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Cake Boss

TLC Premiered Apr 19, 2009 In Season


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Cake Boss
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AIRED ON 1/27/2014

Season 9 : Episode 24

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Baker Buddy Valastro will host this TLC docu-soap about a baker to the stars. Valastro's credits boast confections for Britney Spears and have been featured on The Sopranos. The New Jersey based Italian family runs a bakery in Hoboken, NJ.
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  • Yummy!

    The most delicious show on TV.
  • Not hard to cover Rice Krispies!!

    This guy and his prima donna family are tacky, typical for "not"-reality TV. Argue over stupidity, chest pounding Mr. macho syndrome, and the usual women Princess crap. Gag! NOW, he thinks he is Gordon Ramsey with Buddy's Rescue; the most laughable thing I have seen yet. At least have the manners to eat with your fricking mouth closed and stop smacking your lips, it is crude and disgusting.
  • Really makes cake baking intresting

    Watching this program, I think that the show is really thrilling. It feels like a reality show and manages to deliver at that quality when it needs to. You gotta admit those guys are real artists when it comes to designing cakes.
  • Was great in the beginning

    I watched this in the beginning. The cakes were always nicely shown and decorated, there was a little drama or joke playing, but the interaction between co-workers was good. However, that seems to have changed since they got the factory. It's become all about the publicity for the shops, charities, or clients who order them, followed by 10 minutes of drama because Buddy's sister acts a little rude, Ashley is acting like a baby, etc. Then, near the last 5-10 minutes, they finally buck down and work on the cakes. Seriously, all this fame and money has gone to Buddy's head and only fed the bakery's arrogance.moreless
  • winner should be only one there

    Big fan of all buddy's shows but what's point in next great backer if you go home early and still can work for buddy Ashley won and should not have to put up with Paul done watching shows have no respect for family now

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