Cajun Pawn Stars

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 08, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Waste of time, trust me.....

    You seen it right, "ABYSMAL". the theam is good, other that it being called "Pawn Stars" like... That's the only good part of the show. The only customers they have are THIER friends, or Family. It see,s to me, the show just wants to showcase what their family has. Any big deals, "Big Daddy" (as he calls himself) offers are way to low because I think he's afraid to spend any real money. He won't pony up the cash for a General Lee clone? Come on, the car was worth $45 gran just as what it was, let alone a clone car... Then he brings in these "staged" items all the time. You can tell its not a real deal being made. They show his daughter "lil Annie Oakly" shoot a fine rifle and hit a duckie on the first shot.... Think again, if they would have watched closely ( I did ) she MISSED.. I had it DVRd and seen the shot.. Duckie survived... (she hit high and to the right to be exact) then mysteriously the duckie blows up (yes, blows up.. Smoke actually came from it in slow motion) I'm calling you all out as a FRAUD ! It would be a slap in the face to the real "PAWN STARS" to call it a copy cat because this show SUCKS BAD! Do not waste your time..they even offered $3 grad for a cival war journal worth well over $12 + grad.. just shows you, they are TERIFIED to make a big transaction... extreamly cheap and rip off Pawn guys, not Pawn Stars by any means... just lacluster Family n frieds selling stuff to each other.... Mjc...
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