Cajun Pawn Stars

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 08, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Kind of ironic

    I have lived in the Alexandria area all my life and was a customer at Silver Dollar Pawn of Cajun Pawn Stars a couple dozen times over the years, although I do not frequently go there at the present time. They have added nothing fancy to make the shop look better on camera, I will say that the store looks exactly as it does when it is visited in person, there is no added sets or props or anything. I know a lot of people speculate and think the show and the deals are fake but I do not have direct first hand knowledge about that, however, here is what I do know and think is ironic. About four years ago, I was a customer there showing Mr. Jimmy something I wanted to sell. He was pretty fair about the price and I sold the item to him. I asked him if he had ever watched Pawn Stars and he criticized the show saying, "Yeah, and when they call in an expert it is the old man who owns the shop" and insinuated in similar conversation that it was fake. He also said that his shop was supposed to have originally been the show to create Pawn Stars but negotiations fell through. Well, now they are the second...there is one other thing about the show I can say, they are NOT as friendly as they are on camera. I rarely even got a smile or any kind of greeting when I was there and they were always grouchy and hurried. Real customers are lucky to get a thankyou from them, they are not ever friendly or polite and sometimes they borderline rude.