Caillou - Season 1

Wednesday 9:00 AM on PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1998 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Caillou Makes Cookies (Caillou fait des biscuits)
    Caillou is drumming and singing badly. Mom tells Caillou to quiet down so Rosie can take a nap, but he doesn't want to at first. Eventually he stops and heads off to the kitchen to get some cookies. They're hard to reach though, so he tries to use a stool and ends up spilling the cookies as well as a jar of honey. He tries to make honey cookies, but ends up making a mess. Mom comes in and decides that rather than get upset about it, she'll just have Caillou help her clean up. He does and then he and Mom make cookies together. Sometime at the park, apparently later that day, Caillou and Mom share the cookies with Dad and Rosie. Then Caillou runs off and starts covering himself with mud. Dad asks him what he's making and he answers "a big mess."moreless
  • 8/23/05
    Daddy lends Caillou his old camera. With Daddy as an assistant, Caillou takes great pictures of every member of his family, including Gilbert.
  • Caillou's Not Afraid Anymore (Caillou n'a plus peur)
    Caillou is afraid of Mr. Hinkle, and when Hr. Hinkle wished Caillou, Caillou panicked and run. That made Mr. Hinkle really sad. So he goes over and apologizes. Caillou's Mom couldn't get Caillou to go downstairs, so they engage Caillou in a game of "Hide and Seek". In the end, Caillou is no longer afraid of Mr. Hinkle. As a matter of fact, Caillou decides that he likes Mr. Hinkle after all. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Hates Vegetables (Caillou n'aime pas les légumes)
    Caillou doesn't want to eat vegetables - he wants cookies instead. Then his grandpa comes over, and they go out for a walk. Along the way, his grandpa shows him various animals and their food. Cut back to the house. They're home, and they're as hungry as bears - because they are pretending to be bears. Caillou eats his vegetables, and he's allowed to some cookies. The end.moreless
  • In Caillou the Magnificent, Caillou learns about Show and Tell, makes Rosie disappear and with his sister's help becomes the King of the Castle! In Caillou the Musician, Caillou convinces Clementine's big brother Billy that he is old enough to play the drums. At playschool, Caillou leads the marching band and learns that singing with a friend is much more fun! In Caillou the Sports Star, Leo, Clementine, Caillou and Rosie each win a ribbon playing some very silly games. At the park, Caillou realizes he's getting stronger every day and that it is okay that he still needs his training wheels. In Caillou the Explorer, Daddy treats everyone to ice cream while sharing stories about icebergs in the Antarctic. Caillou imagines playing with the penguins, scuba diving for treasure and searching out alligators.moreless
  • Caillou's All Alone (Caillou est tout seul)
    Caillou wants to play, but everybody's too busy to play with him. Caillou's Mom has to do the taxes, Caillou's Dad is repairing the washing machine, and Caillou's grandma is tucking Rosie in for her nap. Even Gilbert doesn't seem to want to play. Caillou then goes back into his room and plays with his plush toys. The end.moreless
  • In Caillou to the Rescue, Caillou helps out with baby sister Rosie in "Caillou Helps Out;" Caillou imagines himself as a firefighter in "Caillou the Firefighter;" and in "Caillou to the Rescue," Caillou and Leo rescue cars using tow trucks and cranes. In Caillou the Brave, Caillou goes on his very first waterslide in "Caillou and the Waterslide;" in "Caillou the Sailor," Caillou learns all about old ships; and in "Creepy Crawlies," Caillou teaches Rosie about bugs. In Caillou the Detective, Gilbert goes missing in "Where's Gilbert?" and Caillou learns how lucky he is to have such a perfect pet! In "Where I Saw It Last," Caillou misplaces his new toy car; and in "Lost in the Jungle," Caillou learns all about the jungle at preschool. In Caillou the Builder, Caillou and his friends lay out a road, build a bridge, dig a tunnel and even plant a tree using only their imaginations and some simple tools in "Caillou the Road Builder;" in "Caillou's Building Adventure," Caillou gets to watch a new home being built; and in "House in the Sky," Caillou goes to an apartment building for the first time - a real house in the sky!moreless
  • Caillou Tidies His Toys (Caillou range ses jouets)
    Caillou's hiding in a pile of plush toys when his mom comes in and calls him to eat chocolate pudding. Now, if it's one thing Caillou really like, it's chocolate pudding. So he comes out of hiding. On his way downstairs, he's made to tidy up the mess on the stairs. Then, just as he's about to eat the pudding, he's called outside to tidy up the mess he's made on the porch. And then, just as he's back at the table, he's called into the bathroom to tidy up another mess. Finally, he has his chocolate pudding. Caillou's dad suggest that he do something about all his old toys. He decides to give some to Rosie, and his dad suggest that they make a toy chest after eating. Scene cuts to when the chest is finished. We see the lid close, and a picture of Caillou's face is on the lid. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Learns to Drive (Caillou apprend à conduire)
    Caillou pretends to be a race car driver, not realizing the trouble he's causing.
  • Caillou at Daycare (Caillou à la garderie)
    It's Caillou's first day at daycare, and he's whining because he doesn't want to go - He wants to be at Grandma's instead. We meet with Mrs. Martin, Caillou's teacher. Caillou's mom then leaves. Mrs. Martin gives Caillou some juice. Caillou then tries to befriend Leo, but Leo was rude to him. Enters Clementine. She introduces herself to Caillou, and explains to Caillou that Leo "doesn't like to share". She shows Caillou what she has been doing: cutouts. She then asks Caillou why does he prefers his grandparents' place. He tells her that he likes painting. She explains to him that they can do that at daycare, too. She brings out some paints, brushes and paper. Caillou paints a robin as Clementine cuts out some paper worms. Leo walks by, and notices Caillou's painting of a robin. He wants Caillou to teach him how to paint. Caillou aggrees, on the condition that Leo teach Clementine and him how to build castles with blocks. And so, we see Leo paint a (distorted) robin while Caillou and Clementine build a castle out of blocks. Caillou's parents then comes to pick him up. Show comes to a close as Caillou says that he wants to come back tomorrow.moreless
  • Caillou Joins the Circus (Caillou aime le cirque)
    Caillou dreams that he's a lion tamer and Gilbert is a lion. He then wakes up. He remembers that he is to go to the circus today. He quickly gets dressed. Caillou's dad then comes by the toilet and asks him why he's up so early. Caillou explains that he can't wait to go to the circus. Caillou's dad corrects him - the circus is tomorrow, not today. Naturally, Caillou throws a tantrum. Later, during breakfast, Caillou's dad accidentally grabs hold of burnt toast and starts juggling them. It's then that Caillou gets the idea of playing circus. So they do. Then, Caillou's mom comes downstairs. Caillou's dad asks her if she wants to play the lady that rides the horse. She replies that she'd rather go back to bed. The end.moreless
  • Caillou is Afraid in the Dark (Caillou a peur dans le noir)
    It's bedtime, but there's a scratchy noise coming from somewhere in the room. Caillou thinks it's a scratchy monster. Caillou's parents thinks that it's the tree branch brushing against the window. But when the scratching noise continues, Caillou gets all delerious in the dark and mistakes his parents for a two-headed monster. The "scratchy monster" then appears. It was Gilbert all along, stuck in a paper bag under Caillou's bed! Caillou then learns to use Teddy as an ear-muff. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's Friends (Les amis de Caillou)
    Caillou complains to his grandma that he has no friends. Caillou's grandma then asks him about Leo and Clementine. Caillou admits that Leo and Clmentine are his friends. Then she reminds Caillou that Rosie may be his sister, but she's his friend, too. And so is Gilbert and Mr. Hinkle. And lastly, so is his Mother and Father and even her - Grandma. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Visits the Doctor (Caillou chez le médecin)
  • Big Brother Caillou (Caillou devient un grand frère)
    Caillou meets his baby sister, Rosie. He either likes Rosie or doesn't like Rosie.
  • Caillou Goes Shopping (Caillou fait les courses)
    Caillou wants to make a snowman, but Caillou's mom wants to take him shopping for ingredients to make a special surprise cake. At the store, Caillou sees a box of cookies, but his mom asks him to put them back. So he does, and they head to the checkout line. However, while waiting at the counter, Caillou suddenly thought of the cookies, and tries to find his way back to the cookies, only to get lost. He breaks down and cries, and it isn't long before his mom finds him. Back home, it turns out that the cake is a snowman cake. The end.moreless
  • Caillou in the Bathtub (Caillou prend son bain)
    Caillou's reluctant to take a bath at first, fearing such "possibilities" as falling down the drain. He is able to get into the tub, though. In there, he creates quite a mess with the water.
  • Caillou Gets Dressed (Caillou s'habille)
    Caillou carries a large stack of clothing into the laundry room where his mom is doing the laundry. He decides to have a little fun and plays dress-up with his dad's clothes. His mom thinks it's funny, so she takes a picture of him together with his dad.
  • Caillou's Teddy Shirt (Le t-shirt préféré de Caillou)
    Caillou was playing alone. In walks Rosie. Caillou ignores her, until he notices that she's wearing his favourite Teddy shirt. He throws up a fuss. After a little reasoning with his mom, his mom promised to give Rosie her "mousie" shirt, and Caillou gets his shirt back. He puts it on. It doesn't fit him too well (think Britney Spears ;) ). After a while, it starts to itch. He tries using tape to stick the shirt down. No dice. His mom then shows him a pix of him with his shirt, and reasons with him that he's outgrown it. But he's still reluctant to give the shirt to Rosie. Ends up giving shirt to Teddy. The end.moreless
  • 8/3/04
    Travel with Caillou on his very first train trip!
  • Caillou Goes Round the Block (Caillou part seul)
    Caillou goes round the block, plays in the sprinklers, plays hopscotch, holds a ladybug and nearly gets lost, but manages to get home with the help of a neighbour.
  • Caillou's Hiding Place (La cachette de Caillou)
    Caillou is hiding in the cabinet. Whoops! He's stuck. His grandpa helps him out. Then his grandpa shows him a cool hiding place in a tree. Grandpa is too big to fit in, but Caillou is just right. Caillou loves this hiding place and plays with his dinosaurs in it. This is the best hiding place ever. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's Birthday Present (Le cadeau de Caillou)
    It's Caillou's birthday, and he's hoping for a particular special dinosaur. His grandma gives him a present. He opens it. It's a t-shirt with a picture of the special dinosaur on it, but no special dinosaur. Caillou's upset by it. The guests arrive, and so the play some games. Then it's time to blow out the candles on the cake. Caillou holds his breath as he makes his wish, then he blows the candles out. Then he has the cake. Caillou's mom then gives him another box. It's the special dinosaur!. Later, Rosie spills ice cream on Caillou's clothes. Caillou then puts on the special dinosaur T-Shirt that grandma gave him.moreless
  • Caillou and Gilbert (Caillou et Gilbert)
    When Caillou's parents are busy working on the walls and Rosie is sleeping, he decides to play with Gilbert. But Gilbert has a totally different idea of games. Caillou's parents explain this to him, and they are surprised to see two "cats" playing together nicely.
  • Caillou's Summer Goodnight (Caillou n'arrive pas à s'endormir)
    Caillou's parents are going out, and Grandma's coming over to babysit. Later, it's naptime, and he dozes off. Until Glibert comes and wakes him up. Then he has trouble going back to sleep because it's too bright. Grandma comes up with an idea - a cardboard cutout of the night sky, and Caillou eventually falls asleep.moreless
  • Caillou is Scared of Dogs (Caillou a peur des chiens)
    Caillou is playing in the sandbox at the park when he hears a dog bark quite loudly. Frightened by the loud noise, he develops a fear of dogs. His grandma helps him to see that maybe they aren't so bad.
  • Caillou Goes to the Zoo (Caillou au zoo)
    Caillou visits the zoo, sees a rhino and her young, a group of chimps of which one looks like Caillou's grandpa and another looks like Caillou, and a sea otter who'se being taught to swim because it lost it's mother. The end.
  • Caillou's Rainy Day (Caillou et la pluie)
  • Caillou at the Beach (Caillou à la plage)
  • Caillou's New Shoes (Les nouvelles chaussures de Caillou)
  • Caillou's Snowman (Caillou et le bonhomme de neige)
  • Caillou is a Clown (Caillou se déguise en clown)
    Caillou is really excited about going to a parade, but his mom doesn't think it's a good idea because there will be clowns and Rosie is scared of them. So now Caillou and his mom try to show Rosie that clowns are funny, not scary.
  • Caillou's Special Friend (Le meilleur ami de Caillou)
    Caillou has a special friend named George. He's special because only Caillou could see him. Caillou suddenly wants to have a race. On winning the race, Caillou knocks over a flower pot. While thinking it over, Caillou decides that it was George's fault that the flower pot broke. Later, while eating, Caillou talks about George some more, and says that George lives in the basement. But he comments that George is his favourite friend in the whole world. But because he spent too much time talking about George, he hardly ate his lunch. Later, Caillou's asked about the broken flower pot. He claims that George did this. But Caillou's dad knows better - George is to Caillou what Nadine is to D.W. in Arthur. So, he manages to talk Caillou into admitting that he also had something to do with it. He also talks Caillou into helping him clean up. Later, Caillou talks about George some more while playing on the swing with his dad. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Rakes the Leaves (Caillou racle les feuilles)
    Caillou and Rosie are playing in the leaves. His parents join in. Soon, Caillou's mom has to go in and make supper. But Caillou decides that he wants to help his dad rake the leaves. While doing so, he imagined that the leaf piles were big houses. Soon, it's getting dark, and the leaves are raked. They head indoors, and Caillou that he has a leaf on his head. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's Big Friend (Caillou et André)
    Show opens with Caillou's mom introducing him to Andre. Andre's really tall. Andre's six years old, and apparently isn't aware of the dangers of playing outdoor games indoor. Andre then wants to play ball in the house. Caillou tells him that they're not allowed to. He plays anyway and knocks over Caillou's castle. So they play hide and seek insteaad. Andre is the seeker. So Caillou hides. But gave his location off when Andre passed by and Caillou couldn't resist tickling Anfre's foot. They decide to play something else again. Caillou goes upstairs to get his toy robot. But while waiting, Andre sat on Caillou's favourite chair. The chair gave in, and Andre got hurt because of that. Caillou came back and was really upset that Andre broke his chair, but decided to forgive him when he realized that Andre was hurt as well. They decide to go play soccer outside. But Caillou's soccer ball is stuck in a tree. Not a problem for Andre, though. He's tall enough to reach for the ball. And so, Caillou is finally friends with Andre, and he accidentally kicks the ball up the tree again. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's Colours (Les couleurs de Caillou)
  • Caillou Mails a Letter (Caillou envoie une lettre)
    Caillou's grandma gets only junk mail in her mailbox, so Caillou decides to write a letter to her to make her feel better. When she sees the letter, she's in for a surprise.
  • Caillou Goes Camping (Caillou fait du camping)
    Caillou's grandpa is over at Caillou's place. They're playing about when Caillou's grandpa reminices about the time he went camping with Caillou's dad a long time ago. Caillou wants to go camping, too. So they do. They set up a tent and go nature hiking around the garden. At night, they have marshmallows and look at the stars. Then it was time to sleep. But it was too noisy. Grandpa has a solution, though. The next thing we know, we see Caillou's mom calling them up for breakfast. And the tent's in the living room. Turns out that the night noises frightened Caillou. So they moved everything indoors.moreless
  • Caillou Learns to Swim (Caillou apprend à nager)
    Caillou's family is at a pool, but Caillou is scared of the big pool and wants to stay in the baby pool where Rosie is. Caillou's dad decides to teach Caillou how to swim. Caillou seems to be making progress, but he is scared again. His dad helps him realize that he can stand in the water, and Caillou's feeling confident again. Caillou is soon going to be an aweesome swimmer. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's New Babysitter (La nouvelle gardienne de Caillou)
  • Caillou Learns to Skate (Caillou apprend à patiner)
    Scene opens with Caillou watching hockey. Caillou promply decides loudly that he wants to be a hockey player. Caillou's mom tells Caillou that to become a hockey player he must first learn to scate. Caillou boasts that he can skate the fastest in the world. When Caillou goes outside and tries to skate, he discovers that it's not as easy as it seems. He keeps trying dispite always falling down. Finally, he decides to give up, but with a little encouragement from his dad, he gives it one more shot. Finally, Caillou can skate. Now he has to learn to turn. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Makes a New Friend (Caillou se fait un ami)
    Caillou's visiting the park with is grandpa when he comes across new. The boy introduces himself as Jim. Jim's mom then comes about and heads off with Caillou's grandpa. Jim, however, was the brash kind. He just simply grabs whatever he wants without asking. Caillou is intimidated and decides that he doesn't like Jim. Jim's mom then comes around again and have a talk with Jim. So, finally Jim realises his mistakes and apologizes to Caillou. Apology accepted, and they're both friends now. The end.moreless
  • Caillou and Daddy (Caillou et son papa)
    Caillou's Mom and Rosie are going out for the day. This means he and his Dad can finally work on a surprise for Caillou's mom: A bookshelf. They then accidentally get paint all over themselves when they realized that they haven't any paint to go on top of the undercoat. So, they go out and get some. Then they grabbed a hotdog. When Caillou's mom returns, she's pleasantly surprised by the shelf, and the book Caillou made for her that's on it. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Grows Carrots (Caillou fait pousser des carottes)
    Caillou's grandpa is over helping Caillou's mom make a vegetable patch. He gives Caillou a special mission: to grow carrots on the vegetable patch. Caillou wonders where the carrots are, and he's told that he has to plant the seeds and water them to make them grow into carrots. Caillou plants the seeds and gives them water, but nothing sprouts. Caillou is then told it'll take all summer. So, he waits, checking on the carrots every day and chasing off any possible threat to the carrots. Finally, the day to pick the carrots has come. Caillou runs out and check, only to find leaves again. But his grandpa gives those leaves a tug, and out pops some bright red carrots. Later that day, Caillou eats the carrots. And even though he still hates vegetables, he think that the carrots were pretty good. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Goes to a Theme Park (Caillou visite un parc d'amusement)
  • Caillou's School Bus (Caillou prend l'autobus scolaire)
  • Caillou Looks for Gilbert (Caillou cherche Gilbert)
  • Caillou's Surprise Breakfast (Caillou prépare un surprise)
  • Caillou's Missing Sock (La chaussette manquante de Caillou)
  • Caillou Goes to Work (Caillou va travailler)
  • Caillou's Quarrel (Caillou se fâche)
    Caillou's friend Clementine comes over to play. Clementine wants to play Family but Caillou gets upset because he wants to play dinosaurs & Clementine is playing with his teddy bear & stuffed bunny without his permission. After Caillou gets upset his mom calms everyone down & has both Caillou & Clementine apologize to one another. Clementine's brother Billy then comes over to play baseball with everyone.moreless
  • Caillou's Getting Older! (Caillou a peur de grandir)
    Caillou and Daddy are in the garden and Caillou notices a dead bird on the ground. Caillou asks if it's dead and Dad affirms. He suggests burying it and Caillou agrees. They bury the bird and Caillou asks Dad point-blank why the bird died. Dad says that it's a tough question and the narrator interjects that Caillou didn't think that it was such a tough question. Dad decides that it's for the best not to tell Caillou about the bird's unfortunate run-in with Gilbert and says that the bird died because it was too old. Caillou accepts this, but seems troubled. Throughout his day, Caillou hears a number of people comment about how old they are. Dad has trouble reading the paper and comments that he must need glasses- he's getting old. Sarah got in-line skates for her birthday- she's a whole year older. When Daddy is tucking Caillou into bed that night, he says that Caillou is getting bigger and older every day. Caillou breaks down. He explains his concern about he bird and Dad tells him that he has lots of time to get bigger and older. So does Teddy.moreless
  • Caillou's Big Slide (Caillou et la grande glissoire)
  • Caillou Walks a Dog (Caillou promène un chien)
    Caillou's grandma is watching Rover again. Caillou takes Rover out for a walk. Rover is a very obedient dog. When they reached the park, Caillou plays with Rover a bit. Caillou then decides that he wants a pet dog. But they already have Gilbert. SO, Caillou attaches a leash to his plush dog and pretends to walk it. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Watches Rosie (Caillou surveille sa petite soeur)
  • Caillou Is Sick (Caillou est malade)
  • Caillou's Phone Call (Caillou et le téléphone)
    Caillou has important stuff to tell Mommy. Rosie tore up a book and he drew her a picture and wants to show it to her. Every time he tries to speak to her though, he's interrupted by the ringing of the telephone and Mom's forced to ignore him. Then a call comes in and Mom hands the phone over to Caillou. It's Grandma. She comes over with a dog she regularly dogsits, Rover. When the phone rings, Rover goes nuts and Caillou discovers that he and Rover have something in common.moreless
  • Caillou Sleeps Over (Caillou dort chez un ami)
    Caillou's sleeping over at Leo's place. He nearly forgot Teddy, but then remembers just in the nick of time. At Leo's place, Caillou has lots of fun, but got homesick when dinnertime arrives. By bedtime, Caillou wants to go home, but after a phone call to Mommy, Caillou decides to sleep over after all. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Plays Baby (Caillou fait le bébé)
  • Caillou Flies on a Plane (Caillou prend l'avion)
  • Rosie Bothers Caillou (Mousseline embête Caillou)
    Caillou's playing block when Rosie comes around and knocks part of the structure down. Caillou asks Rosie to leave him alone, but she refuses. Caillou calls for Mommy, but mommy's busy. Caillou departs for his room and go read a book. Rosie comes bother him again, and Caillou hits Rosie with the book. Rosie cries. Caillou's mom comes and ask Caillou if he made Rosie cry. Caillou denies it. He plays by himself for a while, but then starts feeling bored. He remembered that playing with Rosie was fun. So, he makes things up to her and plays with her. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Goes Birdwatching (Caillou observe les oiseaux)
    Caillou goes birdwatching at the park with grandma. At first, Caillou doesn't think that there's any birds there, but Grandma tells him to listen. Sure enough, there are sounds of birds. Grandma then teaches Caillou some pretty nifty tricks. Later, she gives Caillou a bird feeder. The end.
  • Caillou and the Doll (Caillou et la poupée)
    Scene opens with Caillou watching his mommy put on make-up. She has to go out for a while, and Julie will be there any minute. Julie arrives. She feeds Rosie lunch and then go make Rosie take a nap. She asks Caillou to go play by himself for a while. Caillou chances upon Rosie's doll, and decides to apply mommy's make up onto it. Suddenly, Rosie calls out for Julie. She can't sleep without her doll. Caillou tries to hide the doll with the make-up, but Julie finds it anyway. Caillou's mom returns. Caillou breaks down and confesses. He just wanted the doll to look pretty like his mommy. They try to clean it up. And dispite failing to completely remove the stains completely, Rosie still likes the doll. The end.moreless
  • Caillou Hurts Himself (Caillou se blesse)
  • Caillou's Big Kick (Caillou joue au soccer)
    Andre's coming over to play soccer with Caillou. Problem is, Caillou has the proverbial stool foot. He fails to kick the ball, and decides that he doesn't want to play anymore. He gets reminded of the time he learned to skate. He gives it one more go, and successfully kicks the ball. The end.moreless
  • Caillou the Jungle Explorer (Caillou l'explorateur)
    Caillou's in the garden with mommy when Sarah comes over and shows Caillou her magnifying glass. Caillou and Sarah plays jungle explorer, pretending that a caterpillar is a jungle monster and Gilbert is a ferocious lion. Caillou and Sarah then hears a really loud noise. Caillou thinks that it's jungle drums, but Sarah thinks that it's just thunder. Caillou then go relates his story to mommy, who tells him that the noise is sending them a message: go indoors lest you want to get wet. The end.moreless
  • The Caillou Show (Le spectacle de Caillou)
    Caillou and his friends are putting on a play at daycare. They dress up in costumes. Caillou is the sun, Clementine is assigned to be a flower and Leo is a raincloud. Clementine puts on an apparently overly dramatic act of being thirsty from heat because the daycare supervisor tells them to get serious. They put on their play for their parents, but not without a few hitches.moreless
  • Caillou Loves Halloween (Caillou adore l'Halloween)
    Caillou and Rosie gets ready for Halloween, but Rosie bails out in the last minute because she is suddenly reminded on how she used to hate clowns by her costme, leaving Caillou to go out with daddy. Caillou meets up with Leo and Clementine, and they go around the neighbourhood trick-or-treating together. They all then go over to Caillou's place. The end.moreless
  • Caillou's Picnic (Le pique-nique de Caillou)
    Leo tags along with Caillou and his family on a picnic. They play Knights and Dragons, have the picnic lunch, and play some more. Suddenly, thunder can be heard. Caillou and Leo pretends that it's a dragon's roar. Rosie's beginning to fret because of thunder, but Caillou and Leo pledges to protect Rosie. It then starts to rain, so they quicklly pack up and run for the nearest cave. They then proceed to keep Rosie occupied so that she ignores the thunder. The rain finally stops, and they all head home. The end.moreless
  • 8/7/07
    In Caillou Loves the Fall, Caillou and his playschool friends go on a special field trip to an apple orchard. In Caillou the Scientist, Caillou wants to play with his friends but Clementine wants to play bears and Xavier wants to play astronauts. Caillou makes up a new game so everyone will play together. In Caillou Can Do It!, Caillou and the twins make finger puppets and put on a very special kind of puppet show. In Caillou the Helper, Caillou discovers that there are better ways to help that directing his friends like a police officer directs traffic.moreless