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  • We love Caillou!

    I think, a lot of parents don't understand Caillou and his actions and attitudes with his parents. Caillou is a little boy who makes mistackes and tries to understand his world... he was a baby and he became a little boy. This is the story of Caillou. My kids are fans of Caillou and to be honest I was a big fan of Caillou when I was young. And now we can watch Caillou everywhere! Tv, Computer and tablets/smartphone (Caillou Kids Tv is the name of the app).

    Enjoy Caillou! <3

  • This explains why our society is so bad!

    What the fuck, Canada? How could anyone watch this and say "This is a good show for little kids!". Seriously, all the little brat does is cry and get his way! Oh, and it gets worse; this show has been on the air for ALMOST 20 YEARS. How long did Barney and Friends air? From 1992-2009. That's not even 20 years and that POS show is coming back, too. Anyways, avoid this like the plague and don't show it to any of you kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews, or younger siblings; it's that bad! This is the reason why everyone on the internet is so rude and ungrateful for the stuff they have. I'm not kidding, either!
  • Very whiny and unrecommended

    Caillou does not know his way. This show doesn't teach much. Only view the songs with real humans in it.
  • A Kids Show That Has Nearly No Good Value For Them

    Caillou is that type of kids show that has a simple idea to try & entertain or even educate kids, but backfires on many disappointing & even obnoxious levels. The show(Like a lot of cartoon shows) is simply about a character who lives with his family in a house, and in this case, Caillou. I honestly don't think his parents even have a name, so just refer to them as mom and dad. Caillou also has a little sister named Rosie, and a feline named Gilbert. First of all, after looking back and watching some of these episodes, I was impressed of the fact that I found no educational values or lessons that would be beneficial for childrens' learning. The show teaches nothing about the alphabet, numbers, or anything similar to those that are important for life. On top of that, what they do try and teach for children, most little ones wouldn't even understand that well, especially if they are 3 or 4 years old. "Caillou didn't mean to step on his foot, he feels bad now that he - Do the creators honestly think kids will learn these lessons or even comprehend them well? I don't think so, and examples like that are what they do try and teach, and they do it very poorly. I suppose it's not one of thee worst kids shows that I have ever seen, Caillou doesn't really talk to the audience much, nor would it seem in a way creepy for children. Overall: Caillou is a show that is forgettable, not only because it offers nothing valuable for children, but it tries to tell simple stories and yet it doesn't execute its lessons along with the stories well. I recommend that parents not show Caillou to their children, and instead watch shows that offer educational skills and lessons that they can understand.

    1.5/4 Stars
  • Carillou is ill mannered rude and selfish and a very bad example for kids

    Carillou is ill mannered, rude and selfish. He never says please, thank you nor sorry ... Hates playing and or sharing with his baby sister and he and this show is a very bad example for young children or any child.
  • Please take it off

    My ears bleed every time I hear this abnoxious kids voice. His mother is the epitome of what young mothers hate to be viewed with saggy boobs and a pot belly. Who ever thought this show was a good idea obviously never had children.
  • I LOVE this Show!

    I am so disappointed in all the HATERS who have posted here. If you don't like it DON'T watch it!

    I have been in the child care business for over 15 years and now I have 10 grandkids and we all LOVED this show! It is very educational and I have been able to use different episodes for different scenarios in our daily life with my grand kids. So Grow up and Shut up and Turn the Channel if you don't like it. It is really a very cute show! I have 48 episodes on the DVR and also have NETFLIX on my phone and sometimes the grand kids use my phone to watch CAILLOU over and over

    Yours truly,

    CAILLOU For Ever
  • When I was little, I was soooooooo glad I didn't watch this show.

    I had to honestly say that this was one of the top worst animated shows TV shows on earth. Now I really know why this show received a lot of criticism, this show has the most WHINIEST titular character on television. I'm really glad I didn't watch this show as a little kid because this show is a bad influence and it's one of the top biggest examples of what NOT to show your children what's on TV.
  • kids love it

    My kids like this show its a typical 4 year rather watch this then spongebob
  • Dumb Show

    There should be better episodes like: Caillou Goes to Jail, Caillou Goes to Hell, Caillou's Worst Day Ever, First Time Grounded, Caillou Gets Run Over, How Caillou Got Bald, Crying All Over, Borris and Dorris Hit Caillou's Penis and Leo Hates Caillou
  • NEW WAY!


    * Eh, tell me that it comes on 11 AM on Sprout.....

    People sing the theme song in class to piss me off. THANKS A LOT FOR MAKING ME A MISANTHROPE, baby show-creating freaks. If I saw Caillou burning in a hell pit, I'd be laughing like a maniac and eating popcorn.
  • Newest episode is airing soon! Most likely coming out in America around July of 2015.

    It's called Caillou Gets Ebola. Caillou was playing with Leo, and then Caillou started not feeling so good, so he went inside Leo's house and made her call Caillou's mom. Caillou's mom picked him up and wondered what was wrong, then Caillou was about to say something until his insides started bleeding, and Caillou's mom rushed him to the hospital, and the doctor said he has the worst case of Ebola. Caillou's Mom called his dad, and his grandparents. They all rushed to the hospital, and they all came to see Caillou, and they were all shocked. Caillou then stayed at the hospital for several weeks, and all of Caillou's family were crying. Miss. Martin was shocked why Caillou didn't come to play school for weeks. Miss. Martin then called Caillou's house wondering why he wasn't coming to play school. Caillou's mom said he had ebola, and Miss. Martin started having a panic attack and she rushed to Caillou's house and made Caillou's parents drive her to go see Caillou. They all came again, and Caillou's insides were bleeding as they went up to his hospital bed. The doctor gave him some Ebola medicine and 10 minutes later he was cured from Ebola. Caillou was so happy that he went home and called up Leo and they played with each other for the whole day. THE END
  • cool cool ladies suck me

    bakri chode (fuck this show)
  • hes a 4 year old chunk of crap

    hes four years old hes a craphead and he gets on my nerves I AM GONNA CALL HIM SNOTTFART

    I can't find nobody that whines more than Caillou! Caillou is the worst show on sprout and one of the worst on PBS kids! I HAVE ALOT A PROBLEMS WITH HORRENDOUS SHOW!! Frist off I see already problems. The theme song is annoying as heck and it's nothing. Then the animation looks like snow around it or bird poop! Then bad things happen! In the beginning something stupid happens then THE WHINE!! Caillou cries more than George from Peppa pig for no reason! Also Caillou is mean to his friends and Rosie! GOOD GOD CAILLOU STOP WHINING AND CRYING ALL THE GOSH DARN TIME!! HE EVEN WHINED ABOUT GOING TO THE CIRCUS TOROMOROW! He's mean to his friends because he doesn't share and he is a brat to Leo and Jay! Then he's mean to his little sister, Rosie because when Rosie was little caillou that jerk pinched Rosie then she cried like crazy! But guess what? Dad didn't go hard on him! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Yeah not kidding! Caillou is bald witch tells me he had picked his head a lot! Last the end is boring and plain dumb! This show in all should be on Comdy Centeral instead of PBS kids and sprout! This show teaches kids to whine and get their way! Perfectly NOT FOR KIDS!! And why is the main character called Caillou? My grade 0 F-. My rating 1/10 which is a piece of crap. CANCEL THIS SHOW AND BANN IT NOW!!!
  • No wonder why Caillou gets grounded is better

    He's just a spoiled brat.
  • A show about a spoiled brat

    What I first have to say about this awful show is about why Caillou is bald. I mean, does he have cancer or something? He is 4!

    The main problem about this show is that he is a SPOILED BRAT! There was an episode where he invites his friends over to make pizza and he got mad at them for making the pizzas the way they wanted to. He throws temper tantrums in every episode to get what he wants and he always succeeds! It's possible he cries more than Rosie and she is 2! So this show teaches kids to scream to get what they want, to not share, and not to be a good person. Do not watch unless you want to lose some brain cells.

  • Don't let kids watch

    I saw this show and I was amazed of how horrible it is! Caillou is very spoiled and whines too much. You don't want your kids to take such bad examples. He pinches his sister to make her cry, he complaints about his friends making pizza the way they want to, etc. this show is a bad examples for kids.
  • Quick! Where's the TV remote? When you see Caillou on your TV screen, change the channel FAST

    This show is about a 4-year old who likes to go on adventures. Now, you may find this educational, but it's not. Caillou throws tantrums too much, can't do things that seem really simple, and always cries for his mom. An episode will show him learning a lesson at the end, but in the next episode he either throws a tantrum like usual, or whine. Whenever he whines/throws a tantrum, he sounds like a dying chipmunk, and it can get very annoying quickly.

    The artwork is bland (it looks like it's not even humor is corny, storyline is stupid, and the episodes are BOOOOOORING!

    My grade: F-

  • Why Does This Still Air On PBS Kids?

    Because it should've been pulled off, in favor of something actually entertaining and good for younger children such as Dragon Tales.

    The art design is unappealing, the character designs look completely juvenile, and not to mention Caillou himself, who is one of the whiniest and most mean-spirited main characters of a kids show I have ever seen. He whines whenever he doesn't get his way, he hurts his sister Rosie in many episodes (the first episode that features Rosie has Caillou pinching her, causing her to scream-cry), and he's overall a little brat. And the parents don't give him the punishment he deserves. The parents just calmly talk to him and tell him it's not OK, without any spatulas or wooden sticks to the a$$ or minutes in timeout spent. I mean, the infamous circus episode shows how bad this show is at teaching its demographic valuable lessons. Yeah, I know shows like Barney and Teletubbies aren't good shows, but at least they're so bad they're funny. Caillou is far from. It's hard to believe that this show came from the golden age of kid's shows. Oh well, that era wasn't perfect.

  • Kill this show..

    Oh my god. I hate this show. He is a WHINY, SPOILED BRAT. In fact, In a episode called "Caillou The Chef", Jason and Jeffery came over his house and he got upset over the fact that J&J was making their pizzas the way they want. I mean OMG. Wow. Take this show off the air... And the fact that his parents never discipline him. I mean come on?? Can he get adopted or something?? Please, KILL THE SHOW!!

    I swear. I hate this show to death. And his parents should always spank him for doing stuff that he's not supposed to. Oh my god. Why did the show even come out?? Wow. Wow. Wow. It gets worse every episode..
  • Please take this whiny cueball off the air!

    Yes, people, this is another one of THOSE shows. Where over the seasons, the art design doesn't improve. It just gets WORSE! When I see the newer episodes, the art design looks unfinished and bland! Their faces sometimes look like they've been deformed like if you were putting the parts in the wrong spots with a Mr. Potato Head! The oldest episodes were usually Caillou breaking things, throwing his toys, hurting his younger sister, Rosie, without being punished, spanked, sent to the corner, etc. His parents let him go off scot-free with almost everything to the point just spoils him! In one episode, he invites two friends over just to complain about how they're making their pizza the way they want to. Once again, the mom/dad don't scold at him! Oh, not to mention the narrator, or "The Grandma", only says how that little bald nugget feels. It's like the show is rubbing it in your face that he's being bad!

    CREATORS: "Discipline? What's that?"

    I also saw an episode where Caillou's dad neglects Rosie on the kitchen table, where Caillou pinches her on the cheek, causing Rosie to squeal. The father, once again, doesn't do crap to discourage Caillou's behavior. All he does is ask Caillou why he doesn't like Rosie. Are you serious? Another episode (the most infamous one out of all of them) is where Caillou breaks his toy car and screaming on the top of his lungs because the circus wasn't until the next day. Once again, no punishment given. Parents around the world, please do yourselves a favor and NEVER EVER expose this to your children!
  • Awesome show!

    It really frustrated me when people trash this show and claim that caillou is a spoiled whiny kid. NEWSFLASH *** HE'S A FOUR YEAR OLD!!! Most average 4 years olds are bound to think of themselves first. That is not abnormal!!! It is also silly to blame carillou for a child turning into a spoiled brat. If this show is having that much of a devastating effect on your child TURN OFF THE TV AND PARENT THEM YOURSELF. Television is for entertainment and although it can offer some good examples we still need to teach our children right from wrong in the real world. My daughter watches caillou and yes she can be spoiled and whiny but she can also be very loving caring and nurturing at other times. It is the nature of living and learning. I don't attribute any of her negative behaviours to a silly tv show. I grew up watching the road runner and have never had the inclination to blow anything up!!! We need to stop blaming television for our children's behaviours. If they are surrounded by support and love and attention they will be influenced by their family rather then a television show! All you people that don't have or have never experienced your child being whiny all I can say is bull***! If you seriously believe that a television show can have that much of an effect on a child how fair is it to make them watch a perfect child with perfect manners and no behavioural issues??? How are they supposed to measure up or better yet relate!!?? And lastly I don't think yelling or beating my kid is the appropriate way to discipline. Kids learn from mistakes and they need "gentle reminders" such as the ones used by caillous parents. So maybe then this show can teach the parents something rather then just the child.
  • This show is horrible

    An abomination. Meet the whiniest kid ever known to mankind, caillou. A 4-year old sore ass with o life. This show is a disgrace, glad it's over. Thanks for cancelling this, Sprout. My pleasure :D
  • I use to watch this when I was younger, but now, looking back at it, he's a whiny brat. His parents need to discipline him

    Seriously, how is this show educational? this show teaches kids that you should whine and complain when your parents don't give you what you want. my little brother started watching this show, and now everytime he sees a video game and wants to play it, but can't because it's too violent for him, he starts throwing a temper tantrum hoping he'll get to play it. we don't let him play it, but this is what Caillou teaches kids, that when your parents don't give you what you want, you throw a tantrum until you get it. which is sad, because they give Caillou anything he wants most of the time, or they do nothing at all. What do they do instead? they fucking pamper this brat. I mean, like for example, what if he had a cousin old enough to watch rated R movies, and he's watching Scarface, and Caillou wants to watch with him, and he's told no, because that is a movie you shouldn't let 4 year old children watch, next thing you know, he's throwing a tantrum. are his parents gonna let him watch Scarface? because if I had a kid and I was watching a movie like that, and I won't let him/her watch with me even though they want to, no matter how much they cry and throw a tantrum, I won't let them watch the movie. His parents need to discipline him, tell him it's not ok to throw tantrums when you can't get what you want. I can't believe I watched this show. His parents are irresponsible, giving him anything he wants just from him acting like a whiny brat. They need to fucking slap the shit out of him when he acts like a brat when he doesn't get what he wants. If you want proof on how horrible his parents are, there is this one episode where Caillou's dad couldn't take him to the circus, he throws a toy car on the ground and bangs on the floor making noise, he wakes his sister up and Caillou's dad does nothing but tells him to cut it out and told him he woke up his sister, and when Caillou went downstairs, he slammed his fist on the table in front of his dad. If that were my kid, I would hit them really hard. His parents need to be like Robert Freeman from The Boondocks. and also, in this one episode, He was outside with his friend playing in the backyard, and then a storm comes and they go inside, when Caillou and his Asian friend (I can't remember her name) go to get candles with Caillou's father, at one point, they both shine their flashlights in his eyes, and his dad is laughing at them telling them to stop. News Flash Caillou, that's dangerous, you can blind someone like that. If I had a kid and he did that to me, I would be pissed off at him. When my brother saw that part, he did that to my sister, she got mad and she said Caillou is bad for kids. I agree. my brother throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, like I said above. Another example is in this one episode, when his sister was wearing his favorite shirt that he outgrew, he was whining and complaining and he started to yell in his Mom's face. what does she do, nothing. instead, his mom just gave him the shirt, but that's understandable, because later he realized the shirt was too small for him, so his mom did that to show him he's too big for that shirt. plus, not to sound like a pedophile, but when he wore the shirt, he looked like a slut. I don't get why he doesn't get punished for yelling in his moms face over a stupid shirt. Also, he was once complaining because he was making pizza with his friends, and he got all pissed because they made their pizzas how they wanted, and not how Caillou expected them to be. he expected them to put mushrooms on their pizza and they didn't. not everyone likes mushrooms Caillou. Also, he got mad because one of them put on very little sauce and a ton of cheese on the pizza, while the other put a ton of sauce, but very little cheese on the pizza. One more example is Caillou went to the park with his mom and his sister to catch the ice cream man, when they miss him, Caillou gets mad and yells at his sister and falsely blaming her for making them miss the ice cream man. Again, his mom does nothing about it. When I was 4, and I yelled at my sister, who is 2 years younger than me, like that, my parents would slap the crap out of me. and in Arthur, he got punished for punching his sister, even Arthur's sister who is the same age as Caillou gets punished from time to time, so why can't Caillou's parents discipline Caillou? I understand whoever created this wanted to create a character little kids can relate to, but most kids this age who act like that get punished. so keep this show away from your kids. If I have kids, I will not let them watch this show. One more complaint I have about this show is that Caillou is the center of attention in every episode. Every episode is about Caillou. Why can't other characters steal the show or get their own episode, why does every episode have to be about Caillou? I understand he's the protagonist, an unlikable one for sure, but there are many shows out there where characters other than the protagonist get their own episode or steal the show. I've seen 2 Arthur episodes where Arthur wasn't in them at all, plus, in Arthur, other characters get their own episode. another example is Hey Arnold. Not every episode focuses on Arnold all the damn time, hell, there was an episode where Arnold was in it, but he didn't speak at all. Last example is Everybody Hates Chris, sure every episode is about Chris since Everybody Hates Chris is about the life of Chris Rock, but other characters steal the show, it's not focused on Chris in every scene. That's all I have to say about this show. I give this show a 1.5 because the puppet segments were the only part of the show I could put up with. At least someone else steals the show with the puppet segments, but they got rid of them after 2006.
  • Caillou the epic fail

    Caillou centers around a 4 (3 in some episodes) year old who is pretty much a whiny bratt.

    The show airs on PBS. In French Caillou means "Rockhead".

    Caillou constantly acts like a goody two shoes and that's pretty annoying.

    He's like "I'm just going to say positive things all the time".

    There's no good material in this show, unless you want your kid as a screwed up jack-head.

    He pinches his sister's arm, and makes her cry, Throws a huge temper tantrum, which he never get's in trouble for. Overall, Caillou is the worst show on PBS (excluding Barney). PBS, find something else that will help kids grow up straight
  • This is a scary little boy

    Does Caillou have cancer? Everyone seems to think he does because he is a little boy who is bald
  • Wow and I thought barney was bad

    Basically this show teaches kids how to whine and get what they want. No wonder kiddy shows aren't so good. That is reason why I don't like them. It's a man children's thing. There's no such thing as a bad or good fan of baby show because its for babies.
  • I'm not entirley sure what's wrong with this kid. He might be possesed, but whatever it is, Caillou does NOT need a TV show.


    Especially in this age, little kids shows are almost always educational. After seeing hundreds of these shows, I have NEVER seen a show with this problem in it. Whether it's Barney, Dora, or Mickey Mouse, none of them throw these strange tantrums. These strange tantrums I am talking about can only be found in one show: Caillou. And trust me, this is not the only problem with PBS's hit kid's show Caillou. Find out all the problems here.

    Problem #1 Caillou's Head- Ok, I don't know what is wrong with this kid, but his head is pure bald. There is not ONE hair on his head. Because of this, Caillou looks like some kind of alien or something. It's very.... disturbing.

    Problem #2 Caillou's Repetetive Questions- In almost every Caillou episode, he has some kind of ridicuolus question about what something does. I have a four year old cousin, (same age as Caillou,) and she is WAY smarter than this kid! Plus, it seems to be that every time he learns a lesson or what something is, he just dumps the info in the next episode. It's ridiculous! He never learns.

    Problem #3 Caillou's Tantrums and Dicipline- This is probably the problem that most people like to adress, and I will to. Caillou throws tantrums everytime he dosen't get what he wants. And what do his parents do? Nothing. It's because there cant be to much conflict in a kids show. So, the writers are forced to make the parents do nothing but be nice about it. If you don't beleive me about this, just look at the intro song for the first season. There's a clip of Caillou on the floor with crap all over his face whining and throwing a toy car. I recall this is from the episode when Caillou's dad can't take him to the freakin circus. I got news for you Caillou: Get over it, life is full of dissapointments!

    I really have only one compliment for this show.

    Compliment #1 Learning Experiences-I'm not going to lie, Caillou is a good show for teaching kids about life. Caillou has many experiences in each episode, and because he asks soooo many questions, kids can learn a lot about the world. Nowof course, behavior wise, this show is AWFUL for kids to watch. However, if you want the truth, kids can pick up a thing or too.

    So all in all, Caillou is overpowered by problems rather than compliments. Plus, the one compliment can be found in plenty of other, better kids shows. Listen parents: Avoid Caillou at all costs, unless you want a child who is a spoiled brat. :P