Cajun Pawn Stars

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 08, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Very depressing show

    I've watched many episodes of Cajun Pawn Stars and it's the most depressing show. Once you've seen one episode you've seen them all and the items people bring to the store have zero significance and have no history to them.
  • Not as good as the original

    I prefer watching the original show because a rip-off show does`nt exactly feel as exciting as the 1st show. This one kinda has a been there, done that feeling.

    Alexandria, LA is well outside areas of Louisiana that are considered "cajun" by Louisianians. Cajun refers to a specific group of people with a distinct culture and rich history. I know it sounds cooler than "red neck pawnstars" but it's not cool to misrepresent. You would hope the History channel would be concerned with historical accuracy. That being said, it's a pretty good show.
  • Very disappointed!!

    I'm not a fan of the show but my sister n law wanted to go get some antiques priced. Well the ladies in the front are all very nice and entertaining. But the guy who came look at our stuff was the biggest asshole! I'm pretty sure he's the old guys son. He walked up without as much of hey nice to meet you. He looks at our stuff fast and says its not even real, and it's mad of crap metal. So once he made it perfectly clear he wasn't interested he starts to just walk off, so we stop him and we ask well if we wanted to sell it to someone where should we start the price and with an attitude he just says "ummm $0". Didnt say thanks or sorry you had to drive an hr n half to get here! NOTHING! We didn't know what we had but it seemed like he didnt care at all! He made us feel stupid for even thinking it could be worth something! Just because your on tv doesn't make you a big shot! I'm glad I'm not a fan of the show bc that would have really upset me to be treated that way!
  • Nice visit

    We pulled into the parking lot and a employee approached us telling us we could bring our little dog in. She loved it. We enjoyed walking . All the employees were friendly. The store is larger than expected. It was a pleasant stop for us. Did't see any of the " stars". I have to say that I still like the Las Vegas Pawn Stars better. Would love to visit them too.
  • best SHOW EVER

    Love it better then Las Vegas Pawn guys are so predictable. Here is what you will here: It's old, I have to find a buyer, I have to make money on it,.... total rip off !! LOVE Cajun Pawn Stars - they bring in a crud load of Civil War artifacts.
  • Johnie DeRamus Is The Rudest Man !

    I wen to the shop. Waited in line to sell an item to them to Mr. Johnie DeRamus. He got up and left before i could tell him what I had. So my grandmother told another lady working that i needed help. The lady said "Johnie, can you help this young man" So Mr. DeRamus turned around real slow and took a deep breath like he didnt want to help me. I showed him my coins and baseball cards, he said "those coins are foreign, cant do anything with those cards" and he walked away. Didnt say have a nice day or nothing. He was truly the rudest person EVER! Never go to this pawn shop. They treat you like crap!
  • Kind of ironic

    I have lived in the Alexandria area all my life and was a customer at Silver Dollar Pawn of Cajun Pawn Stars a couple dozen times over the years, although I do not frequently go there at the present time. They have added nothing fancy to make the shop look better on camera, I will say that the store looks exactly as it does when it is visited in person, there is no added sets or props or anything. I know a lot of people speculate and think the show and the deals are fake but I do not have direct first hand knowledge about that, however, here is what I do know and think is ironic. About four years ago, I was a customer there showing Mr. Jimmy something I wanted to sell. He was pretty fair about the price and I sold the item to him. I asked him if he had ever watched Pawn Stars and he criticized the show saying, "Yeah, and when they call in an expert it is the old man who owns the shop" and insinuated in similar conversation that it was fake. He also said that his shop was supposed to have originally been the show to create Pawn Stars but negotiations fell through. Well, now they are the second...there is one other thing about the show I can say, they are NOT as friendly as they are on camera. I rarely even got a smile or any kind of greeting when I was there and they were always grouchy and hurried. Real customers are lucky to get a thankyou from them, they are not ever friendly or polite and sometimes they borderline rude.
  • This is not cajun country!

    The history channel and every other channel need to get it correct, Cajun country is below I-10 and west of Houma Louisiana. Anything north is redneck country, and anything east is Creole's and Sabin"s.
  • Not Worth It

    I watched both episodes of this show yesterday when I had some downtime, it was not what I expected. This show just uses the "Pawn Stars" name and expects people to watch it because of they like the Vegas guys. It is not nearly as good as the original; the characters are lifeless and boring, most of the buyers are family/friends, and they constantly low ball people. I was shocked at the $3000 they offered for the Union journals valued at 12000...awful. I will not be watching this on purpose anytime soon.
  • Waste of time, trust me.....

    You seen it right, "ABYSMAL". the theam is good, other that it being called "Pawn Stars" like... That's the only good part of the show. The only customers they have are THIER friends, or Family. It see,s to me, the show just wants to showcase what their family has. Any big deals, "Big Daddy" (as he calls himself) offers are way to low because I think he's afraid to spend any real money. He won't pony up the cash for a General Lee clone? Come on, the car was worth $45 gran just as what it was, let alone a clone car... Then he brings in these "staged" items all the time. You can tell its not a real deal being made. They show his daughter "lil Annie Oakly" shoot a fine rifle and hit a duckie on the first shot.... Think again, if they would have watched closely ( I did ) she MISSED.. I had it DVRd and seen the shot.. Duckie survived... (she hit high and to the right to be exact) then mysteriously the duckie blows up (yes, blows up.. Smoke actually came from it in slow motion) I'm calling you all out as a FRAUD ! It would be a slap in the face to the real "PAWN STARS" to call it a copy cat because this show SUCKS BAD! Do not waste your time..they even offered $3 grad for a cival war journal worth well over $12 + grad.. just shows you, they are TERIFIED to make a big transaction... extreamly cheap and rip off Pawn guys, not Pawn Stars by any means... just lacluster Family n frieds selling stuff to each other.... Mjc...
  • Fantastic show.

    I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the original Pawn Stars on the History Channel. I was completely wrong. The characters are easy to like and the personalities are great. There is also some differences on how they make deals and how they pawn. So that's what made it a bit more interesting in my view. I would say its more easy going and more caring, which makes the show different than the original, where the characters don't always seem to get along and there is some friction involved.