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  • Step By Step!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 10 - 9/16/03

    In the puppet segment, Rexy, Teddy and Gilbert are assembling a bird feeder, step by step. Gilbert has the instructions and he says that the first step is to take the birdfeeder out of the box. They've already done that, so they move to the next step, which is to assemble the birdfeeder. Hearing that, Rexy wonders if that step comes with instructions. Teddy looks at it and figures it out, though, so it is quickly assembled. Gilbert reads Step 3, find a perfect spot and hang the birdfeeder. So the puppets begin looking for a spot, singing a song as they do, about how "working together is so much fun" and "you help me and I'll help you." They find a perfect spot, but notice that the birds aren't coming. They wonder what's wrong at first and Rexy asks if perhaps there's a Step 4. Gilbert looks at the instructions and sees that Rexy is absolutely right. The fourth and most important step is to put food in the birdfeeder. Gilbert wonders how Rexy knew and Rexy explains that he figured it would be odd to have a restaruant without food. They put the food in and the birds finally come. Caillou is learning how to do things step by step too, such as assisting a repairman, or helping Grandma during a visit to the seniors' home. "Mr. Fix It" It's laundry day at Caillou's house. Caillou likes laundry day because the whole house smells nice. Daddy has some sheets which he's folded and Gilbert sits down on top of them, as if he's doing to take a nap. Daddy gets him to leave and says that he knows he put two socks in the washer, but he can only find one. Just then, the washer starts acting crazy. Soap suds start flying out of it and it's definitely not working right. Mommy comes downstairs to see what's going on and Caillou quips that they're washing the whole basement. They decide they'd best call a repairman. So they call in Bob, who they already know because he fixed their dryer last year. He arrives the next day and asks Caillou if he remembers him. Caillou says that he doesn't. Bob says to Caillou "I'm hear to fix your washer" and Caillou responds that it isn't his washer, it's Mommy's and Daddy's, but he knows where it is. He accompanies Bob to go to fix it. Mommy suggests that Caillou leave so that Bob can work in peace, but Bob says that he doesn't mind and could use some help. Caillou goes and gets toy tools. He shows them to Bob, who points out a toy wrench. He shows Caillou how to use it for tightening and uses it to tighten the stem of the washer. He shows Daddy that the problem was that the missing sock was wrapped under the stem. After he's gone, Caillou is still feeling helpful. He helps Daddy to nail a picture onto the wall. Then, he notices Mommy with a wobbly stool. So he and Dad work together to fix it, Caillou applying glue to keep the leg on. He says that this time, Daddy helped him. "A Good Friend" Caillou is gathering some toys to take to the park. He wants to take a whole bunch, but Mommy convinces him that it would be best to take just a couple. She also suggests that he leave his dinosaur, Rexy, behind so that it doesn't get dirty. He meets up with Leo, who chose to bring his new dinosaur, who he calls Dino. (Pronunced Dine-O) They go to the park and have a good time, playing on the slides, in the sand and on the monkey bars. When Leo gets on the monkey bars, he sets Dino at the end of the ladder leading up to them. As he and Caillou are playing on them, Mommy calls, saying that it's time for them to go. They leave, but Leo forgets to take Dino. Back at Caillou's house, Caillou says that he wants to play with Leo again tomorrow. Leo's Mom says that Leo has to visit his aunt tomorrow morning, so they agree that Leo can come over in the afternoon. That evening at dinner, Caillou and the family get a phone call. It's Leo's Mom, saying that Leo lost his dinosaur. Daddy has Caillou check to see if it's in with his toys, but it's not there. Then, Caillou remembers that Leo left it at the park. Even though it's starting to get dark, he convinces Mommy and Daddy to let him go look for it after dinner. They go to the park, but can't find it anywhere. They can't stay any longer because it looks like it's going to rain. It does rain and that night, Mommy tells Caillou that they can make a "Lost" poster tomorrow, which should help to find Dino. Caillou's sees the rain outside and is glad Rexy is safe inside. In the morning, they make the poster and then go to the park, where they meet a park attendant. She tells Caillou that there's a lost and found at the park office. So they go to check it out. Caillou's fascinated by the lost and found and notices that there's a lot interesting things there that people have lost. Rosie finds and tries on a pair of sunglasses that's missing a lense. They also find a creepy dool which is broken and keeps repeating "Hello, my name is (hic)." Unfortunately, Caillou can't seem to find Dino anywhere. Mommy tells him they'll just have to keep looking. But just then, as they get ready to leave, Caillou notices Dino's tail sticking out of the sleeve of a lost shirt. Later that afternoon, Caillou returns the dinosaur to Leo who thanks him and says he's his best friend. Caillou then suggests that they play indoors because Leo wouldn't want to lose Dino again. "Grandma's Helper" Caillou is over at Grandma's, playing with a toy truck in her driveway. Grandma tells him that it's time to visit her friends at the Seniors' Home. Caillou says that he wants to keep playing with his truck and she tells him he can take it with him. They get to the Seniors' Home and Caillou starts playing with his truck again. Grandma has a cart of hot meals and says she could use a driver. Caillou looks at the cart and notices it has wheels like his truck. He agrees to help her and she tells him that there are a few rules: follow her, be careful other people and most importantly, no speeding. Caillou helps out and the job is soon done. Caillou then meets a lady in a wheelchair named Mrs. Wilson, who says that she's going down to the garden. She says that she could use a driver, so Caillou agrees to push her in the wheelchair. Along the way, she talks with Caillou, saying that he's a good driver. He says it's because he's been driving ever since he was a little kid. They arrive at the garden, where Mrs. Wilson suggests that he could be a driver when he grows up. She tells him that there are lots of jobs driving, such as a bus driver, an ice cream driver, or even car racing. Caillou responds that he likes ice cream. He and Grandma leave and Caillou thanks her for a lot of fun. "Caillou's Paper Route" It's Saturday Morning and Caillou and Daddy always like to start their Saturday the same way, by reading the Saturday paper. Caillou goes out to get it, but finds that it's not there. He's upset, but just then, a van pulls out. Sarah comes out. It turns out she has a new paper route and is running a bit late because she doesn't have a wagon yet. Caillou tells her that he has a nice wagon, which she can use to deliver the papers if she wants. Sarah agrees and suggests that perhaps he could help her deliver the paper tomorrow. Daddy says that it's okay with him, but suggests that he or Sarah's Mom accompany them. The next morning, Caillou wakes Daddy up extra early because he can't wait to deliver the paper. He and Caillou get the papers bundled for delivery and then get to work. Daddy asks if he can help out, but Sarah and Caillou tell him that they can do it on their own. They get to the end of the route and Caillou gets to deliver Mr. Hinkle's paper. He explains that he's helping Sarah. The final delivery is his and Daddys' very own paper and for this, Caillou asks Daddy to go inside. He then rings the doorbell and hands Daddy the paper. Sarah thanks Caillou for helping and says he's welcome to help her any time.moreless
  • New Places and New Things!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 9/15/03

    In today's puppet segment, Rexy says he wants to go on a worldwide adventure. He says to Gilbert that he told him he was growing up, so he thinks he's ready for his adventure. Gilbert, however, tells him that he's not grown up enough yet. Rexy waits like a few seconds and then asks if he's grown up enough. Gilbert tells him it takes years to grow up. Rexy then sings a downbeat song about how he was going to have a great adveture, but now he has to stay right where he is. As he finishes the song, Gilbert and Teddy show up, saying they're going on a worldwide adventure. They tell him that just because they can't really go on a worldwide adventure doesn't mean they can't pretend. They sing an upbeat version of Rexy's song and then all agree that they enjoyed their pretend adventure. Caillou today is also going on adventures, as well as trying out some new things both by himself and with others. "Caillou Becomes a Waiter" Caillou is drwawing and he's drawn a nice picture of Julie, his and Rosie's babysitter. It just so happens she's coming over today because Mommy and Daddy are going to a restaurant. She arrives, but Caillou complains that he wants to go to the restaurant with Mommy and Daddy. They tell him that he can't come, but he'll have fun with Julie. He insists that he won't have a good time. Julie asks Caillou if he wants to help with dinner. Mommy made his favorite, macaroni and cheese. Caillou's really not interested at first, but then Julie says that they can make their own restauran. So Julie, Rosie and Caillou all get together and make up pretend menus and Caillou makes a bowtie for himself and pretends to be a waiter. As Julie and Rosie sit down to eat, he brings them their menus and has them order off of them. He even gets four pennies out of "Julie" as payment, although when he asks Rosie for payment, she manages to bargain it down to one penny. It's now time for Caillou to order, so Julie takes on the part of the waiter. Caillou tells her that he doesn't have any money to pay her with. She tells him that if you can't pay, you have to do the dishes. Caillou tells her that he wanted to anyway. He says he's glad that he didn't go to Mommy and Daddy's restaurant because their restaurant is much more fun. "The Big Boat" Today, Caillou and his family are going to ride on a sailboat. It's morning and Caillou uses a toy boat of his to play pretend about their journey. To help demonstrate, Daddy adds a sail to the boat. Mommy then says that it's time to leave for the marina. Daddy has Caillou put on sneakers, saying that they're the best shoes for riding in a boat. He also gives Caillou a toy pinwheel. The sailboat they're going on is white and is owned by a friend of theirs named Helen. They get to the marina and at first Caillou doesn't see the boat, but with Mommy and Daddys' help, he spots it. Helen welcomes everyone aboard. She has them all put on lifejackets. Then, she takes Daddy and Caillou to see her indoor boathouse, but Mommy and Rosie stay outside because Rosie has taken an interest in watching the seagulls. Helen shows Caillou that her boat has lots of different things, such as a kitchen, a bathroom and even a bed. After this exploration, Helen gives everyone some grapes. It's getting windy, so it's time to set sail. They go sailing, but then the boat stops, so the sails have to be turned in the direction the wind is blowing. Rosie gets scared as the boat goes faster and faster, but calms down when Caillou gives her his pinwheel. Helen lets Caillou be the captain of the boat for a bit and wear her cap. Finally, the visit comes to an end. Helen gets back her cap and Caillou gets back his pinwheel. That night, Caillou is still thinking about the boating experience, so he sails his toy boat in the bathtub. "Sticking to It!" Caillou's looking for one of his favorite toys, a tractor. He's looked all around, but can't find it, so he yells for Mommy. Mommy looks at his room and suggests that he clean it, think that maybe if he did, he might be able to find it. Cailllou starts to clean up. He finds a toy airplane of his, but then he ends up accidentally stepping on the tractor, which was buried under a pile of clothes. He shows it to Mommy, who figures it wouldn't have happened if his room had been such a mess. She tells him that she has an idea that could make housework fun. She and Caillou get together and make up a sticker chart. Rosie joins in too and gets her own chart. The chart includes various tasks and each time Caillou or Rosie does one of them, they get a sticker. Caillou gets a sticker for cleaning up a glass of milk he spills. Caillou and Rosie also both get stickers for brushing their teeth. Then, Caillou notes a very nice dinosaur sticker. Mommy says that if he wants such a special sticker, he'll have to do something special for it. So Caillou cleans up all of the clothes and stuff lying around his room and he earns the special sticker. Rosie also gets another sticker because she helped out with the cleaning. "New Clothes" Caillou is sitting at the breakfast table, stirring the milk in his cereal bowl. Daddy is on the phone, but he's just getting off and says that Grandma and Grandpa are having an anniversary party tonight. Caillou's excited at the idea of a party and wants to go right away, but the party's not until the evening and Caillou isn't even dresed yet. Mommy suggests that maybe today he can dress himself. Caillou tries this and ends up in a red shirt with blue shorts. However, upon closer examination, Daddy finds that he is actually wearing two shorts. Furthermore, he takes him inside and shows him that it's a bit nippy out. Caillou decides to reconsider the shorts idea. So he tries again and this time puts on a green shirt and a pair of pants, but the pants are on backwards. That evening, it comes time for the anniversary party and now it's time to put on some nicer clothes. Caillou dons some clothes he feels are pretty nice, but when he sees Daddy and Grandpa looking very spiffy in their clothing, he decides to reconsider his apparel and comes back in something even nicer, even wearing a tie, although he needs a little help getting the tie on properly.moreless
  • It's Cold Outside! Brrr!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 1/11/10

    When Caillou's family makes a springtime visit to Jonas' ranch, he takes them on a sleigh ride to a maple forest where Caillou discovers how the maple sap is collected from maple trees and gets to help collect some. The twins, Jason and Jeffrey, have come to play with Caillou in the snow. An investigation into some small tracks in the snow, leads them to a mischievous and playful squirrel that soon has them running around the yard. Exhausted, they drop in the snow and make some tracks of their own: snow angels. When Caillou, Rosie and Mom head to the big park, Caillou sees André and they decide to build a snow fort. Sarah shows up and the boys put the fort to the test as they start a fun snow fight. Caillou and his family are heading to the tobogganing hill! What fun it is to climb the hill and race down surrounded by people having a good time. Caillou is curious when they see a sled dog and his master giving a sled show. He even gets to ride the sled with Rosie! When Mom drives Sarah to her skating lesson, Caillou decides he wants to take skating lessons too!moreless
  • Machines! Brrrrrmmm!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 7 - 2/18/03

    Machines mainly involve transportation. Caillou rides on the subway, does repairwork on his bike and accompanies his parents to go car shopping after a mechanical failure in their old car. Caillou also pretends to be a bulldozer.

    Today, Rexy is hiding inside a box when Gilbert and Teddy come outside and say it's lunchtime. There are three boxes and they can't find him in two of them. He then pops up of the one in the middle and scares them both. He wants to play a game, pretending that the boxes are a singing train. It's okay with Gilbert, just as long as it doesn't take too long. He's getting hungry. So they all sing the "Silly Train" song and arrive back in time for lunch. As for Caillou, he's learning all sorts of things about machines and even doing some machine operating of his own. "As Good As New" Caillou's inside watching Sarah biking from a window and asks Daddy if they can go biking too. Daddy says that it's a good idea, since it's a nice day out. They head outside and both get their bikes, checking to make sure that everything is okay with them, such as air pressure on the tires. They bid goodbye to Mommy and Rosie who are going out to shop. Just then, Leo and his Dad show up. Leo has a fancy new bike with a flag and streamers. Caillou wants to try it out, but at first Leo won't let him. Leo's Dad urges Leo to let Caillou ride it for a bit, saying that he's sure Caillou would let him ride his bike. Caillou has fun riding on it and thanks Leo for letting him try it. Leo and his Daddy head on their way and now Caillou seems a bit sad. He wants his bike to be like Leo's. Daddy says that if they clean their bikes, he's sure they would be better. So they clean them off, but Caillou still isn't satisfied. He wants streamers (or "steamers" as he calls them at first) and a flag. They go inside and use yarn and other materials to create these things. Caillou decorates his bike and now it looks nice like Leo's. Mommy and Rosie return home and Mommy gives Caillou a toy horn she got when she was out shopping. Now it's time to ride. Daddy, Caillou, Mommy and Leo and his Dad all go for a ride together. "Trip on the Subway" Caillou is going to Clementine's. He's just finishing talking to Clementine on the phone and he gives it to Mommy because Clementine's Mom wants to talk to her. After Mommy gets off the phone, she tells Caillou that they'll be going to Clementine's just as soon as she finishes writing a letter. Caillou's a bit annoyed because he wanted to go right away. Just then, Dadd comes in the door. He's going to work and has to leave in a hurry. He's taking the car and doesn't have time to take Caillou over to Clementine's, although he can drop Rosie off at Grandma's. Caillou wonders how they'll get to Clementine's without the car. Mommy says that they'll take the subway, which she describes as an underground train. Caillou thinks this is a neat idea, since he likes trains. At the subway station, he sees a female guitarist, who people have been giving money for her efforts. Mommy gives some money to Caillou to give to her. They talk with a subway attendant who looks kind of like Daddy who gives them each a ticket. Caillou tries to go through the turnstile, which he thinks is stuck. Mommy shows him that his ticket will get it unstuck. After the turnstile, they push a button on a machine to get another ticket. This one is just a ticket stub, though, which Mommy says that Caillou can keep as a souvenir. Caillou wants to go through the turnstile again and the attendant happily obliges. Mommy shows Caillou a map of the subway, pointing out where they are and where they're heading. Caillou hears an announcement on the intercom and is startled by it. He's also startled by the heat produced by the oncoming train, but once he sees the bright colors of the train, he's not scared anymore. On the train, he wants to change seats, but Mommy tells him he has to wait until the train stops. He does and then pretends that he's riding backwards. Over at Clementine's, Clemtine's Mom offers to drive them home. Caillou really liked the subway though and he wants to take it home - right away! Mommy suggests that he at least play with Clementine first. "Caillou and the Bulldozer" Caillou and Mommy are out walking when Caillou sees a large, red truck go by. He sees it pull into a construction site and wonders where it went. Mommy shows him a hole in the fence where he can look through. It's too high up for Caillou to see through, so Caillou asks Mommy to lift him up. She does, but not before getting him to say "please." (But not before getting him to turn around the blue-and-yellow pinstriped cap he happens to wearing backwards.) Inside the construction site, Caillou sees a bulldozer moving a mound of dirt. He says that he wants to be a big bulldozer when he grows up. Mommy quips that then maybe someday she can watch him through the hole. Mommy says that they have to go home, but Caillou wants to keep watching. They go home anyway and Caillou pretends to be a bulldozer. At home, Caillou grabs a dustpan and really gets into his role. He finds Rosie and bulldozes down a block tower she made. Rosie's not pleased, so Caillou shows her that bulldozers don't just wreck things, by rebuilding the tower. He heads onwards and finds Daddy, who's going out to rake leaves. This is a perfect job for a bulldozer. With Caillou the bulldozer's help, it isn't long before the leaves are all raked up. "Caillou's Test Drive" Caillou is outside playing with a toy car when Mommy pulls up in the car. The car's not sounding very good and Daddy says that they should take it in for repair. Mommy says that instead, they'll go look at some new cars. They go to a dealership and meet a nice salesman, who asks what kind of car they're looking for. Caillou not-so-helpfully specifies that they want one that's not broken. They check out one with a voice-warning system, but decide that Caillou and Rosie already make enough noise in the car. They check out a mobile home and then a convertible, which fascinates Caillou, since it apparently doesn't have a roof. They take it for a test drive and the salesman demonstrates that you can just hit a button when it rains and the roof covers the car. Back at the car lot, he hands Daddy a price list. Both Daddy and Mommy agree that new cars are a lot of money. They decide they'll just get the old one repaired. So they send it to the garage and it isn't long before it's back good as new. Then, Caillou breaks his toy car, but Daddy says that he can fix it.moreless

  • All Kinds of Weather

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 10/18/06

    Rain, sleet, sun, and snow: Caillou is amazed by all the ways that weather changes. He's nearly in a state during a thunderstorm until Dad explains what thunder is (and how to tell it's going away). Caillou also makes the best of a rainy day by splashing in puddles. And when a winter storm hits, Mom and Dad make a scary blackout into a fun indoor camping trip, complete with sleeping bags and marshmallows! Mom is making one of her special snowman cakes, which means Caillou and Rosie have to go to the shop with her to get the ingredients. Then Caillou gets lost in the shop…but it all works out fine in the end. On another day, when Caillou's kite-flying plans are defeated by rain, he creates a pirate ship in his living room.moreless
  • The World Around Me!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 2/17/03

    Caillou plays at the park, finds an old toy train, receives a gift from Grandma and creates a "doghouse" (cathouse?) for Gilbert.

    Today, Rexy is outside pretending to be an explorer. He's already conquered "Mount Sandbox" and now he's going to explore the world around him. Teddy comes out and Rexy tells him that he's searching for such things as icebergs and volcanoes. He thinks he hears a volcano, but it turns out that it's actually thunder. Gilbert shows up and says that it was thunder and they'd best be getting inside. Rexy can't believe this is happening. He's not done exploring yet. It's starting to rain and it's totally spoiled his plans. Gilbert and Teddy say that rain is important. It helps to water the flowers, among other things. Rexy is still upset and sings a song about how there's nothing to do and he wasn't expecting this. Eventually, he changes his mind and decides that it could be fun to play indoors. Just then, though, the sky clears up and Gilbert and Teddy send him on his way. Cailliou is exploring the world around him too, whether it be at his own house or at the park in his neighborhood. "Caillou's Favorite Plate" Caillou's Grandma has given him a plate with spaceships on it and he loves it. He's just going to bed and wants to sleep with it, but Mommy suggests that it would be best if she takse it downstairs. It'll be there for him in the morning. In the morning, Caillou comes downstairs and sees Rosie admiring the plate. Caillou's upset that Rosie is apparently messing with his plate, so Daddy gives it to him. He tells him that Rosie was just admiring it. Caillou has breakfast on his plate, pretending that his toast is a rocket. Mommy takes the plate to wash it off, so Caillou heads off and draws a space picture. It finally gets to be lunchtime (or "tupper" as Rosie calls it) and Caillou can't wait to have macaroni and cheese on his plate. Daddy washes off Caillou's hands and then they have a problem. The plate is nowhere to be found. Caillou really wants the plate, but Mommy says it'll have to wait till after lunch. Lunch doesn't go very well for Caillou, as without the plate, he's lost his appetite. They finally begin the search, but it's nowhere to be found. Finally, when they think they've looked just about everywhere, it turns out the plate was in a container right around where Rosie was playing. Daddy says that for finding the plate, it's time for a "space snack." "Games in the Park" Caillou is outside with Rosie and Rosie wants to play with a bouncy ball they have. Caillou rolls it over to her and they play for a little while until Miss Martin, Caillou's daycare instructor shows up. She's there with Caillou's friends, as they're all going to the park together. Rosie wants to come too, but Mommy says that she can't. So Rosie just waves goodbye. Miss Martin says that she has a new game and Leo says that he's going to win. Caillou counters that he will. At the park, they have fun crawling through a playground tube until Miss Martin calls everyone over. It's time for her game and they're going to be playing in teams of two. Caillou and Leo immediately try to pair themselves in a team, but Miss Martin says that she'll be drawing the teammates randomly. (Although somehow it ends up being one boy and one girl on each team.) Caillou is paired with a girl named Mara, an orange-haired girl with glasses, who looks almost boyish. Miss Martin's game is bean-bag race in which one member from each team runs a course. They'll then have to run back and hand off their bean-bag to their partner, who will then complete the course. Caillou really loves the race, but it comes time to handoff the beanbag, he forgets and heads off for the finish line. Mara's aghast and can't believe Caillou forgot her. Caillou crosses the finish line first, but because he didn't hand off, Clementine and Leo win the race. They then create a new race, adding in elements of pushing the beanbags down the slides and an idea of Leo's to walk along the edge of the sandbox. This time, Caillou and Mara still don't win the race, but Caillou doesn't mind. Mara actually got to play this time and Caillou enjoyed trying to walk along the edge of the sandbox, finding it more difficult than he thought it was going to be. Miss Martin then gives them all beanbags of their own - filled with jellybeans! Caillou takes his home and teaches Mommy and Rosie the race he learned and shares the jellybeans with them. Mommy and Rosie enjoy the race so much that they want to try it again. Caillou says that they can't, as he's all out of jellybeans. "All Aboard" Caillou is helping Daddy dust some bookshelves. As they dust, they come across an old photo album with a black-and-white picture of Daddy. Caillou thinks that it's of him, but it's actually of Daddy, when he was four years old. In the picture, he's at Grandpa's house, playing with an old trainset. Caillou wonders if the trainset is still around and Daddy thinks that it probably is. They'll have to wait until the dusting is done to go over and look for it though. To keep himself busy, Caillou goes off and plays with Teddy and his own train. Finally, they head over to Grandpa's. They search all over for the trainset in the basement, but can't find it anywhere. They do, however, find an old train conductor's cap of Daddy's, which Caillou puts on. Grandpa's sure he didn't throw it away and they finally find it in a cabinet. They wonder if it still works. They set it up and it's still working quite well. Daddy and Grandpa show Caillou how it works. They have fun with it and Grandma snaps a photo of all of them together, which placed with the other pictures in the old photo album. "Gilbert's House" Caillou and Daddy are out walking. It's a cold autumn day and so they're hurrying home. As they head home, Caillou points out a small little house. Caillou's Daddy tells him that it's actually a doghouse. Caillou sees that there's a dog in it. When they get home, Caillou decides that Gilbert might like a house too. Daddy thinks that it's a great idea, although Gilbert doesn't seem to sure. Caillou goes down to the basement and looks for a box for the house, while Gilbert watches on. He finds one he thinks is just right and gets Mommy's permission to use it. She sees that Gilbert has already hopped into it, so it would seem he's claiming it for his own. Caillou colors it red, blue and green and draws some doors and windows on it. He has Daddy cut it so that it has actual, real doors and windows. Daddy also gets out a small piece of carpeting for Gilbert to use as a bed. Caillou thinks the house is ready, but Gilbert refuses to step foot in it. Daddy suggests that maybe it would be better if it had some of Gilbert's things in it. So they get Gilbert's toy mousey and now Gilbert is ready to try it out.moreless

  • People I Love

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 5 - 2/14/03

    Caillou gets a Valentine's Day card, learns about dancing, plays baseball and has a sleepover.
  • I'm Learning!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 4 - 2/13/03

    Caillou visits a ranch, plays firefighter, goes to the store and learns about telling time.
  • Sounds and Music!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 2/12/03

    Caillou learns about playing the tuba, searches his attic with his Mom and visits the gym class of a friend.
  • Changing Plans!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 2/11/03

    Caillou plays in the rain, plays pretend and learns about playing by the rules. He also pretends to be a superhero, with his little sister, Rosie.
  • Knowing How!

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 1 - 2/10/03

    In one segment, Caillou learns that he lives at 17 Pine St. when a letter addressed to him is mistakenly delivered to his next-door neighbor Sarah. In other segments, Caillou learns to ice skate and attempts teaching the alphabet to his little sister Rosie. Beginning with this episode, there is only one puppet segment and it features Rexy forming a band. Rexy is looking for musicians and instruments and he manages to get Teddy and Gilbert to join his band, although at first Gilbert won't join right away, as he's busying practicing his tai-chi. He comes up with a name for them, "Rexy's Rock Band" and chooses the trumpet for himself to play. When Rexy tries to play the trumpet at first, it sounds awful and he believes the instrument to be broken. The puppets tell him that he just needs to learn how to play and practie. Rexy tries again and is still awful, so he wants to give up. Gilbert says that he had trouble with tai-chi at first, but the important thing is to not give up and keep practicing. Rexy finally gets a good note and he puts it together with Gilbert and Teddy to make a nice song. He figures that they'll soon be touring the neighborhood. In the Caillou segments, Caillou is learning how to do all sorts of things and he even gets some chances to pass some of his knowledge onto others. "Where I Live" Caillous is drawing sidewalk pictures when his Daddy asks him for help. He wants Caillou to help him drive a wheelbarrow of dirt to the flower garden. After Caillou helps Daddy with this, Sarah from next door calls him over to her house. She says that she got a letter for Caillou. It was addressed incorrectly and so ended up coming to her. It said 15 Pine Street, Sarah's address. Caillou's is 17 Pine Street. Sarah shows Caillou that she's created a helpful rhyme to remember her address. Daddy helps Caillou to come up with his own rhyme to remember 17 Pine Street. Sarah draws a 17 onto Caillou's sidewalk picture of his house and inside, Caillou uses refrigerator magnets to make the number 17. Mommy opens Caillou's letter and they find that it's an invitation to Clementine's birthday party, that Saturday at one. She has Caillou call Clementine's house to confirm the invitation and also to pass on the correct address. Caillou talks to Clementine's Mom and uses the rhyme he learned to tell her his correct address. Then, Clementine's Mom puts Clementine on the phone and Caillou tells her that he's coming to her party. "Skating Lessons" Caillou is outside, pretending to fly a box airplane. Sarah shows up, as Caillou's Mommy is taking her to go figure skating. Caillou doesn't understand this, as it's summer and he believes that you can only skate in winter. He doesn't know about indoor arenas. When Caillou, Sarah and Mommy arrive at the arena, Caillou doesn't understand why there are people wearing ice skates indoors. Mommy shows Caillou that they have special indoor ice that won't melt because they keep everything very cold. Caillou sees Sarah skating and wonders if he can skate too. Sarah suggests that Caillou take lessons. Caillou asks his Mommy if he can. A few days later, they return to the arena for Caillou's first lessons. They meet, George, the skating instructor. Caillou joins the other young students on the ice and he wonders if his Mommy is going to come with him, but his Mommy says that she'll just watch him from the sidelines, as she doesn't have any skates. George gives the students their first lesson, how to fall properly. He demonstrates by falling himself. The kids all find this funny. George says that if they ever fall, it's okay because they can just get right back up. Next, he asks them to walk in the skates between some cones and he has Caillou goes first. Caillou is only able to walk a few steps towards the cones before he falls. He gets back up and tries again. Another kid falls and Caillou falls again too, just as he's completing the cones. They practice some more and afterwards, George gives everyone a sticker. Caillou wonders out loud why he isn't as good as Sarah. He says that he doesn't want to come back, but his Mommy encourages him to give it another try. Then, Caillou sees the zamboni, which he finds very interesting. His Mommy explains it's purpose, to lay down new water to form fresh ice. At home, Caillou changes his box plane into a zamboni. He doesn't want to go back to his lessons, but his Mommy says that he should at least go once more and then if he still doesn't want to do it any more, he doesn't have to come back. She also promises that after the lessons, he can stay to see the zamboni. At the lessons, a new kids shows up and George makes the new kid Caillou's project. He wants Caillou to get the kid up to speed on the things they learned before. Caillou demonstrates falling and other important things for the kid. Eventually, the lesson ends, but this time, Caillou doesn't want to leave, as he's having fun. Mommy says that they'll come back and she also wants Caillou to meet someone. Caillou meets the driver of the zamboni, Henry. Henry lets Caillou ride in the zamboni and Caillou even gets to honk the horn. "Just Like Me" Caillou is in the park with Rosie and his Mommy. Clementine shows up. She shows Caillou that her brother, Billy, taught her how to ride her bike without training wheels. Caillou notes that he's a big brother and tries to think of something that he's taught Rosie. He can't come up with anything and is disappointed. As he, Rosie and Mommy leave the park, he helps Rosie to fasten her helmet. At home, Caillou is building with train tracks and he teaches Rosie to put two of them together. He excitedly heads off to get Mommy to show her what Rosie did, but when he returns, Rosie has taken them apart. Mommy figures that Rosie's too young to do it. Caillou is annoyed and complains that he's not a very good big brother, since he can't teach Rosie anything. Mommy says that he is a good big brother and that Rosie watches everything he does and copies him. She suggests that Caillou teach Rosie the A B C song. Caillou does and at first Rosie messes up, getting some of the letters out of order. But then Caillou shows the alphabet with refrigerator magnets and Rosie finally gets it right, at least some of it. Mommy says that Caillou can't stop now. He should teach Rosie the rest of the song. "Just In Time" It's morning and is time for breakfast. Mommy tells Caillou not to dawdle, as they're meeting Leo at the park. Caillou seems to pay attention, but when he sees his toy car, he just has to stop to play with it. He arrives at the kitchen, where Rosie has already eaten her breakfast. Worse, he hasn't even changed clothes or brushed his teeth yet. He keeps stopping to play with his toy car. In the bathroom, he plays some more and so ends up taking forever to brush his teeth. Then, he takes forever to get dressed. They finally leave, but on the way to the playground, Caillou keeps stopping to look at things such as caterpillars. When they arrive at the playground, they are too late and Leo and his Mommy have to be on his way. That evening, Caillou wants his Daddy to read him three bedtime stories. His Mommy, however, reminds him of what happened that morning, saying that there won't be time for any bedtime stories if he messes around like he did. Caillou's Daddy decides to make it into a game. He gets out an hourglass and says that if Caillou can get ready in five minutes, he'll get to hear three bedtime stories. Caillou treats it like a game and gets everything done before the sand even runs out, so Daddy keeps his promise.moreless
  • Fall is in the Air (L'automne est dans l'air)

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 40 -

    In order: Caillou Rakes the Leaves Pumpkin Patch Kid Caillou Loves Halloween Thanksgiving Dinner -------------------------- Caillou rakes leaves, picks a pumpkin (whoa! gargantuous pumpkins!) and celebrates Thanksgiving. Puppet segments: The puppet enjoys autumn/fall and it's festivities, and prepares for winter. Caillou Rakes the Leaves Lifted from the original series. Caillou and Rosie are playing in the leaves. His parents join in. Soon, Caillou's mom has to go in and make supper. But Caillou decides that he wants to help his dad rake the leaves. While doing so, he imagined that the leaf piles were big houses. Soon, it's getting dark, and the leaves are raked. They head indoors, and Caillou that he has a leaf on his head. The end. Pumpkin Patch Kid Caillou visits pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins for Halloween. Caillou sees pumpkins of various sizes and even plays slide on one of them. Caillou then has problems deciding which pumphin he wants, but finally picks one that he likes the best. Back home, daddy and mommy helps carve the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. Caillou's about to throw away the innards of the pumpkin when Grandma stops him and uses the innards to bake a pumpkin pie. They then light the lantern and takes a photograph. Caillou Loves Halloween Lifted from the original series. Caillou and Rosie gets ready for Halloween, but Rosie bails out in the last minute because she is suddenly reminded on how she used to hate clowns by her costme, leaving Caillou to go out with daddy. Caillou meets up with Leo and Clementine, and they go around the neighbourhood trick-or-treating together. They all then go over to Caillou's place. The end. Thanksgiving Dinner Caillou's parents are preparing for thanksgiving dinner. Caillou helps his parents prepare for thanksgiving, when he sees a pile of leaves outside. he goes outside and plays in them for a while. He then goes indoors and helps out, but ends up messing up the centerpiece. Caillou gets frustrated. Mommy explains to Caillou the meaning of Thanksgiving, and Caillou decides to help some more. He finishes laying ou the table, then sets up a path of leaves leading to the dining room. In the end, the dinner was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves.moreless
  • Getting the Message

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 39 -

    Caillou learns about a number of different ways of communicating. As for the puppets, Gilbert is working on another of his odes, whereas Teddy seems to be upset about something and doesn't want to talk about it. Gilbert and Rexy consult the "appropriate reference text" and learn that the only language Teddy bears truly understand is a hug. "Caillou's Phone Call" Lifted from the original series. Caillou has important stuff to tell Mommy. Rosie tore up a book and he drew her a picture and wants to show it to her. Every time he tries to speak to her though, he's interrupted by the ringing of the telephone and Mom's forced to ignore him. Then a call comes in and Mom hands the phone over to Caillou. It's Grandma. She comes over with a dog she regularly dogsits, Rover. When the phone rings, Rover goes nuts and Caillou discovers that he and Rover have something in common. "Caillou's Secret" (A42 wip title: "Smile! You're on Caillou Camera") Mom's birthday is coming up and Dad wants to get her something extra-special. He decides that the best present would be a picture of Caillou and Rosie. Rosie's afraid of the camera, but she's able to smile for the camera when distracted with a toy that she likes. Meanwhile, Caillou and Rosie are told to "zip their lips" so that they don't reveal the "you know what" to Mommy. "Caillou meets Robbie" (A42 wip title: "I Can't Quite Hear You, But We Can Still Be Friends") Caillou goes to the park and sees a boy that he's never sand before making a sand castle. He goes over and asks him if he can help, but the boy just ignores him. This bothers Caillou and so he goes to his mom, who talks to the boy's mom standing nearby. They just moved in and the boy's name is Rob. She explains that Rob is deaf and so he can't hear Caillou. Caillou doesn't get it at first though. He thinks that perhaps if he were to talk really loudly, Rob might be able to hear him. It doesn't work, but eventually Caillou starts picking up on Rob's sign language. Rob's mom agrees to let Rob come over to Caillou's. They play for a while and Caillou wonders about Rob's sign language. It's explained to him and then Rob has to leave. He parts, having made a new friend. "A Frog in Caillou's Throat" (a42 wip title: "Let's Play Charades" ) Repeat of Episode 13 , Segment #1. At first, Caillou's throat is sore and he's given some medicine and instructed to go to bed. But then, the next morning, it seems he's lost his voice. So instead of saying what he wants, he uses hand signals and body movement (charades) to communicate.moreless
  • Vacations

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 38 -

    In the puppet segments, Teddy is sad and has a broken heart because Caillou went on vacation to a warm and sunny beach with his family, but he got left behind. He was all ready to go, but Caillou's Mommy forgot him on the stairs. Rexy sees that Teddy is sad and enlists Gilbert's help to cheer him up. They decide to pretend that they too are on vacation. At first, Teddy won't join in, but when they use the subtle tactic of tossing a beach ball in his direction, he can't help but join in the fun. In the main program, Caillou enjoys some vacationing of his home and also experiences sadness when one of his friends goes away on their own vacation. "Caillou Flies on a Plane" Lifted from the original series. Caillou and his family are on a plane trip. Caillou is curious about everything, even his seatbelt. His Daddy tells him not to mess with it, as they're taking off. As the plane takes off, Caillou happily watches the disappearing ground. Once in the air, Caillou enjoys an airplane breakfast of eggs and juice. His Daddy listens to some music, but Caillou becomes curious about the volume controls and causes the music to blast at full volume. Then, the pilot shows up and invites Caillou and Daddy to the flight deck. Caillou enjoys watching them fly through the clouds and is given a junior pilot pin by the pilot. The plane finally lands and a flight attendant thanks them for flying and says that she hopes to see them on their return flight. "Caillou at the Beach" Repeat of a segment first shown in "Summertime" and lifted from the original series. Caillou's family goes to the beach. It's Caillou and Rosie's first time. Caillou goes into the water with his Daddy. He has a picnic with his family, but a seagull steals his sandwich. He follows a crab to the sea and sees lots of sea creatures. Then, he builds a sand castle with his Mom. Finally, the tide comes in and they have to leave for the time being, but they'll come back the next day (and the next day and the next day...) "Caillou Misses Sarah" Caillou is helping Daddy make a birdhouse. The doorbell rings and Caillou goes to get it, although Mommy answers it first. It's Sarah. She's just come over to drop off a note. She and her family are leaving on vacation and the note is a list of instructions on taking care of things at her house, which Caillou's family has a agreed to do. Caillou's upset that Sarah's leaving, but he still wants her to see his birdhouse. They work on it and paint it together, but then Sarah's Mom calls and Sarah has to leave to finish packing. Later, Rosie wants to help with the birdhouse, but Caillou won't allow it. It's his and Sarah's. Caillou finishes his painting and goes to Sarah's house with Mommy. There, they get the mail and also have a run-in with Sarah's cat, Ollie, who scatters the mail. Caillou feeds the cat and tours Sarah's house with Mommy, watering the plants. Caillou thinks Sarah is taking an awful long time to come home, but Sarah sends Caillou a postcard, talking about all the relatives she's visiting in China. One day, Caillou and Mommy are heading out to Sarah's when Rosie notices a bird in the birdhouse. The entire family goes over to Sarah's and find that she and her family are back home. Caillou can't wait to show Sarah his birdhouse, but first he gets a present from Sarah, a Chinese folded-paper fan. "Caillou Goes Camping" Lifted from the original series. Caillou's grandpa is over at Caillou's place. They're playing about when Caillou's grandpa reminices about the time he went camping with Caillou's dad a long time ago. Caillou wants to go camping, too. So they do. They set up a tent and go nature hiking around the garden. At night, they have marshmallows and look at the stars. Then it was time to sleep. But it was too noisy. Grandpa has a solution, though. The next thing we know, we see Caillou's mom calling them up for breakfast. And the tent's in the living room. Turns out that the night noises frightened Caillou. So they moved everything indoors.moreless
  • Old and New

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 37 - 3/15/02

    In order: Caillou's Hiding Place The Rummage Sale Caillou's T-shirt Trouble
  • Caillou's Neighborhood

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 36 - 3/14/02

    In order: Caillou is Not Afraid Anymore A Helping Hand New Kids on the Block
  • Adventure!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 34 - 10/12/01

    Contains: - Caillou Goes to the Car Wash - Caillou and the Atlas (or: Far Away Home!) and - Caillou's School Bus - Caillou goes to the theme park Puppet segments: - Rexy and Deedee finds a box in the back yard, they get under it and start going on an imaginary adventure. Meanwhile, Gilbert's having a snooze after teasing a bulldog in the neighbourhood, and starts having nightmares about it.moreless
  • Try, Try Again

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 33 - 10/11/01

    In order: New Leaf Try, Try Again Caillou Learns to Swim Caillou Hurts Himself
  • Grown-Ups and Me

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 32 - 10/10/01

    In order: Caillou's New Babysitter Too Many Cooks Caillou at Daycare
  • Games to Play

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 31 - 10/9/01

    In order: Scavenger Hunt Caillou Goes Strawberry Picking Caillou's Big Kick Caillou's All Alone
  • Celebrations

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 30 - 10/8/01

    Caillou and the gang celebrate a number of different events, while the puppets are busy going about their business. Gilbert is trying to write an ode to a daisy, but can't think of anything that rhymes with "great elation." Teddy looks to be busy preparing some kind of fesitivity and Rexy's just around moping that Caillou is away and all of the other puppets seem to be too busy to play with him. "The Piñata" (A42 wip title: "Xavier's Mexican Birthday Party") Caillou gets up early because he's eager to receive an invitation in the mail to his friend Xavier's birthday party. The mail comes, but Rosie is also up and about and she snatches Caillou's letter and none of the rest of the mail, making it look like it didn't show up. Then Rosie appears with the letter and they realize what's happened. The letter mentions a pinata and Mom tells Caillou there's a special surprise inside the pinata. Caillou wants to know what it is, but he can't find out... until the party. "Happy New Year" (A42 wip title: "Chinese New Year") Caillou feeds Gilbert and then goes looking for him outside. But the cat that comes in isn't Gilbert, but rather his friend Sarah's cat, Ollie. He goes to Sarah's to return Ollie and it turns out that Gilbert was over there trying to eat Ollie's food. Meanwhile, Sarah has a special guest at her house, her cousin Lee-Wun. They're celebrating Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger and ask Caillou if he wants to join them. The offer is made tempted when he's told that he'll get to see a dragon, but Caillou's not so sure. Caillou's Birthday Present Lifted from the original series. It's Caillou's birthday, and he's hoping for a particular special dinosaur. His grandma gives him a present. He opens it. It's a t-shirt with a picture of the special dinosaur on it, but no special dinosaur. Caillou's upset by it. The guests arrive, and so the play some games. Soon, it's presents opening time. Caillou opens the gifts, but no special dinosaur. Caillou's parents thats points out to Caillou that he missed a box. Caillou opens it, and it's that special dinosaur Caillou wanted. Caillou is happy. The end. "Surprise Party" (A42 wip title: "Surprise Party For Grandpa") Repeat of a segment first shown in "Caillou Helps Out". After Grandma tells Caillou that Grandpa was too sick to have a party on his birthday, Caillou is in disbelief. He decides to throw a belated birthday party for Grandpa and Rosie helps.moreless
  • All in a Day's Work

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 29 - 11/1/07

    In order: Caillou Gets Dressed Caillou Stays Up Late Caillou Helps with Lunch Caillou in the Bathtub

    "All in a Day's Work" (A42 WIP title: "My Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off") It's morning and Gilbert wakes Caillou up He goes into Mommy and Daddy's room. They wish him good morning. Then, Mommy realizes that their alarm didn't go off. Dad has Caillou go downstairs and feed Gilbert. Mom makes Caillou rush through breakfast and he's not happy about it. In the bathroom, Caillou sees Mom's makeup. He uses it on Rosie, to make her look like Mommy. Mom notices this and Caillou says he wanted Rosie to look like her. Mom scolds him for playing with her makeup. Dad asks Caillou to get dressed so that he and Rosie can go to playgroup, but Caillou doesn't want to . He wants to stay home and play with Daddy. Daddy, however, has to go to work. So Dad goes downstairs and tells Mommy to go ahead on to the playgroup with Rosie. Back upstairs, we learn that Dad's alarm clock definitely isn't going off because he's decided that he can be even later than he is now for work by taking Caillou around the neighborhood to see other people who are working. Caillou meets the mailman, a garbage collector and cops. They also stop an ATM, where Dad clears up Caillou's misconception that the ATM simply "gives him money." (A common misconception among little children.) He drops Caillou off at his playgroup, where he tells Mrs. Martin about all the stuff he did "at work."

  • Springtime!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 28 -

    In order: The Big Chill Spring Cleaning Caillou's Rainy Day Caillou's Picnic
  • Friends

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 27 -

    In order: Three's a Crowd A Friend in Need Caillou's Friends Caillou's Big Friend
  • Caillou Discovers

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 26 -

    In order: The New Computer Big Rock Caillou Goes to Work Caillou Flies on a Plane
  • Knowing I'm Growing

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 24 -

    In order: Caillou's New Shoes Caillou Wants to be Taller Caillou and the Tooth Fairy Caillou's Teddy Shirt
  • Nature (Nature)

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 23 -

    In order: Caillou Goes Birdwatching The Baby Bird Into the Woods (Out of the Woods) Caillou the Jungle Explorer
  • After Dark!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 -

    Contains: Things That Go Bump in the Night The Bad Dream Caillou is Afraid of the Dark Caillou Sleeps Over Puppet segments: Gilbert and Teddy moves around the garden in the dark. Meanwhile, Rexy imagines hunting down a spookindoodle - a ferocious albeit imaginary creature he's created, only to have the tables turned on him by his imagination and he starts running from the imaginary creature he created.moreless
  • Winter!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 6/15/07

    Sarah teaches Caillou to build a snowman, Dad helps him stay upright on his ice skates (and picks him up when he falls down), and Mom shows Caillou the fine points of downhill skiing, including how not to be afraid of the ski lift. When Caillou and Dad get to the vendor too late to buy a good Christmas tree, they decorate one in the yard instead. All the beautiful colored lights chase away the winter gloom. Also, Caillou learns about the Chinese New Year. He even tries some Chinese delicacies, but most exciting of all, he gets to see the famous dragon dance!moreless
  • My Family

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 -

    In order: Say Cheese A New Member of the Family Caillou and Daddy Caillou Goes to the Zoo
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