Cake Boss - Season 4

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  • Cheeseburgers, Cures, & a Challenge
    Buddy makes a giant Cheeseburger Cake in honor of National Hamburger Month. Later, Buddy and the crew are honored to make a special cake for the American Cancer Society.
  • Parkway Lanes hires Buddy to make their 40th anniversary cake. The owners allow Buddy to get his old bowling team back together and bowl. But Mary decides to get in on the action and creates her own team in a men vs. women match. Buddy's daughter, Sofia is turning 8 and Buddy makes a cake for her communion. Meanwhile, trouble arises at the new factory, delaying construction.moreless
  • 6/20/11
    Chevrolet hires Carlo's Bakery to make a cake featuring a Camaro and Bumblebee of the Transformers for their display at the New York International Auto Show. However, because of the intricate details involved in making it, the cake is being made at a special effects shop. Because of that, Buddy hires his sister, Grace, to run the bakery while he's gone, which ends up leading to problems at the bakery.moreless
  • 6/13/11
    As the bakery gets closer to opening its new factory, Buddy and Joey had been training cousin Anthony to be an apprentice baker, and even though Anthony is family, he makes a lot of mistakes and he fears that Anthony, who's about to turn 21, won't make the cut as a new baker. For Anthony's birthday, Buddy makes a cake of a DJ's "coffin" -- a box that holds all the DJ's equipment, but Buddy has a couple of extra surprises for him. Also: a medevac service hires Buddy to make a cake of its helicopter for its fifth anniversary, which they want delivered by helicopter; however, Buddy goes the extra mile and attempts to make the helicopter on the cake fly as well.moreless
  • 6/6/11
    Century 21 Real Estate hires Buddy to make a cake for its 40th anniversary convention of its real estate agents from across the globe. However, the cake must feed 4000 people. Also, the convention is in Las Vegas. Buddy still has not been completely cleared by his doctor to do heavy lifting following his hernia operation, so he flies to Vegas and has Danny and Mauro do the heavy lifting and driving.moreless
  • Buddy takes his mother on her first visit to the new factory to show her around, where he discusses the fact that the new factory represents his personal dream, just as the original bakery was his father's dream -- this inspired Buddy to make a special birthday cake for her, in the same style and fashion as how his father had done in the past, which literally says what he and the employees say about her. Later, Buddy makes a special cake for the Kennedy Space Center in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle program; however, in its request, they would like to see the cake "lift off" -- literally. Then, Buddy also requests each of its bakers to make a cake that would be included in the bakery's new online catalog -- the only trouble is deciding which one would make the cut. Also, Sunshine, the bakery's best cake artist, announced that she will soon resign from the bakery to pursue a nursing career. All this work at the bakery, and the stresses of fatherhood after the birth of Carlo, has started to become a little too much for Buddy.moreless
  • In this episode, buddy has his surgery and has to take it easy at home, While Mauro takes over at the bakery and is in charge of making the second anniversary cake for the gay couple that the bakery previously made a wedding cake for in Weddings, Water and Wacked!. Also, Joey is upset about Buddy being invited to be the grand marshal of the Hoboken St. Patricks day Parade, when buddy has no Irish blood.moreless
  • 4/4/11
    Buddy must create an 8-tiered flower cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show and a life-sized accountant cake in celebration of tax season. But will Buddy be able to take it easy before he goes in for his hernia operation?
  • 3/28/11
    Buddy makes several cakes for fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, for a special presentation during fashion week; however, the designer is finicky on the details. The construction of the new bakery factory hits a setback, when Buddy and his contractor finds a cost overrun; furthermore, Grace is incensed when the model cakes being made for the new sales website are not being made correctly. On top of all this, Buddy learns that he has contracted a hernia, requiring surgery to fix.moreless
  • 3/21/11
    Buddy makes a cake for WWE star Santino Marella, for a promotion for the upcoming WrestleMania XXVII; he also makes a cake for a psychic. Grace also becomes a control freak when the bakers are unable to make pastries just right.
  • Buddy and his crew make a massive cake in celebration of Groundhog Day for Staten Island Chuck. They also make an upside-down cake -- which was a multi-tiered cake literally assembled upside down -- for a little girl's Ripley's Believe It or Not! birthday party. Also, Mama greets baby Carlo for the very first time (as she was was on a cruise while Carlo was born), and the family pay their respects for Sal, who died on January 30th, 2011.moreless
  • 3/7/11
    With Buddy's fourth child Carlo born, Buddy decides to leave simple baked goods such as cookies to the staff while he concentrates on the complex cakes, so he can spend more time with his kids; however, Grace oversteps her boundaries, as she attempts to make herself the "Cake Boss" in Buddy's absence. Also, Buddy makes a table hockey game cake for a B'nai Mitzvah.moreless
  • Cake Boss: Baby Special
    Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for Carlo's Bakery, but as Lisa's due date nears, can the bakery cope without Buddy? Buddy makes a special cake for the baby shower -- a replica of the baby's nursery, but there's a dispute between him and Lisa on whether or not to include animals on the mural in the actual nursery. Buddy also decides who the baby's godparents are, but there's one problem -- they're all "overqualified". The guys at the bakery also make a special cake for Buddy, as a salute to a fourth round of fatherhood after the child's birth. Among all the celebrations, Buddy takes a moment to reflect on the life of his most-valuable employee, Sal, who died two weeks earlier.moreless
  • Baby Special
    Episode 7
    Buddy and Lisa prepare to welcome their fourth child, and get the bakery ready for one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, the couple have to pick godparents, get the nursery ready and navigate a difficult breech pregnancy.
  • Snow Globe, Story Book & a Scare is the sixth episode in the fourth season of TLC's reality series Cake Boss. Buddy and his staff are busy making two cakes. One for a surprise marriage proposal and the other for his young daughter's class. However, his busy day is interrupted when he must race home to be with Lisa.

  • 2/21/11
    Carlo's Bakery has its own float at the Morris County Columbus Day parade -- as part of their float, Buddy makes a special cake featuring Christopher Columbus. Also, Carlo's Bakery sells pies on the internet on a trial basis, leaving it to the ladies to handle the sales. Mauro, an Italian immigrant, announced that he will be taking the citizenship test to become an American citizen.moreless
  • Toilets & Textiles
    Episode 4
    A plumbing supply company asks Buddy to make a toilet bowl cake with one special condition -- the cake must actually flush. A nightclub owner who's a fan of denim requests a baby shower cake -- that looks like denim. Meanwhile, someone in the bakery has accidentally made a tiered cake with uneven tiers; with the cake on a deadline, Buddy demands who's at fault.moreless
  • Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers is the third episode in the fourth season of Cake Boss on TLC. Buddy and his staff work together to create a special cake for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They also entertain four little girls from the Make-A-Wish Foundation who want to be bakers someday.

  • In this episode Buddy has to make a Shark cake for an old friend to celebrate 35 years of fishing and his sister's birthday is also coming up so he has to make Scooter cake as well.
  • 1/31/11
    In this hour long episode Buddy finds out that his wife is pregent with there fourth child. So he makes a cake to celebrate but he also has to make a cake for The World's Greatest Show (Circus) and Racheal Ray comes to the bakery!