Season 4 Episode 19

Springtime for Caillou

Aired Wednesday 9:00 AM Aug 16, 2006 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Caillou's Valentines"

One morning, Mommy serves Caillou and Rosie a special breakfast --- heart-shaped pancakes. It's Valentine's Day. Caillou recalls how last year, he went to Valentine's Day party at his friend Leo's house. Daddy explains that Valentine's Day is a day of the year when you tell, and show others how much you care about them. For example, he got flowers for Mommy. Mommy and Daddy also give both Caillou and Rosie their very own Valentine cards, complete with stickers. Rosie's are hearts, while Caillou's are little Cupids. Daddy explains how Cupid flies around and creates love using his bow-and-arrow. Caillou finishes up his breakfast and heads for playschool. That day at playschool, Miss Martin is having the kids all make Valentines for each other. Caillou has a lot of fun making the cards, but when he sees the nice card that Leo made for him, he's not so sure about them. Leo, however, really likes his cards. Then, Miss Martin announces that it's time to give out the Valentines. As the kids head over to the mailboxes, Caillou doesn't realize that he dropped the card he made for Leo. As he starts putting his Valentine's in the mailboxes, he imagines that he's Cupid. He spreads love in his own way, shooting arrows into his friends mailboxes. But when he gets to Leo's, he finds he's out of arrows! He realizes he's lost his card. He's upset, but he tells Miss Martin and she says they can search for it while the rest of the class is having their snack. In fact, Caillou can make Leo a brand-new card. So while the rest of the class has heart-shaped cookies, Caillou works on a new Valentine. Miss Martin even helps to add a special touch --- a letter "L" for Leo.

"Hello Spring!"

Winter is ending and Caillou's snowman is melting. He tries to fix him up by adding more snow from the ground, but it's really not working very well. Mommy calls him in for lunch and when he comes back outside, even more of the snow is gone and his snowman is in really bad shape. Its button eyes fall off and then its carrot nose. Caillou goes back inside, saying that he doesn't like spring, he likes winter. Mommy is putting away winter clothes for the summer, but he doesn't want to give up his winter coat and scarf. He says that he's going back out to play in the snow. He finds Daddy outside raking leaves that were buried under the snow. He's placing them in the compost for the garden for the flower garden. Caillou asks if they can start planting the vegetable garden too and Daddy agrees. Next, Daddy takes Caillou to the park and Caillou decides to put on his spring jacket, as it really is getting kind of warm. At the park, he finds that there's a robin and Canada geese. He starts to realize that there's all sorts of fun things that he can do now that it's spring. There's no snow covering up the sand in the sandbox anymore. He imagines doing all sorts of fun activities --- sliding, playing soccer, biking, swimming and using a kite to actually glide through the air. Back at home, he finds another thing to enjoy about spring --- crcosues blooming in the flowerboxes by the porch.

"Caillou's April Fool"

One morning, Caillou notices his Daddy doing something silly. He sets the clock in the kitchen forward from 8 to 9. Caillou wonders what he's doing and he explains that he's playing a trick on Mommy because it's April Fool's Day. When Mommy arrives, she eventually notices the time on the clock and acts all worried. "April Fool's" Daddy declares and Mommy says that she really had him going, although it sounds like perhaps she's only acting as if she was fooled. Nevertheless, as Daddy leaves to go plant the spring flower bulbs, she comments that she's going to get him back. Caillou asks about April Fool's and Mommy explains it, saying that he can play a trick as long as it's not mean-spirited. Caillou decides to try playing a trick on Rosie, but wonders what sort of trick he can play to make her laugh and smile. He tries dressing up one of her dollies in a funny outfit, but Rosie doesn't even seem to care. She just asks him if he wants to play "dollies." As he tries to think up another trick, Mommy tells him that he has a phone call. He picks up the phone and hears a roaring sound. He thinks it's a dinosaur, but it's actually Mommy --- she was playing a trick on him. Caillou decides that he wants to play a trick on Mommy. He imagines her dressed up as a clown. He then imagines another trick --- replacing her bunny slippers with a hoard of real, live, hopping bunnies. As he continues to brainstorm, Daddy finds something odd about his newspaper --- every other page in it is upside-down. It seems Mommy got him back after all. Caillou finally comes up with a trick to play on Mommy --- he places Rexy in the refrigerator. Next, he works with Mommy to come up with a trick to play on Daddy. He takes Daddy out to the flower garden, saying that the flowers he just grew have popped up like magic. It turns out, though, that they're actually just paper flowers.

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