Saturday 11:00 AM on CBS Premiered Sep 16, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • Caketv shows you how to make some pretty awesome stuff. Or show you how to decorate things to make you happy.

    I love the show, sadly it's only on once a week. I hope they make more episodes because they show you how to make some pretty cool stuff. I love how the characters act and make the show cute. Plus, they teach you something in every episode. It's everything I expected in the show. If I have something going on where I can't see it, I record it so I will be able to enjoy it later on. There wasn't a whole lot of episodes made but I am wishing for a season 2. My mother and I actually made a purse out of old jeans (that wasn't on the show) but we decorated it like they do with stuff on Caketv. They are very creative!
  • Awseome Show.

    There's A Certain rendition of "Martha Stewart" in all of us. I Don't Mean Martha Stewart & I Mean "CAKE." The Teenage Hostess whom made crafting to viewers for Home, School, Camp & so on. Among the Helping Hand of "Miracle" & "Amy", She and her 2 Helpers created the celebrating organization called P.A.R.T.Y.T.I.M.E. and making an effort to score higher into the Ratings. This is A 1/2 Hour Show for the created genius of CAKE. Move Over & Watch Out Martha Stewart and Here Comes "CAKE." From Unknown person from a diffrent site. please leave me a review.
  • poor viewing for Saturday morning

    good thing for canned laughter, otherwise there'd be dead silence, anyone over 5 that finds this entertaining nees help. Forced, stilted acting, faked joy and amusement on behalf of the cast. Truly a vomit inducing show. Talk about "talking down" to children. The littliest one is the most nauseating. I don't know if Barney is on your network but he and his friends exibit the same fake joy and sweetness. uggh..i can't think of anything else to meet the 100 word much can one say about such tripe that should be removed from Saturday morning, paul lefebvre..much kisses