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  • One of Teennick's Most Underrated Series

    Caitlin's Way is one of the best series that I have seen on Teennick/Nickelodeon. It is one of the most underrated series as well. The show focuses on Caitlin, a troubled orphaned teen who moves from Philadelphia to Montana to live with relatives that she never knew. Most people complained about the setting, but I disagree. Yes. It could have taken place at another city, town, or suburb. This show was filmed in Canada, at a ranch. The setting is beautiful and shows the wonderful parts of nature. Not many shows these days takes place or filmed at a ranch. The characters are diverse, not annoying,. Caitlin is the tough girl--yet, she likes to ride horses; Griffin (her cousin) is a know-it-all who wants to be cool; her aunt and uncle have interesting jobs and are caring parents and guardians to Caitlin. The soundtrack is perfect, great morals, witty jokes, and enjoyable plots. Caitlin's Way is Nickelodeon's/Teennick's greatest series of all-time.
  • Underrated

    What do you call a great show at its time that did not get a huge following behind it? You call it Caitlin's Way.

    Caitlin's Way was an influential show that taught that you can definitely make it over adversity despite what obstacles life can throw at you. Caitlin was a troubled child on the outside but internally had emotional issues many were not aware of. She needed some kind of outlet to channel her energy through. The only thing I do not like is the setting. It is drop dead gorgeous but so barren would be much better in a suburbs or something. The acting was pretty good as was the writing. This was at a time when Nick would show children television shows that were fun for adults, teens, and children and not this corny childish stuff that is on nowadays nobody can learn from or relate to.
  • This is a classic nick show that I used to love it has a lot of things that make me like it, including that it is different than other nick shows.

    This show follows Caitlin Seeger a troubled teenager who is to either go to jail or go to live with some family in Montana, as she has been tossed from foster home to foster home. She reluctanty choses to go live with some of her family in Montana, which she learns to love. This show is very good and I would reccomend it to everyone...... ..... ..... ....... ....... ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
  • Used to be my favorite show

    To tell you the truth, I don't remember much about this show. It was so long ago and a lot has happened since then. For my sister and I, this show was our favorite. We watched every episode since it first premiered. We loved the horses! Especially Caitlin's. I loved how Bandit saved Caitlin from a wolf in the first season. It was really cool. I guess the biggest thrill for us was how Caitlin never seemes to do what was expected or told of her. She always did whatever she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it. Her photography was also pretty cool. I guess that's why I like photography now. It was a good show, but it also had some bad points. But then again, what show doesn't?
  • liked it a lot.

    I liked this show a lot.It became my favorite some years ago.I remember I usually watched it with my sister and we used to sing the Theme song all day long.I liked Catline.She was a teenager and like everybody else she had problems finding someone she could trust.After all she was a great girl and people that were with her were very lucky.
  • I Like This Show, Except For One Thing....

    I really liked Caitlin's Way. Everything is good in it except of the location... and the worst thing of all....

    .... Is her cousin... He reminds me of some stupid boxer-wearing annoying pale skinny squeaky voiced mean evil jerk that once signed up for All Advanced Placement classes just like all his other friends did just so they'd all have the same classes together, even though they have grown up together, take sports, and go to parties, so they don't need the classes, and the only thing that they do is cheat off of and be mean to the kids the need to be in the AP classes.....

    ..... They both act exactly the same.... and Caitlin should beat him up, and if she did, then that show would be very interesting.....
  • i wish nickelodeon would bring it back.

    This was an amazing show. I wish Nickelodeon would bring it back. It was inspirational in the way that a troubled girl was able to turn her life around. Everyone i knew at the time watched this show. Their kids watched it and my granddaughter watched it. All my granddaughters friends watched it. And it was a good show to watch as a family. It allowed kids to see that just because you make a mistake doesnt mean you cant turn your life around. I loved this show and i was sorry to see it go. I will always miss Caitlin's way and hope they bring it back (or make a spinoff)!
  • A great show that derseves a return to tv

    Caitlin's way was a great series. it was about a troubled teen named Caitlin Seeger. After losing her mother at age 8 and not having her father around, she was placed in the foster care system. This show was very well written. Caitlin, a very troubled teenager, had many run in with the law and was runing out of foster parents. She was given a choice : Move with cousins in Montana that she had never met or jail. she chose her cousins who welcomed her with open arms. This was one of the best series to ever air on Nickelodeon. Her cousin, Dori was at vet and Caitlin bonded with this beautiful horse that she named Bandit. Caitlin's way showed us that even the most torubled teenagers can turn their lives around. bring it back. It was such a good show and such a positive influence of today's youth
  • He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him.

    He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him. It is just so unfair on him all this and he asks her if they can use her money shes going to spend on buying Alexes part of the gym to buy him out. He tells her that she will get her money back because he knows Kane is going to win the court case and it is important to him that his friends have trust in him. She is not sure if getting him out of prison is the right thing, but she agree with him and gives him the money to get him home.
  • Caitlin Seeger is a troubled teenager.She was orphaned at age 8 and has been shuffled from one foster home to another ever since.After running afoul of the law one time too many,she is given the choice between jail and going to live with relatives on a ra

    Caitlin's Way was one of the best shows Nick ever had. It had a serious and well written plot to it and I tuned into it every week. From the first episode where Caitlin arrived at the ranch in Montana instead of jail and was able to get her horse Bandit to all the other episodes I loved it.
  • i loved this show and i wish they would bring it back because...


    i loved this show. i use to come home every sunday and watch it on teen nick on nickelodeon. i thought it had well rounded interesting characters and a great storyline that was never boring but instead the storyline kept the show moving. i also thought that caitlin was a good rolemodel for girls who didnt want to dress and act in the cookie cutter way. if they cant make new episodes of this or rerun it on television then hopefully they can put it out on dvd cuz this was a classic show and i miss it!