Caitlin's Way

Season 1 Episode 5

Fear and Falling in Montana

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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Fear and Falling in Montana
In science class, Caitlin and Griffen must do a science project where they drop an egg from 30 ft. without breaking it. Griffen's partner, who happens to be the most popular girl in school, uses him and has Griffen do the project by himself.

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    William S. Taylor

    William S. Taylor

    Mr. Haskins

    Guest Star

    Karen McKenzie

    Karen McKenzie


    Guest Star

    Brendan Fletcher

    Brendan Fletcher


    Recurring Role

    Stephen Warner

    Stephen Warner


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    Tania Saulnier

    Tania Saulnier

    Taylor Langford

    Recurring Role

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      • (After Taylor drops the egg on Caitlin)
        Griffen: I didn't know she was gonna do it!
        Caitlin: (angrily) You're so cool now, right? You got your little blondie!

      • Taylor: (On the phone with Kirsten talking about Griffen) All I do is smile and laugh at his stupid jokes. Then, egghead does all the work and I get an 'A' so I don't flunk the class.

      • Caitlin: People don't like being alone. Thats why Griffen let himself be used by Taylor. Deep down he knew what she was doing, but he just couldn't admit it to himself. Me and Bandit are different. If someone's gonna use us, we'd rather be alone. But that's not gonna happen.

      • Dori: Griff, you look like you just lost your best friend.
        Griffen: Worse. Because of Taylor I got a B minus on the egg drop.
        Dori: Well, maybe next time you'll do things differently.
        Griffen: Yeah, I'll use Grade A eggs.

      • Griffen: (realizing the truth about Taylor) It was me who had to find out she was a ....
        Caitlin & Griffen: Scheming little jerk!
        Griffen: Yeah.

      • Dori: Well, fighting's good - it means that they're getting close.
        Jim: Any closer and we'd have World War III.

      • Jim: The first thing I noticed was she laughed at my jokes.
        Dori: And that wasn't easy. His jokes were bad. And I mean really bad. We're talking they were .....
        Jim: I think they get the point, honey.

      • Griffen: You actually did a nice thing.
        Caitlin: What?
        Griffen: You noticed that I needed something and then without thinking of yourself you did a nice thing like a normal person. Wow.
        Caitlin: Yeah, forget it.
        Griffen: No, no. I owe you one. If you need any help on your project I'm there for you - only when Taylor's not around.
        Caitlin: You know what. Save it. I'm used to doing it alone.

      • Caitlin - ...It's weird, I've been stuck in the middle of crowded streets and never felt more alone, but here I am in the middle of nowhere, and for some strange reason, I don't feel alone at all.

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