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  • Yummy!

    The most delicious show on TV.
  • Not hard to cover Rice Krispies!!

    This guy and his prima donna family are tacky, typical for "not"-reality TV. Argue over stupidity, chest pounding Mr. macho syndrome, and the usual women Princess crap. Gag! NOW, he thinks he is Gordon Ramsey with Buddy's Rescue; the most laughable thing I have seen yet. At least have the manners to eat with your fricking mouth closed and stop smacking your lips, it is crude and disgusting.
  • Really makes cake baking intresting

    Watching this program, I think that the show is really thrilling. It feels like a reality show and manages to deliver at that quality when it needs to. You gotta admit those guys are real artists when it comes to designing cakes.
  • Was great in the beginning

    I watched this in the beginning. The cakes were always nicely shown and decorated, there was a little drama or joke playing, but the interaction between co-workers was good. However, that seems to have changed since they got the factory. It's become all about the publicity for the shops, charities, or clients who order them, followed by 10 minutes of drama because Buddy's sister acts a little rude, Ashley is acting like a baby, etc. Then, near the last 5-10 minutes, they finally buck down and work on the cakes. Seriously, all this fame and money has gone to Buddy's head and only fed the bakery's arrogance.
  • winner should be only one there

    Big fan of all buddy's shows but what's point in next great backer if you go home early and still can work for buddy Ashley won and should not have to put up with Paul done watching shows have no respect for family now
  • Not so good :(

    I Really don't like this is always yelling at them and he is always bluffing sure they are talented it is just not my cup of tea :)
  • Welcome to Carlo's Bakery!

    This reality-series follows the adventures and misadventures of Buddy Valastro, the greatest baker of Hoboken, and certainly one of the greatest bakers in the US. Buddy's cakes are masterpieces and he makes sure that the customer is always right, even if he has sometimes to yell at his employees and get nervous about it.

    But in the end, his family is the most important, and he's always there to prove that he is a wonderful husband, a terrific father and one Hell of a boss, Cake Boss that is. I give this one a 10.
  • Yelling at your employees (and family!) makes for great TV! (that's extreme sarcasm!)

    The trend for shows, these days, is violence and faux-reality, as witnessed by the ultra-violent mixed martial arts battles (hey, who doesn't love the idea of two men lying on a mat with both hugging each other while one pummels the other to a bloody mess, while the other tries to be "man" enough not to cry while being turned into tenderized meat?) and the scripted-but-don't-tell-anyone shows, such as . . . well, ALL of them!

    And then, there are shows which bizarrely combine the two, such as "Cake Boss" on The Learning Channel, which is a blatant rip-off of "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network. I can't imagine what can be "learned" from a jerk who yells at his employees, and, astonishingly, even his customers, except, possibly, that people have become so numb at seeing abuse, if not being abused, either physically or mentally, that one cannot take their eyes off of this train wreck. However, as someone who cannot tolerate such, even if it's scripted or made solely for the benefit of the camera, much less that it is an evil clone of "Ace of Cakes", I will not watch this any more (my total viewing time was about 20 minutes over the course of 3 shows; I kept hoping that the tirades were one-time events). As an aside, I'm wondering how the network executives discussed this concept: "Hey, I got a GREAT idea! Let's copy an existing show which gets good ratings, but find somebody from a parallel and evil universe!" Very "Star Trek", but not good TV, at least not for us who don't like watching faux-wrestling!
  • I like it

    I like this show.I like buddy, adn i like all of the extreme cakes they create. I mean i watch all these other cake shows, and they're okay, but somthing on there cake is messed up somwhere or dosnt look as nice, but on buddys cakes were everything looks perfect. There is also some drama but not a overload of it because its a family bussiness. Its ggod to have some extra parts adn stuff that focus on tradition adn the family and there culture. The show is mainly based on caakes but it also as the little added somthing to make it special.
  • The cake boss brings you into their life

    Here is a very Italian family, acting as Italian families do (arguing) and making some pretty fantastic cakes. I love the in your face attitude of the entire family. Watching the shows brings you into the real action and makes you feel like part of the family too. Love this show, and I watch it every week! The quality and uniqueness of their cakes, being able to share in their triumphs and fights, seeing everything they go through in real life, and being able to see the history that emanates from this family, I haven't seen another reality show this good. My kids even watch with us!
  • pretty cool

    i never watched (or heard of for that matter) ace of cake so i cant really compare but i thought this show was pretty interesting. the things they did with those cakes were pretty amazing espeically the smokig building. the accessories on the fashion cake looked so real i wouldnt have thought they were real. what i didnt like was that the people didnt seem natural, everything seemed staged espcially when they dropped the flour on the delivery boy. also everyone who works there sounds like they're in the Mafia but i guess thats just New Jersey for you. all i know is after watching this i really wanted a peice of cake.
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