son has a dog just like the stuffed bunny that was shown in this episode. Please help!
  • Watch Caillou created after 2006

    I've worked in Childcare for the past 6 yrs. and I would not let the kids watch Caillou. I remember in 2007 having a discussion with a parent about how she didn't allow it in her home either due to it teaching children how to be whiny and bratty. Then last year I remember hearing a discussion on a morning talk show on KLUV a (Christian Radio Station) about Caillou. They basically were saying how Caillou used to be that way, but they changed it, and the Host said she allowed her children to watch it, and she never saw that on the show. I now have a 3 yr. old daughter and I let her watch Caillou, but we always watch it on Sprout and haven't noticed it being the way it used to be. In fact, it teaches, sharing, being nice to others, accepting others that may be different, etc.. Things I want my daughter to know. So today, we were watching PBS and Caillou came on, I was watching it with her, and then noticed how whiny Caillou was, and I wanted to change the channel, so I decided to look at info. and it was a show from 2006. Obviously the talk show was accurate, with how it has changed. I looked at some info. and noticed they canceled the show in 2006 on PBS, I'm guessing due to that problem. But, what I don't understand is why PBS would still play shows from 2006 and earlier. If you have a young child, just make sure the Caillou episodes are from after 2006. The Newer ones, I know are not like that!
  • Caillou is a 3 year old with a baby sister named Rosie. They live with Mommy and Daddy and have adventures suited for a 2-5 year old audience. Caillou learns about things that fascinate a child his age and reacts in a believable way, including occasiona

    My 3 year old son will sit and stare for an hour at the television when I put this show on. Caillou is experiencing the things my son deals with everyday, from having to share or being told play quietly; to seeing a shooting star for the first time or helping Mommy bake a cake. His parents are what I think every parent strives to be. They are patient with Caillou and they explain his world to him very well. Yes, his \'adventures\' may not entice even a 7 year old child, but that is because they\'ve grown past the stage of experienceing the ups and downs of that bridge between \'baby\' and \'toddler\'.
  • Ideal show for young children

    This show might not be the best in the world, but it does seem to keep young children occupied. Sometimes, I find myself watching this when no one is around. Caillou is a little four year old who has the same problems as all other four year olds. He also has a younger sister, Rosie who gets Caillou in lots of trouble sometimes. The animation on this show always freaks me out because it's not always colored in, but if it'll keep a 3 year quiet for 30 minutes, BRING ON CAILLOU!
  • NEW WAY!


    * Eh, tell me that it comes on 11 AM on Sprout.....
  • wtf?

    I don't get this show.It's about a spoiled brat always wanting It his way.Theres lots of people trying to ban this show.The colors are horrible.Even no color tv looked better than this.It's from pbs kids so you can't get a good Quality show.If you like pbs kids than watch arthur and not this.This show was ment to brainwash children.Like all bad shows this show goes with trash tv.I hope this show gets cancelelled becuase this show Is don't let your kids watch this the acting is corny and theres nearly no color.chessy show.overall rating 1/10 becuase this is a 1/10!
  • a horrible show about a qball and his family. And his adventures thru the eyes of a 4 year old. Horribly pathetic.

    a 4 year old q ball lives his life and deals with growing up. Typical cartoon show with nothing special. It should of ended much earleir before the death of the voice acotr of cailou. Not worth 5 minutes to watch not really worth my review.I do not se any one remembering this show.
  • This show is a waste of my time. I like it a little bit but this show is a little bit lame.

    This show is a bad example and it looks like this show was first aired in 1969 {Figure of speech}. The picture quality is very very dreadful. And the white lining on the corners of my TV screen makes me light headed and I know my screen is not out of adjustment because I checked it like two times and that is it.
  • I used to watch it occassionally when I was little, but it didn't take me long to grow tired of it. It's a decent show for little kids...I guess.

    I used to watch it occassionally when I was little, but it didn't take me long to grow tired of it. It's a decent show for little kids...I guess. (The part I enjoyed the most in the episodes was the puppet segment. :P There was just something I didn't really like about Caillou. Idk what it was or why I didn't like him.) The story is about a 4-year-old boy who gets in (a lot) of trouble and gets out of it with the help of his parents and grandparents, and he usually learns a lesson after it all. Caillou was sort of a decent show, but I think it's past its prime.
  • It's about this 4 year old boy named Caillou who goes on adventures and such.

    I was flipping channels because I was utterly bored and I turned to pbs and I figured I'd only watch it for a few mintues because after that I would have to leave. The first thing I noticed is that the kid is bald and his name is Caillou(pronounced khi you). Then they show his family going on a vacation and they are on an airplane and the simple minded narration goes "Caillou had never been on a plane before. He wanted to explore everything around him." Then it shows the dad in the seat beside him relaxing listening to music and then the camera focuses on the volume controls and then you see his hand push the button all the way up and blasts the dad's ears out. Then the pilot is walking around on the plane talking to passengers rather then flying the plane. He takes him and his dad to the cockpit and still leaves his copilot driving the plane by himself. Then when they are at the beach the kid is bald now remember that the mom puts sunscreen on the top of his head and that only and nowhere else and then he puts a cap on his head and goes to play. What was the point if he was gonna have a cap on all day and he's gonna get sunburned everywhere else? Then the narrator women goes "Caillou liked picnics but he especially liked them on the beach." And then they show him put his sandwich down on the sand and then when it's sandy he throws it down in a huff and then a seagull comes and swipes it and he gets mad. I didn't get to watch the full epsiode but from what I saw I don't think I'll be letting my kids watch this show but I still will for laughs and laughs only. I feel sorry for the future generation of America when this is supposed to be educational television.
  • Caillou is a 4 year old boy who lives with his mother, his father, his little sister rosie & his cat gilbert. Each short episode follows caillou where he learns about the world around him from being afraid of the dark to making new friends.

    It's one of those shows were either you love it or you despise it. It's good for kids in a sense that every kid can relate to him yet it's sort of a bad influence because he whines alot when things don't go his way & his parents give in to it & he also bullies his sister alot by either refusing to share or pushing her out of his room. However some of the episodes are not like other kids shows ( an example being when cailou makes friends with a boy who is mentally disabled ) Small children might like it but adults may find caillou's whining annoying
  • its an okay show

    Caillous is an okay show. Its for kids. Its about a 4 year old boy named Caillou who is learning new things. I used to watch it sometimes when nothing else was coming on. It is good for little kids to watch for they can also learn from them. Irs a cute show.
  • kind of weird and funny

    There was one episode when caillou was eating dinner and his parents told him to eat his vegetables and his grandpa just walks in and says come on caillou lets go to the park. Caillou went before he evn finished dinner. Then they go to his grandparents and eat the same thing he ate at his home only he eats it this time. Like I said this show is weird and funny.
  • I remember watching this show with my sister and being bored to death.

    Okay so this show is about a boy Caillou. Who is 4 years old and gets basicly what ever he wants and sings a annoying song. I want to know how this show lasted so long. Stuff like this makes me wonder why writers would ever try to go on strike. I've seen some stupid shows but this will have to be in the top ten. I know its for preschoolers and thats probably the reason why its so idiot. But when i was bored and young and my sister wanted to watch it so i did. Why couldn't i just turn the channel.
  • We love Caillou!

    I think, a lot of parents don't understand Caillou and his actions and attitudes with his parents. Caillou is a little boy who makes mistackes and tries to understand his world... he was a baby and he became a little boy. This is the story of Caillou. My kids are fans of Caillou and to be honest I was a big fan of Caillou when I was young. And now we can watch Caillou everywhere! Tv, Computer and tablets/smartphone (Caillou Kids Tv is the name of the app).

    Enjoy Caillou! <3

  • Newest episode is airing soon! Most likely coming out in America around July of 2015.

    It's called Caillou Gets Ebola. Caillou was playing with Leo, and then Caillou started not feeling so good, so he went inside Leo's house and made her call Caillou's mom. Caillou's mom picked him up and wondered what was wrong, then Caillou was about to say something until his insides started bleeding, and Caillou's mom rushed him to the hospital, and the doctor said he has the worst case of Ebola. Caillou's Mom called his dad, and his grandparents. They all rushed to the hospital, and they all came to see Caillou, and they were all shocked. Caillou then stayed at the hospital for several weeks, and all of Caillou's family were crying. Miss. Martin was shocked why Caillou didn't come to play school for weeks. Miss. Martin then called Caillou's house wondering why he wasn't coming to play school. Caillou's mom said he had ebola, and Miss. Martin started having a panic attack and she rushed to Caillou's house and made Caillou's parents drive her to go see Caillou. They all came again, and Caillou's insides were bleeding as they went up to his hospital bed. The doctor gave him some Ebola medicine and 10 minutes later he was cured from Ebola. Caillou was so happy that he went home and called up Leo and they played with each other for the whole day. THE END
  • This explains why our society is so bad!

    What the fuck, Canada? How could anyone watch this and say "This is a good show for little kids!". Seriously, all the little brat does is cry and get his way! Oh, and it gets worse; this show has been on the air for ALMOST 20 YEARS. How long did Barney and Friends air? From 1992-2009. That's not even 20 years and that POS show is coming back, too. Anyways, avoid this like the plague and don't show it to any of you kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews, or younger siblings; it's that bad! This is the reason why everyone on the internet is so rude and ungrateful for the stuff they have. I'm not kidding, either!
  • Very whiny and unrecommended

    Caillou does not know his way. This show doesn't teach much. Only view the songs with real humans in it.
  • Carillou is ill mannered rude and selfish and a very bad example for kids

    Carillou is ill mannered, rude and selfish. He never says please, thank you nor sorry ... Hates playing and or sharing with his baby sister and he and this show is a very bad example for young children or any child.
  • Please take it off

    My ears bleed every time I hear this abnoxious kids voice. His mother is the epitome of what young mothers hate to be viewed with saggy boobs and a pot belly. Who ever thought this show was a good idea obviously never had children.
  • When I was little, I was soooooooo glad I didn't watch this show.

    I had to honestly say that this was one of the top worst animated shows TV shows on earth. Now I really know why this show received a lot of criticism, this show has the most WHINIEST titular character on television. I'm really glad I didn't watch this show as a little kid because this show is a bad influence and it's one of the top biggest examples of what NOT to show your children what's on TV.
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