California Dreams

NBC (ended 1997)


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  • a rockin' teen flick for everyone!

    California Dreams is one of the lovable teen-flick comedy drama I used to watch during Saturday mornings at NBC channel, correct me if I'm wrong. The whole characters here act naturally and cool. I love all of them most especially Jake Sommers, he's freaking hot! I love the plot about the tennagers who formed a rock band and everything went so well. Too bad the show ended after 5 energetic rockin season. But I'm so happy that after googling so many DVD Stores online, I found a very good copy at memorylanedvd .com which provided me the kind of DVD set I've been looking for a very long time great quality with complete episodes. I'm so thankful I finally have it! You better watch this teeny bop show, it really gives you the powerhouse casts, amazing plot and of course wonderful songs you'll heard on every episode.